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Such Gold - Misadventures

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Such Gold - Misadventures
Record Label: Razor & Tie Records
Release Date: August 14, 2012
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
You shouldn't be shocked to learn that Misadventures, Such Gold's first full-length, is a serious album. Like, everything is falling down and we're trying to find shelter and hey this is my hiding place get out of here before I kill you-serious. Ben Kotin and crew barrage us with punk-pop laced with a snarl and relentless bite that is just as fidgety as it is hard-headed. Misadventures calls to mind a bleak world where friends change fates and nobody is as smart or naive as they'd like you to believe. So, basically, the real world.

And that's what I really get from Misadventures. Some dudes who are very in-tune with the real world. On songs like the sawing-guitar opus "Committee Circus" and old-Set Your Goals-worshipping "Keyhole M.O.", Such Gold become our tour guides for a place leveled by emotional destruction. We hear lines with the venom of "And we say pathological liar like it's something rare," or from "Another Day," "But I never thought that a secret was safe / Cause there's no lock and key to those teeth these days," - and coupled with fast-moving, brain-rattling drums it's all very clear that the only way to fight this shit is to actually fight it.

Fans of Such Gold's previous EPs and splits will be pleased with this album, of course. It's a Such Gold (or more broadly, punk rock) album through and through. But the differences and upgrades present themselves in the intelligence and tightness of the rhythm section and Kotin's chainsaw pipes. Everything just seems urgent coming out of his mouth. If I ran or did any sort of cardiovascular activity, I'd assume this would be a nice album to push myself to. From the crazed yelps of opener "Two Year Plan" to the insanely precise drumming (emphasis on insane) of "Survival of the Fondest," Misadventures is just relentless, refined fury.

But sue me, closer "You Are The Greatest Threat (The Doctor Will Serve You Now)" is not only a fantastic song, but an exciting one. It's the closest thing to a cliffhanger this side of Claudio Sanchez (and much more understandable!). You go through all of Misadventures, and you're rocking and having a blast. But then this little gem of part-chugging, part-melodic, part-pissed musicianship takes us on a ride that I still don't completely understand. With gang vocals spewing stuff like, "Keep talking in your sleep" and Kotin going philosophical on us, we scratch our heads then bang them. Listening to "Greatest Threat" is like looking through a keyhole and seeing something you shouldn't. And sadly, now we have to wait to see what the rest of this beautiful, brutal scene becomes. I'll wait. Misadventures is no bridge or mid-point, though. It's Such Gold going for it all, making an "If this is all we get" statement. Which is fine, sure. But the idea that there's more to come, and that it's as exciting as "Greatest Threat," makes me almost giddy. Until that amazing day comes though, we rock. Not a bad deal.

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09:10 PM on 08/19/12
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
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Gregory Robson's Avatar
"It's the closest thing to a cliffhanger this side of Claudio Sanchez (and much more understandable!)."

One of the best lines I've ever read. Ever.
09:47 PM on 08/19/12
Ryan Gardner
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Ryan Gardner's Avatar
Love this record
07:38 AM on 08/20/12
Registered User
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tylerg220's Avatar
Up until Keyhole M.O. the album is amazing. After that though the songs start to blend together. Still an amazing album and it's about time this band got to make one.
07:42 AM on 08/20/12
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
great album.
07:52 AM on 08/20/12
Registered User
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Aneurisms07's Avatar
Up until Keyhole M.O. the album is amazing. After that though the songs start to blend together. Still an amazing album and it's about time this band got to make one.
Aren't there only 3 songs before Keyhole M.O.?
08:03 AM on 08/20/12
Trying to do some good.
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Meeze's Avatar
"Tell Yourself" is absolute gold. Spot on review, Blake.
08:19 AM on 08/20/12
Registered Member
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No Avatar Selected
I think this album is a dud.

I thought it would grow on me but it didn't. A lot if it sounds like the same song over and over again. And none of the songs on this are better than Scoreboard or Backyard on the AL4W split.
08:35 AM on 08/20/12
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algae's Avatar
Great review as always and yes this album is great for cardiovascular activity. Worked out to it once and was sore for a week because I pushed myself too hard. Needless to say, I'll never work out again and will stay my pudgy self. Thanks Such Gold
08:53 AM on 08/20/12
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drummer13's Avatar
I still prefer their split with AL4W (the songs were more cohesive and memorable), but damn this review is spot on about EVERYTHING. Honestly, this is one of the best reviews I've ever read. Everything really reflected all of my thoughts.
09:24 AM on 08/20/12
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brandon_260's Avatar
Biggest disappointment. Probably my least favorite release by the band.
09:44 AM on 08/20/12
Every cloud is in your way
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popdisaster00's Avatar
I fucking love it.
09:48 AM on 08/20/12
Inside of your heart always
User Info.
johnnyferris's Avatar
A lot of blending in this album, but I still enjoy it every much. I love "Magic Theater."
10:24 AM on 08/20/12
'take me to where the kids drink'
User Info.
reachforthesun's Avatar
love it- saw them in detroit friday night too
10:25 AM on 08/20/12
Registered User
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rushour144's Avatar
I think this album is fantastic. Sure there is blending...but all the songs still have their own persona!!! There is so much good going on in this album...have already listened to it like 10 times haha!

And I love the vocals at all time, but especially on some parts. On tracks like track 7 (see 1:25-1:45) I swear he is paying homage to certain bands, but I just can't think right now haha. Almost like old school emo or something.

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