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Inept - So Much Between Us

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IneptSo Much Between Us
Release Date: February 22, 2008
Record Label: Unsigned
When we fall from our dreams it’s hard to pick ourselves up,/But it’s all in our heads; it’s all in our heads!
- “It’s All In Our Head”

The first lyrics that you hear on Inept’s So Much Between Us could not be more appropriate, as the album is no more an album than it is a personal reflection of singer Anthony Lira’s life during the writing of this album. The ups and downs of being in a band and dealing with criticism for it, being in and out of a relationship, and having a child are just a few of the deeply personal subjects talked about on the album.

After having the album for a few months now, I listen to it almost daily to get through the work day, as it is not a listen that requires focus to enjoy it because of the poppy aspect, but when the focus is put in, you’ll find that this album is much more than meets the ear.

What do you say, about a reckless love,/One that left you in the dust./I’m letting it out,/I’m going to sugarcoat this story.
- “Reckless Love”

The lyrics on this album are simple, yet superb. With songs like “Reckless Love” describing how his relationship fell apart and how he’s putting it on the album for the world to hear. “I know all the loneliness we’ve had,/I’ll share it with the whole damn world,” he says on “Reckless Love”, admitting through his blazingly mellow voice that he’s going to channel his rough experiences into music, even if it’s out of spite because that’s what people want to hear. Though it’s a subject matter not associated with a pop sheen, the band surely sugarcoats it into a song that’s both accessible and friendly to the ears.

And it’s lyrics like one “See Me” (“Be by my side, and don’t ask me why, when I say,/You are number one.”) that prove that Lira has had good experiences before. And it’s obviously these experiences that led him to one of the standout tracks on the album.

The should-be-Top-40-hit “So Much Between Us” details the emotional attachment through detachment with his baby daughter and how he has to be away from her because he’s on the road. It’s a situation that’s hardly sung about in the pop-rock genre, but that makes it all the more special. One of the slower songs on the album, it is the one that has the potential to kickstart the band’s career into the mainstream thanks to an original subject matter and a killer chorus. I defy you to listen to it and not realize the potential for commercial success on this track, or even the entire album.

You sit there,/And the only thing that’s running through your mind is the words that I’m writing,/Appearance of the band and the melody biting.
- “Just Like You”

So you may be thinking right now that this is going to be your typical pop-rock band by the sappy lyrics and the melodic hooks. This band has so much more to offer than sappy ballads, as “Just Like You” proves. This is the first song that I heard from the band and the simple, superb guitar riff that reverberates through the song is one of those AC/DC-like power chords that are just so simple, yet so effective in the rock sense. It’s hard to hear it and not want to sing along to the backing gang vocals (one of the strongest points on this album). This band is not a one-trick pony, and for an unsigned band, that makes this album all the more remarkable.

While there are so many positives on this album, there are also some aspects that render this album imperfect. The song “More, More, More” abruptly stops the flow of the album in between “Panic Attack” and “Just Like You” with a tempo and guitar sound that is oddly out of place. Also, the band is unfortunate enough to be in a genre that is flooded with other bands producing the same sound. For as good as the music on this album is, it lacks a certain originality, as one can find similar music in a slew of other places (though it’s not going to be nearly as good).

Though the music is similar to other styles, the music is always engaging and fun to listen to, rendering every single song on the album worth listening to. Each member of the band plays their part equally for an experience that’s as fun as it is rewarding. This isn’t one of those albums that you listen to three songs from and skip the rest; this is one of those albums that you will have a new favorite song upon each listen.

I’m taking in what I can when I can and I just can’t seem to get enough
- “Everything I Love”

I’ve been taking in this album as much as I could for as long as I’ve had it and I can’t get enough of it. The album is destined to be a hit as it is a pop-rock gem, filled to the brim with clever hooks, personal lyricism, and an appeal for a large market. In a time when the music environment is overflowing with bands replicating the same sound, it’s tough to recommend a band that fits into the mold that many other bands fit within, but Inept’s So Much Between Us shatters the mold of mediocrity and brings a refreshing listening experience to the table. Although it gets thrown around often, this band is truly deserving of a ‘Next Big Thing’ title, as I’m sure you’re going to hear much more about this band in the near future. For an unsigned band, they do pop-rock better than most signed bands and whatever label signs this band is going to have a very successful act on their hands. Inept? They’re far from it. I give my highest recommendation and this is truly an album and band to watch out for in 2008.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. It's All In Our Heads
2. The Songs He Wrote
3. War Drums
4. Butterflies
5. Reckless Love
6. See Me
7. No More Waiting
8. So Much Between Us
9. Panic Attack
10. More, More, More
11. Just Like You
12. A Silent Ending
13. Everything I Love

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02:18 PM on 01/30/08
saving jonathan
everything in transit
User Info.
saving jonathan's Avatar
Alright, Anton. I'll pick it up.
08:45 PM on 01/30/08
uncle larry
User Info.
tacosforcharles's Avatar
Really good review. I'm listening to them for the first time right now and I'm really digging it.
09:13 PM on 01/30/08
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
this band is amazing and i LOVE them :-D
09:17 PM on 01/30/08
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I honestly have to say, that out of all of the bands I have seen, these guys really know how to get the crowd into it. They make the concerts so much more exciting than most bands with larger names and labels. I have seen them several times, and have even gone to Chicago to see them. Their first cd was good, but hearing the new stuff just makes me more excited to see them in the future.

Not only are they awesome on stage, they are real down to earth guys to talk to as well. There not your typical band that thinks they are better than you, they will all sit down and have a conversation with you, well maybe not sit down, but they are real down to earth guys.

This is why I feel/believe that you should pick up So Much Between Us, and even check them out next time they are in town.... you will not be let down
09:17 PM on 01/30/08
* Jessica *
User Info.
svienjl's Avatar
HECK YES!!! these are my boys!!!!
11:56 PM on 01/30/08
User Info.
trindaddy's Avatar
great review

I've been checking these guys out for about year. they're some of the coolest guys around. not to post swt brgs, but when i asked a question on their myspace and facebook group, they responded immediately. i'm always trying to get them to come to ohio so i can see them, haha.

I cant recall the name of the song the had on their myspace (one of the first ones they posted from their new album) but i absolutely loved it... then they took it down. oh well, only a few more weeks.
01:11 AM on 01/31/08
User Info.
tait's Avatar
awesome band. they need to be signed.
07:59 AM on 01/31/08
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Inflated review, they aren't that good.
01:38 PM on 01/31/08
i'm wide awake, it's morning
User Info.
MCSmate's Avatar
Good review.
01:41 PM on 02/01/08
every shining time you arrive
User Info.
topher465's Avatar
Played with these guys a few years back. Cool dudes.
01:11 PM on 02/27/08
Registered User
User Info.
toocoolrahul's Avatar
Besides at a show, does anyone know where to buy this cd??
11:11 PM on 02/29/08
Inept - Ian (bass)
User Info.
IaNEPT's Avatar
Besides at a show, does anyone know where to buy this cd??

It will be on Smartpunk and iTunes in the next few days.
02:18 AM on 03/31/08
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I absoluty love this band. This review is right on the mark!!! really, these guys should be huge already!! I can only see better things in their future!!
10:15 AM on 03/26/10
Represent Inept
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Hay guess what! the lead guitarist is my best friend

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