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John Finishes Straylight Run Questions

Posted by - 06:10 AM on 01/11/08
John Nolan from Straylight Run answered many more questions that he didn't get to answer in Straylight's AP Chat by posting them in the band's myspace blog. Check it out for answers to what he thinks of the AP community, who he'd like to collaborate with, what color crayon he'd like to be, and much more here.
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06:17 AM on 01/11/08
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The AP question was well answered.

TNTS gets better with every listen
06:20 AM on 01/11/08
Where Am I?
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parkerjamison's Avatar
i'll have to read it later.
06:30 AM on 01/11/08
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I agree completely with the AP answer. Since it's one of the biggest topics I see, it makes me wonder about the hatred with some towards Brand New. Do a lot of people really hate them or find them over rated, or are they just trying to go against what many people like? If so, that's a disservice to the band.
06:38 AM on 01/11/08
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danielplaysbass's Avatar
good man
07:12 AM on 01/11/08
Not that easy to confuse
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Poochemist's Avatar
He's got the right idea about the AP community, imo. We listen to unique, "non-mainstream" music, so when a band pops we tend to give it less support. There's something special about listening to music that the masses don't know about or can't handle.
07:36 AM on 01/11/08
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jerseysbest's Avatar
He seemed like a very genuine and clever guy. I think he has the right opinion of us.
08:04 AM on 01/11/08
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mybreakingpoint's Avatar
I love this man.
08:07 AM on 01/11/08
Murderer's Row '09
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WFUJerseyJon's Avatar
jemaine clement and bret mckenzie. that would be the best collaboration ever. john's got a great sense of humor, and i admire him for taking the time to do this, the thoroughness of his answers, and the amazing music he makes.
08:24 AM on 01/11/08
on display
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ren's Avatar
The fact that unsolicited he answered some more questions is awesome in and of itself. I finally picked up the needle and and am really loving it.
08:37 AM on 01/11/08
Only the good die young
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Chancetobe's Avatar
That was great of him, for answering all those other questions.

And I think he hit the nail on the head with the question about AP.
08:46 AM on 01/11/08
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emoishardcore's Avatar
in case john reads this, there are some AP readers who think your band is/had always been amazing. you could sell a million records and gain all the fame int he world and we would still go to your shows. never stop writing music.

did halley ever think people hate her because she hates us? have a backbone. to be honest those who are ripping these artists are probably half the people who are supporting them by buying their albums.
09:07 AM on 01/11/08
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permanentdan's Avatar
i love the flight of the conchords dude. that would be a way sweet collab
09:33 AM on 01/11/08
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One of the coolest people in existence.

I really think the brilliance behind the beautiful simplicity of his songs on TNTS is something a lot of people just don't get and it's a shame.

I also think he should get more credit for his influence on the scene. It's obvious with TBS, but his impact on Brand New goes pretty unnoticed. No way would Brand New or Jesse Lacey's writing style exist without him.
10:02 AM on 01/11/08
Miss Heartcore
I'm Ready.
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really really good interview. there are so many great points he touched on.

there's not a whole lot of fun in tearing down something that isn't all that hyped up or popular. i think there's an element in the ap community that just likes to criticize and shoot down anything that's popular by any means necessary

that made me think of the success of BLG. i feel like when they were smaller, opening for bands like valencia and the audition, just a year ago, no one really had too much to say about them, at least nothing really negative. now that they've gotten "big" they're one of the top bands nominated for an insult to the genre.

i think a few bands have made statements like this because they're angry and they can't respond to the particular people who are talking shit so they make a blanket statement about the site. unfortunately all the people who support the bands and just want to talk about their music get hurt by these statements since they're part of that community.

I'm really glad he said that. i had no idea hayley said anything regarding this community and i don't want to be grouped into her stupid assumption. though paramore's a good band, i never comment on them and it's sort of insulting to me as a poster in this community to be grouped into her statement because there are plenty of people who don't say crap about her band. sure i make comments, once in a while, about a band that i don't like...but that's what this place is for--to initiate discussion/commentary and let opinions and stories bounce off of each other. i learn about music, i recommend music, and i give my two cents on it. maybe some people care, maybe some people don't...but i usually feel like i've gotten something out of this site every day that i come here.

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