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Story of the Year on Signing With Epitaph

Posted by - 05:40 PM on 12/26/07
Ryan from Story of the Year has written a blog concerning their signing to Epitaph. Read the entire blog in the replies.

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05:40 PM on 12/26/07
Anton Djamoos
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Story of the year and their new record deal- taken from their blog


Greetings from St Louis, MO. So did you all hear the news about us
being on a new label? We are really excited. What's funny is that it's not
only us that's doing this, bands like Thrice are going the same way we
are; they went from a major to an indy (Vagrant.) Fucking Nine Inch
Nails and Radiohead have both severed ties with major labels, and are
releasing music themselves. Radiohead is supposed to eventually release
their new record with a independent, but for now, they are fucking label
free. It's a crazy time. People don't buy records anymore (well, most
people anyway), and the major labels are totally freaking out. They are
dropping bands and resigning them for half the money. They are firing
everybody. They are taking bands merch and touring income. It's nuts. If
a band doesn't have a mega bubble-gum shiny pop hit, chances are the
label will not even put the record out, much less push it. To me, it
just doesn't seem like a very cool environment to be in. The music would
eventually suffer, and that's fucked. How can you be creative if you've
got people calling you right and left telling you how your record
should sound? So our situation is definitely what you would call a blessing
in disguise, because at first I was freaking out a little bit. But when
all is said and done, the music is the only thing that matters, and I
know we made a great choice with Epitaph. We make music that we love
and that we want to hear. We don't give a fuck if its rock, polka, metal,
or country. If we love it, than we are happy, and we are with a label
that understands that.... ..... ..... So that being said, this record
is definitely shaping up to be our best yet!!!! We have spent so much
time writing, and even though we have basically disappeared for the
last year, it was the best thing that we could of done. I've personally
written over 60 songs, and about 30 of them the band has turned into
full on Story of the Year songs. (The rest I'm selling to Cher) From these
we have to pick about 15 to record. That will suck - I love them all.
But fucking great songs. My band rules. Dan's lyrics (with help from
the beloved skull) have gone above and beyond any he has done. A couple
of these songs go deeper than I would have ever expected. Phil's voice
sounds like pure sex, Josh is fucking crushing, and my riffs are like
buffalos running over old people. I feel like as a songwriter and
guitarist, these songs are my best ever... ..... .... We've already finished
recording with Feldman. It actually couldn't of been any better. We
spent about 2 weeks or so with him in Los Angeles and did 4 songs, and now
we head to Virginia on thursday where we will spend a couple of weeks
doing the rest of the record with Mr Elvis Baskette. (He has worked on 2
of my favorite records : Incubus / Make Yourself and Stone Temple
Pilots / CORE). We are going to live in a stellar beach house right on the
ocean and make music all night and day. It's going to be amazing. I
feel like the luckiest person alive sometimes. I wouldn't trade my band
and music for all the money in the world. Fuck i want everyone to hear
this record NOW!!! .... ....... ...... We finished with Feldman a bit
early so I got to fly home to St Louis for a couple of days. It's so rad
here in the fall. The trees are all turning orange and red and it's cool
enough to wear jackets and jeans. I fucking love the fall. Last night
I saw Into the Wild. AMAZING. I read the book, and it just made the
movie better, which is usually the opposite. This movie hit me real hard.
I almost teared up a bit. But I don't cry, I lift weights and drink
beer and bbq dead things. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and share my
thoughts with my lovely fans. Record and DVD coming. Tours coming. Videos
coming. Studio picture diary coming. We are full steam ahead. ROCK
05:43 PM on 12/26/07
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mrzippo3's Avatar
Isn't this from october?

Epitaph rules though... I can't wait for this album
05:44 PM on 12/26/07
Rest is for the dead
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iAMhollyood315's Avatar
now this is what i like to fucking hear!, its a been a long time since i heard from those boys but ill be excited for the new record. still remember the used, thrice, my chem and soty show back in the day where nobody heard of them. man, those were the days
05:55 PM on 12/26/07
Full Effect Ed
Nonstop Disco Powerpack
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now this is what i like to fucking hear!, its a been a long time since i heard from those boys but ill be excited for the new record. still remember the used, thrice, my chem and soty show back in the day where nobody heard of them. man, those were the days

I was at one of those shows back in '03 in Salisbury, MD....The Bouncing Souls played that show as well (reason for me going).
06:03 PM on 12/26/07
Reckless Abandon
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this band are really good, so its a shame the major label fucked them over.
looking forward to this release a lot!
anyone know when its out?
06:06 PM on 12/26/07
Jake Gravbrot Photography
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I'm actually really looking forward to this.
06:30 PM on 12/26/07
Registered User
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i like that he's pumped about his new record. you can actually tell its sincere.
06:50 PM on 12/26/07
blown from the hinge
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ry-ry-ryan ... thinks he's slash
07:08 PM on 12/26/07
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Posthardcore's Avatar
pretty damn sweet!! i cant wait to hear what thier going to bring
07:37 PM on 12/26/07
Mayor West
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tommyhaych's Avatar
This band are a huge case of 'Wrong Time and Place' when they were signed up to a major, so I'm quite optimistic about what they may release next.
08:07 PM on 12/26/07
Registered User
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dontthink's Avatar
great live band!
08:10 PM on 12/26/07
No one touches the Shaqtus
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M.C COB's Avatar
Really good to hear. I am getting very excited for this release.
08:18 PM on 12/26/07
Take Apart Your Head
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Shatter_Glass's Avatar
haha, good for these dudes. rock on brohams, rawk oonnnnnn...
08:54 PM on 12/26/07
Spring in your step and her heart
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tD77's Avatar

Agreed. This album should be amazing.

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