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The Vaccines - The Vaccines Come Of Age

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The Vaccines -The Vaccines Come Of Age
Record Label: Columbia Records
Release Date: September 3, 2012
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Itís been a little over a year since The Vaccines burst into the musical consciousness with their debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, eleven tracks of sixties pop inflected indie rock delivered with posh accents and a confident swagger. After somehow managing to keep their heads above the cloud of hype and commercial success that they fell into the middle of, they have returned with another eleven tracks to tickle our catchiness taste buds, and provide us with another soundtrack to the summer. Despite their recent insistence otherwise to any music press that would listen, The Vaccines Come Of Age isnít so much a drastic change in sound, but rather a refocus of influences. So, donít worry if youíre a fan of three minute pop songs, they are certainly here in abundance. Come on, what did you expect from The Vaccines?

If youíve never listened to The Vaccines before and your only knowledge of them comes from what the internet or the music press has put before you, try to forget everything youíve heard. The Vaccines have been victims to quite a lot of unfair criticism none of which is directly related to their music. Whilst The Vaccines might not be trailblazers within their scene, they are certainly ahead of many of their peers, and having done the impossible of breaking away from the blogosphere and into the musical mainstream, they have managed to pen a handful of the catchiest indie tracks this year with their sophomore album, The Vaccines Come Of Age.

The album kicks off with single, ďNo HopeĒ. Justin Youngís trademark drawl, has a little more character in it, and has vastly improved from their debut. The track displays the bandís more punkish side, with a pogo-inspiring melody and simple but anthemic lyrics. Itís on tracks such as the opener that The Vaccines are at their best. Songs like "Teenage Icon" and "Aftershave Ocean" are filled with the ingredients that make The Vaccines the great band that they are. Spiky guitars, witty lyrics, and sugar sweet melodies are what The Vaccines do right. The album wears its influences on itís sleeve, "I Always Knew" sounds like the sort of ballad that The Beatles would have written and ĎAll In Vainí is amazingly similar to cuts off Pet Sounds.

Itís when The Vaccines stray away from their main influences that they suffer. "Ghost Town" is slightly Cramps-esque and is by far the worst song from the release. Sounding almost like a novelty, the track contains some of their heaviest riffs, however the song holds no weight amongst the rest of the album.

Overall, The Vaccines have released a great album in the form of The Vaccines Come Of Age. Whilst itís not going to change the world, it is certainly worthy of praise and any popularity that comes their way. So, if you want some catchy indie rock that will keep your attention, The Vaccines have certainly come of age.

Recommended If You Like The Strokes; The Beatles; The Beach Boys; jumping up and down whilst wearing double denim

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02:21 PM on 09/04/12
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SmeezyBeezy's Avatar
Good band, good album.
02:36 PM on 09/04/12
Registered User
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shimmertrap1251's Avatar
Such a great album, I love The Vaccines! Aftershave Ocean and I Always Knew are definitely my favorites.
02:42 PM on 09/04/12
Modern Baseball is WAR
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CluckyB's Avatar
Had really high hopes for this album after What Did You Expect... but while it doesn't suck its no where near as good as their first one. Its gonna be the Arctic Monkeys all over again isn't it? British band comes out of nowhere, release album chock full of energetic jams, then each successive album loses more and more energy, all the time remaining listenable, but still a far cry from what made everyone fall in love with them.
04:01 PM on 09/04/12
Yeezus season approaching.
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daftpunker45's Avatar
Excited. Sounds great. Waiting till the US release to listen to it.
04:31 PM on 09/04/12
woop woop woop
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OdourlessHobo's Avatar
my most played album so far this year. Find myself humming along to a lot of the songs. Very catchy indie rock as you put it in your review.

Weirdo is my favorite.
08:37 PM on 09/26/12
Registered User
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awkif's Avatar
Really fun album. At the moment my favorite is "No Hope", the music videos so charming! :) http://vevo.ly/PoAHCa

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