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09:30 AM on 09/21/12
I'd do anything for a free t-shirt
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...Why? Why cassette tapes?! Are people THAT hipster? Who even has a cassette player anymore?!
10:26 AM on 09/21/12
I'd do anything for a free t-shirt
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I hope this is sarcasm. If not, you are a supreme moron.

Really? So... Tell me... What's your use for a cassette, do you have a cassette player? Or do you just go around calling people, "supreme moron's"... That insult belongs back in time with cassette players.
10:50 AM on 09/21/12
I'd do anything for a free t-shirt
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1. Cassettes are very cost effitable. Cheap!
2. They are another physical medium that is better than a digital file. It's something that looks cool, sounds cool and can take up real estate on a merchant table.
3. Many many DIY bands rely on this format now for the two reasons above
4. It's also an aesthetic preference, just like vinyl. Cassettes have their own character and warmth to them, which some people prefer.
5. Entire labels are based off tape releases because there is a large underground audience that loves them. It's a community. Look up Burger Records. The medium has never died, especially in the punk community, which males your comments all the more ironic and moronic.

What's my use for a cassette? Oh idk maybe to listen to it.
One could even argue, you can get USB sticks real cheap now, it's only a matter of time before people start selling their albums on them... Physical, cheap, infinitely better than cassettes, not some hipster shit, and if you hold them in your hand long enough, they'll be pretty warm.
11:32 AM on 09/21/12
I'd do anything for a free t-shirt
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You saying "Hipster shit" makes you look like a fucking dolt.

I'm not arguing alternatives, I'm simply telling why people enjoy cassettes. That's it. I prefer vinyl, obviously, but I understand the appeal of cassettes. And I'm also not ignorant enough to dismiss it as "Hipster shit."

ChaseTX said it best. That's all there is to it.
Hipster shit.
09:38 AM on 09/22/12
I'd do anything for a free t-shirt
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I don't think bands will ever sell music on USB drives, unless someone invents a kind that can only hold that music and can't be erased. They'd basically be selling cheap flash drives because people can just buy the drives and then delete all the music out. It'd also be really impractical because it would be easy to lose, and although it allows MP3's to be somewhat more tangible, it wouldn't bring any different experience than buying it on iTunes/Amazon.

Seeing how everyone and their mom owns a smart phone, if I were in a band, I'd put QR codes that link to my music at the merch tables or van or something.

Just throwing my two cents in, I also can't understand the appeal that cassette tapes have- would you buy a movie in VHS if you can have it on Blu-Ray for only a couple of more dollars?
No, I wouldn't even buy a movie on Blu Ray... Honestly, the flashdrive idea has some points you're missing. It's easily transferrable, and nobody would buy it that way, and erase the music, that's retarded, then you could literally just buy your own flash drive. Also, a lot of newer cars, (like mine) use USB ports. They always have CD ports too, but you can just do more with USB. More space, faster, etc.
10:39 PM on 09/23/12
I'd do anything for a free t-shirt
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Let's not use Blu-Ray then, maybe just an HD copy of the movie. Sure beats the hell out of VHS.

I don't mean that people are gonna buy the band's drive just to delete all the music in it and never listen to it. I mean, now that it's on their computer, they delete it, and now they got your music and a flash drive.

As far as being easily transferable, of course it is, because they're selling you electronic files. It's also just as easily transferable downloading from iTunes/Amazon/bandcamp, etc.

More space isn't an issue. If you want to sell an album, it will probably never hit over 128MB (the smallest these things come in) in CDQ. Unless you wanna sell your discography, in which case you probably have a dedicated fan, who's more likely to buy vinyl or CD.

Speed won't really be an issue either, transferring from CD to your computer is effortless and fast. Even more so with downloads.

It'd also be an impractical sale. A 128MB flash drive goes for about $3 online, and charge $5 for maybe 10 songs, and my imaginary DIY band is losing money. The only sensible place to sell these drives is at the merch table, where you could buy a CD for $2 more. The CD is now looking like a deal that's a million times better. I might buy the flash drive if I really only have $8 on me.

Okay, your car can play music from a flash drive, but most music fans have iPods/something similar (and now the space advantage flash drive has becomes a HUGE disadvantage) and just plug it into the auxiliary port in their car or the device they bought to play through the car speakers.

I guess I can see a few small advantages of selling music in USB drives, but I can't think of a way where it makes sense to start selling them as band.
I would think it would make more sense for a signed band, or one with a distribution deal. Where a label covers it, because if you're buying those things for pressing an album, it'd be wholesale prices, not only that, you could effectively cut most of the workforce necessary to press CD's for a release.

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