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Mod Sun - 08.20.12Hate him or love him, MOD SUN is here to stay. Familiar to those who frequent 2 Dope Boyz, Nah Right, and World Star Hip-Hop, MOD SUN has enjoyed success, as he's collaborated with greats such as P.O.S., Nipsey Hussle, and ScHoolboy Q. No stranger to national tours, MOD SUN finally hit the jackpot when asked to join this summer's Vans Warped Tour, something he's wanted to do for years. And I decided to wait until the last day of Warped Tour, a mere hours before he performed his last set, to chat with him about his experiences on the tour.

First off man, how are you doing?

I'm happy as fuck! I woke up this morning, and THAT again is on my bucket list every day to do.

You have one show left on Warped Tour this summer, then it's officially in the books, forever gone. What was your experience like on this tour this summer?

Warped Tour was honestly everything I would've hoped for, and a million times more. All the bands out here are best friends, it's the show of friends out here, it really is. Meeting the bands that you grew up living by -- New Found Glory, Yellowcard, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, these are bands that I lived by, you know what I'm saying? And meeting these bands, and seeing how COOL they are...cause it's always awesome to listen to a band and love the music, but when you meet the people behind it, and seeing how amazing they are as individuals, it makes you have that much more of a connection to that band. So I know I was making the right choice listening to them all through high school, you know?

Tell me about Kevin Lyman [Warped Tour founder]. He loves you, you love him, you've even thanked him every day on your social media outlets.

I just want you to know, Kevin Lyman is not a normal human being, this man is a superhero! He is up at sunrise every day, he is partying out here and having fun every day with the bands, he makes the line-up every morning, he RUNS this! Everyone should be doing what I'm doing right now, and saying "THANK YOU Kevin Lyman"; not just for the fact that I'm on it, but for the fact that he's DOING this, you know what I'm saying? And he's branching it out -- 3 or 4 years ago, Hip-Hop on Warped Tour was a weird thing, it is not weird now, it is a totally normal thing out here now. He's kept this thing running, and there's very few touring festivals still around in this world, and he has got this one going 18 years strong, so it's a huge thing.

Do you see more and more hip-hop artists being a part of the tour from here on out?

Yeah! I think the hip-hop did really well this year. Kevin likes to give everything a chance, he had a lot of folk bands on this year, Skinny Lister and stuff like that, and they did really well, now I'm sure it's gonna branch into more stuff like that. He gives everyone a chance, he gives all these genres a chance, he brings in people from all places in that genre. The hip-hop was real successful on this tour, and the hippy-hop was reeeeeeeeeeeal successful this year.

Who were the artists that you discovered and think will continue to do well from here on out?

The Constellations, Dead Sara, of course Breathe Carolina will be top of the world, Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, Ballyhoo, everyone on the Marley Stage. My brothers T.Mills, G Eazy, and MGK [Machine Gun Kelly] will continue to do amazing things.

What do you think of T.Mills being pursued by Lex Luger?

Oh, that's a regular thing man! I hang with Mills everyday, everyone wants to work with that guy! But that's amazing though!

Producer of the year last year!

It's amazing. You know what's crazy about Lex Luger? He did that beat for that Wale and Jeremih song, "That Way", you know that song? that chill ass soul beat!

I think Mike Posner might be the other producer out right now that's really killing it. I mean, he did the new Justin Bieber single, you know?

Yeah man, Posner's on top of the world, that's my homie right there.

You just dropped a new EP, "Happy As Fuck". Tell me about it, man.

It debuted at #8 on the iTunes hip-hop charts, #50 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. It's amazing that it can happen when you have ZERO fans. It's definitely a soundtrack to a lot of these people's summer.

How many new friends have you made that have only heard the EP?

Well, I can say this - I started this tour with 24,000 followers on twitter, and then now I have 33,000, so that's solid numbers that you can see. And the thing is, that's not counting the people who don't have twitter, who don't activate. That's solid numbers that I've seen.

What's the one song that you've been most excited to play on this tour?

