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09:31 AM on 10/22/12
The Starship Renegade
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guitarguy211's Avatar
Celebrities complaining about the authorities doing their duty annoys me so much.

EDIT: Profiles are made because they're generally true.
01:01 PM on 10/22/12
The Starship Renegade
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guitarguy211's Avatar
You and other people gave him the name "celebrity" Im sure if you asked him what he was he would say a normal guy that plays music. People forget that these "celebrities" are human. And he was just going off about something that makes him mad. Like a normal human being is allowed to do.

His 1 million+ Twitter followers disagree. He's in a place of influence, and it annoys me that people don't pay attention to what they're saying that may affect those who look up to them. Disrespect for authorities is not something I'd promote. He has every right to feel cheated/abused/picked on, but did he really have to make it public?

He's more than welcome to have an opinion, and I in no way meant to insult his humanity. It's just an annoyance to me.

That is a ridiculously ignorant opinion. So is it alright to stereotype people too because stereotypes hold true "most" of the time according to your "logic"? People shouldn't have to fear being questioned by police because of how they look. If you aren't guilty of anything, it's pretty embarrassing/a big inconvenience to be questioned by police for no reason other than you look "suspicious". You obviously don't understand because you are sheltered and don't understand how things work in the real world. Put the shoe on the other foot and you probably wouldn't be making such a blasphemous statement.

Blasphemous? At what point did I insult a religious deity?

I understand that many people who look threatening/dangerous are actually great people, but the stats show that there is a certain type of person who is more likely to be involved in criminal activities. When you look at the pictures of convicts, patterns begin to show up. People much smarter than you and I have gone through mountains of data and come up with various signs of potential threats.

Think of it this way: what if he was guilty of something? What if they stopped him en route to commit a crime? Wouldn't you want them to have pulled him over, seen warning signs, and then proceed to search him?

Regardless, they didn't stop him because he had tattoos--they stopped him because he didn't have a license plate. It was only after that point that they found reason to search and question him.

As for your attack on my character, I'll let that slide because you don't know me or what kind of life I've lived. Want to keep guessing?

Serious or sarcastic?

Cops are assholes most of the time. Get a clue man...

With that being said Travis Barker is taking this like a little bitch

There are some bad cops, but they are nowhere near the majority. Most cops are doing their job--protecting those they serve.

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