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12:22 PM on 09/28/12
Faith, Love, Hope
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oakhurst's Avatar
What do people care if she wants to be famous or not? I bet half the bands out there want to be famous as well.
12:22 PM on 09/28/12
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StepsInADance's Avatar
People are here so uptight and full of themselves. There's so much more to making good music than having "artistic integrity".
12:23 PM on 09/28/12
Who Is Ryan?
? ? ?
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Who Is Ryan?'s Avatar
Are you guys really gonna act like 90% of bands/artists/etc in the music industry aren't in it for fame?

Just because she admits it doesn't mean she's the only one thinking it.
mte, I ain't even mad

This wasn't even really necessary because, let's be real, her and a majority of the contestants who compete on the Voice will mostly do nothing after the show..
12:24 PM on 09/28/12
Listen to Dave Hause pls
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Came in here to say this. What happened to making music because you love to do it? Since when does the number of our Twitter followers constitute our success in creating art?
Yeah, I can get on board with this. The most inspiring people are those who just enjoy what they're doing and put some effort into making it interesting and meaningful. Their followings are a moot point. Bands aren't more credible if they only play basement shows and don't sell merch, just like they're not more credible if they sell out arenas.
12:24 PM on 09/28/12
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NorthstarPark's Avatar
I can't tell where the first half of this quote fits. The fact that they sold 10,000 copies... is that supposed to be good or bad? I mean, how many copies of those CD's would they sell without being on the show? I think that's pretty good for them.

Well considering how many viewers watch the show I say it's bad, bands without mainstream attention sell double or sometimes triple that.
12:25 PM on 09/28/12
Registered Member
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iseejosh's Avatar
She had her chance to blow up. Her and Hey Monday got the best tours and MTV exposure constantly. They just couldnt write good enough songs.
12:28 PM on 09/28/12
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steve187's Avatar
LEAVE CASSADEE ALONE (chris crocker voice)
12:29 PM on 09/28/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar
This thread is a fucking joke.
12:30 PM on 09/28/12
I'm illegal in 48 states
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Zummy's Avatar
I have a problem with the voice because of what they do. If you have already been signed to a pretty big record label before then you don't need to be competing to get a record contract. Cassadee Pope was signed to Fueled By Ramen /Decaydence and at the time it was pretty big. I'm willing to bet Hey Monday's videos were even played on MTV. So we're supposed to watch The Voice and then be surprised when the people like Cassadee have talent? Of course these people have talent! They were signed by record companies before. Big record companies don't sign band who have no musical talent (except for Nickleback) While we're at it, why don't we have LeBron James take part in a local basketball competition. We'll see if he's as good Joe Schmo from around the city. And the worst part of this whole thing, as people have already mentioned, is that Cassadee thinks she should be on The Voice because although she has at least 100,000 fans she's no Justin Beiber. "Hey guys maybe if I was the biggest pop star on the planet I would think about not trying out for the voice but since I'm just a lowly recognizable pop-star I better try to make it bigger." Give me a fucking break!
12:30 PM on 09/28/12
Nooooo! The Denver Broncos!? :(
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domotime2's Avatar
i didnt know people were mad about this shit
12:30 PM on 09/28/12
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bobsheiskawy's Avatar
just had this moderately unrelated idea: in terms of sales, do you think that artists on shows like this sell fewer albums because they're in competition with others? as in, fans draw associations with particular contestants, then don't support an eventual winner as much because they wanted someone else to win.
12:33 PM on 09/28/12
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mattregan's Avatar
Defend Pop Punk!
12:37 PM on 09/28/12
still the sky's limit
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themakebelieve's Avatar
i completely understand the idea of desiring a broader audience for your music to be heard. hey monday didnt quite get her where she wanted to go (i feel it may have been a bit too poppy punk for a larger audience), and her solo album (the few tracks i heard) weren't quite cutting it either...so to be given an opportunity to have "insta-millions" of people know who you are and take notice based on a 90 second segment of singing a cover song... sounds like quite the way to get urself notice, to then parlay that into remaining in the eyes and ears of the general public for as long as you can on that show, all the while soaking in as much knowledge from people who are currently superstars. ya, i get it, and i think every single band member/singer in the world will understand that. anybody upset with it is just jealous it is not themselves up there. cassadee pope is a reallly good looking girl, with a voice that can easily be honed and thrown into the pop-music realm. shes a bit edgier than "the girl next door" (i.e. carly rae jepsen)....so all they have to do is portray an innocence along with a slight bit of edge...and theyve got themselves a superstar. i wouldnt say "last resort" for her to be on this show, but helllllll of an opportunity for insta-audience.

good luck ms. pope.
12:38 PM on 09/28/12
Registered User
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quickandsilver's Avatar
Why didn't she sing once of her own songs?
12:44 PM on 09/28/12
Sleep Well
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Thursdaysox's Avatar
the girl wants to be rich like everyone. big deal. that being said, doesn't mean I have to like her.

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