"Stop Everything You're Doing Right Now and Smile". Every band is out on here all day, including me, going "hands up, jump up and down, say 'Hell Yeah!'", and I'm just going "Smile...stop everything you're doing today, and just smile".

What's the one thing you'll take away from this tour?

Well, I've learned a lot. The one thing I really love is that no matter who you are, you will have to play first or last someday, which means you might have to play at 11:30am, and you will have to be at your top peak potential at 11:30 in the morning, when you just wake up. It teaches you that you must rise to every occasion. You might be playing in front of 10 people at first, but by the end, it could be hundreds, so you have to really push every day to give your best. New Found Glory had to play first one day, Taking Back Sunday had to play first. It's really just a great tour to step your game up.

What's the number one misconception people have about you?

I don't really know man, I don't really hear any, I just keep this positive bubble around me, you know? But whatever your misconception is, I just want you to know that you can learn more from a critique than a compliment, so I'm open ears to hear that.

Where can we see you after this tour?

I have a huge tour in October/November, that you hear about very soon. And besides that, [yells to Pat Brown] "Hey Pat, are we out with Limp Bizkit or Radiohead in September?"

Pat: Radiohead

Other than that, you might catch me out with a Shaman in India, doing Shaman things.

Is this tour a Full U.S. tour? Canada?


Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to say thank you so much for having me on AP.net, because I want you to know, I am a religious user of AP.net. Pat can vouch for this, I have the site bookmarked on the computer. I've been going to this site since I was in the 9th grade. Shoutout to Jason Tate, I love YOU do as well, another person that's like Kevin Lyman to me, another person doing a favor to music. Also, showing people another genre of music, making it a melting pot. I want the people leaving comments, I love you!
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01:01 PM on 08/20/12
Registered User
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Mod Sun, you are so perfect in every way lol. I had a blast seeing you at Warped Tour this year. I hope your fall tour hits Orlando Fl!~
01:38 PM on 08/20/12
Regular Member
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ParksXcore's Avatar
Been a friend since 2010, Mod Sun is going to be the next big thing.
02:03 PM on 08/20/12
"Look mom, no hands!"
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Miketheunicycle's Avatar
good interview, the only thing i wouldve liked is a question about his new mixtape but no worries. i can understand why some people dont like his music, i happen to like a lot of his songs, some are weak and everything, but you can't diss a guy like this whos so appreciative and open. it really helps him with his motto no fans, just friends. dudes a genuine guy. looking forward to his new mixtape hope he speaks some good topics
lots of potential for this guy, some great songs off his past mixtapes

I'll Buy Myself:
I've Retired

Let Your Teeth Show:
No Girlfriend
The Same Way

How To Make A Mod Sun:
Thought You Should Know
It Doesn't Mean Anything
Knock Me Down
Check My Bag

Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness:
Tye Dye The Night
Highly Motivated
Pass It My Way
I Do It

Blazed By The Bell:
The Finish Line
Never Comin Down
Mentality To Reality
Take The Credit, Imma Keep The Change
02:33 PM on 08/20/12
Avid Ganja smoker
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TheJustinBriggs's Avatar
Mod Sun dude, never stop what you're doing man. I listen to your whole discography while I play League of Legends every day. You seriously are who I aspire to be like, just a guy who is positive all the time.
03:19 PM on 08/20/12
Registered User
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Absolutely love this guy. He's completely changed my views on life, and I'm very happy to say that I've had the pleasure of meeting him. He makes great music and is definitely going somewhere.
04:04 PM on 08/20/12
Regular Member
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BuiltToFall's Avatar
I saw this guy 3 years ago and thought it was going to be a joke. He put on a great show and had just a positive aura around him. Even the fact that a strong majority of his songs are about getting high doesn't phase me. His personality makes him infectious.
10:14 PM on 08/20/12
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galkain's Avatar
Why did I read that part as Sha-Man(with a heavy Jamaican accent?)
11:07 PM on 08/21/12
Jesus Saves
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kbomb001's Avatar
Pass It-pass It My Way~

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