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04:12 AM on 08/28/12
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If you say so. But it's okay to be wrong sometimes.

He is not wrong, you are. It is impossible that they are selling out for making a FREE, little game for facebook. They are not getting paid for it, people doesn't have to pay to play... and it's not like they need to promote themselves this way to be more famous. They CAN'T be more famous than they already are. It's just a funny way of promoting the albums and leak a new song.

Some of you have a really misleading concept of "selling out". I will make it clear:

Changing radically their music style (to electronic music or dubstep, for example) to reach other fans ? --> Selling out

Making a mini-game to give fans the oportunity to listen a new song and have fun --> not selling out

And don't tell me GD changed radically their music because they don't. Obviously there is an evolution through the albums, and they have changed, but you can fell they are the same. It's not like Muse, who now are doing dubstep and electronic shit.

It's easy to get if you are not a dumb I-only-listen-to-underground-music-because-unknown-means-better.

Dammit, it's fucking angry birds, it's just to have fun, which is the purpose of this whole trilogy. But if you can't understand that, obviously you won't like it...
03:02 AM on 08/29/12
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And how exactly has it changed radically? Fell for you sounds like it could be on Nimrod. Stay the Night too. Let Yourself Go is another old-Green Day style song. Even fucking Troublemaker, which I don't like has the Warning sound.

I know perfectly the band, I've listened to them for years, and I have my reasons to assure their style has not changed RADICALLY. Of course it has changed, but not radically, absolutely not.

Are you going to tell me that, listening to American Idiot, you can't recognize the band? Or these records? I mean, do you seriously are so blind that you reject to admit that American Idiot and, I don't know, Nice guys finish last are songs of the same style and the same band.
I don't include 21CB because it's the worst album they've done, but seriously, it's you who don't understand the meaning of "radical." I'll explain to you again:

Muse: from rock to electronic --> RADICAL CHANGE

Green Day: from pop punk/punk rock to rock -->NOT RADICAL CHANGE. They even preserve that "punk" style in songs like Let Yourself Go, Stay the Night, American Idiot and soo many songs.
Between the pop punk they did and the rock with punky touches they do now there's not by any means a great difference. Only the guys who are like "Arrgg, I'm the most punk thing in the world, I am so punk that I eat Sid Vicious pictures for breakfast!" are intolerant enough to see in that a radical change (I am not saying you are like that, I don't know you).

I'm not saying they didn't sold out, but they didn't do it by changing their music. Furthermore, the whole "selling out" thing is sooo funny...they have been "selling out" a few times every year for the past 15 years, and still, people continue saying "OMG, this time they did it, they DEFINETELY sold out" XDDD So, they sold out with Dookie by joining Warner...they sold out with Insomniac by trying to imitate the success of Dookie...they sold out with Nimrod by including ballads, slow-pace songs and not-punk instruments...they sold out with warning by making a soft, introspective record...the sold out with AI by becoming massive (even when this record was one of the most critical and risky things they've ever done)... I don't think I should go on, I have state clearely the "ridiculousness" of this whole matter..
03:06 AM on 08/29/12
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Oh, and BTW, if you are going to point out "Kill the DJ" or "Nightlife" or some of those songs of the trilogy to try to support your thing of "radical change", don't do it. Making a couple of experimental songs out of a 37-songs trilogy is not changing radically your style, it's just that, experimenting. Nobody wants 3 records with 37 slightly different copies of "Basket Case", or "American Idiot".

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