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01:30 PM on 08/07/12
Practice makes Practice
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Ignore the last version.

Old people music. Please. "How to Start a Fire" is what all the bands in their crappy tank-tops should be aspiring to write.
I don't often quote Jason Tate, but when I do, it's about FSF and how accurate that statement is. Nothing, to me, musically, has come close in the last ten years (although Thrice's Major/Minor was pretty the best album since then, IMO).
05:51 PM on 08/07/12
Practice makes Practice
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This is an interesting question, and ten years ago I would haw cared. You have to remember, when they started this band they were all already in their late 20's and probably already seeing the uselessness with categorizing music as "Christian" or whatnot, so now I imagine it's mainly about what their old motto was: music that inspires. Interestingly enough, Dustin from thrice has said some interesting things on the matter, staying numerous times how stupid he thinks "Christian music/bands" are. I would hope these guys are wise enough/ old enough to know categorizing things like (and still caring about those categorizations) is kind of stupid. It's about the music, man.

QUOTE=theherox;111554132]really sweet, well-made video!

what my major question here though is where this band stands now, seeing as they used to a Christian act. am I correct in that Chris denounced Christianity at some point in his time as Dashboard? and it seems like an interesting thing to return to for him[/quote]
11:30 AM on 08/11/12
Practice makes Practice
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No offense, but I kind of feel that you don't what you're talking about. More than half the highlighted articles showcase what the band did on TMID, which is their least technical record. Most of the album is in 4/4, 3/4, or 6/8... those are not complicated time signatures. Steve Kleisath has an amazing knack for writing creative drum parts, but the real execution didn't come until HTSAF. A lot of TMID is sloppily done (listen to madison prep, and you'll start to hear a lot of awkward takes, fills), and I think he masks a lot of the album by making it sound a lot busier/technical than it actually is. Don't get me wrong, this band's creativity is off the charts, but to say they're "super progressive" or "world class musicians" is quite a bit off target. They're good, but in a pop-rock sort of sense.

I think a lot of reviewers don't understand theory, or spend enough time listening to really different genres, and as such when they hear things that somewhat challenge their perception of what an "emo" band is supposed to sound/feel like, they tend to blow it out of proportion.

Again, TMID is down is amazing (and probably my favourite record ever), but the real "progressive" or technical side of FSF was more present on songs like how to start a fire, the deep, light up ahead, etc. etc. Which even then...wasn't that progressive/technical. And I'm sure they would hate the idea, or notion of being a progressive band... there's a stigma to that that most people tend to loathe in the music industry. Thanks, Phil Collins....

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