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11:35 AM on 10/12/12
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Haha this rules. Fuck Kris Roe, I used to really like the Ataris but this ruined everything for me. But seriously people saying this video is immature are losers, who wouldn't do the same if you were fucked over like he was.
11:52 AM on 10/12/12
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I've always like Patent Pending. I discovered you guys my junior year of high school and so I've been a fan for 7 or 8 years now. I wish as a fan of both Patent Pending and The Ataris, that this never happened. I also wish you guys hadn't made this video. You guys like to joke a lot and that's cool. Kris Roe doesn't really joke at all anymore and that's cool too. But knowing there is a big difference between his two bands, Rob should have acted accordingly. And defending him as "family" is bogus because every family has a fuck-up that does something stupid (My sister for instance) and you can't always come to their defense.

What Kris did was wrong, it was messed up, etc. We know that. No one is defending his actions. Coming up with a video response 3 days after the fact is a little petulent though. Think about it, you guys are semi-big. You've been on tour, you get maybe 1000-2000 people watching you at Warped Tour/Bamboozle and such... Now look at Kris Roe. He's sold over a million albums, played live at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, was on MTV and the Billboard charts... and now he has nothing. Don't you think he's lost enough that taking the high road on this one would have been acceptable? The dude is a shadow and while I really do wish him the best and hope for redemption with his new album, it's not likely.

Making fun of Kris with your video is equivalent to bullying the kid who's mom died.

Disagree strongly, this video was much needed. Kris roe sucks as a person.
12:10 PM on 10/12/12
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I never defended anything Kris did, I actually haven't been in these news threads at all, it wasn't a good thing to do, but I also think the other side's response was stupid.

This is not stupid. Kris Roe is stupid. He deserves to say what he wants after being attacked like that and called a alcoholic.
02:38 PM on 10/12/12
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You're just comparing two different levels of stupid, it's all still a waste of everyone's time and none of this should have ever existed

Kris Roe is a joke, as is this video. I think it's the same level.
03:11 PM on 10/12/12
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Three facts:
1.) Rob had the right to defend himself after being called out as an alcoholic; or at least someone with a habitual drinking issue.
2.) Patent Pending are the more relevant, sincere, and original band.
3.) One of the first times I toured with The Ataris and Kris, he solicited me for painkillers and has a terrible reputation for abusing them and patronizing prostitutes-- this information comes from fellow band members.

How does Kris' video not get as much affliction for calling a former bandmate/friend an alcoholic to excuse his pissy meltdown. The list of former tour mates is no coincidence. He'll just find someone he can pay less and treat shittier. -- And you'll eat it up because he wrote San Dimas. SMH.

How do you not expect a response when Kris' video didn't include an apology. Instead he merely cast another stone (or throne, or cymbal, or tom, or kick drum, etc). He tried weaseling out and pushing the blame onto another person through an accusation that could have only been rebutted by the person who released this video.

100% agree. You rule.

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