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This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You Album Cover

This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You

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This Will Destroy YouS/T
Record Label: Magic Bullet Records
Release Date: January 29, 2008
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Americans aren’t exactly the first to admit mistakes or trespasses against others. We do what we want and we sure as hell ain’t gonna apologize for it. We clobbered the British despite being vastly outnumbered! One of our citizens invented Peanut Butter! I get teary-eyed just thinking about our many triumphs. But I’m, like, totally liberal, so I went against the grain and “Frenched-Out” by apologizing to This Will Destroy You’s merch guy at a recent show. I was looking at shirts and he became excited, “Well, you’re lucky because we have the new CD here already!” If the club wasn’t dark, smoky and smelly (three musts for any venue), he would have seen me blushing. I meekly returned with, “Oh, I feel like a total dick, but I already 'have' the album.” I assured him I would order the vinyl, purchased the shirt and scampered away with the American flag between my legs. I thought I was doing a good thing by going to a show and buying merch, but when a post-rock band comes along as exceptional as TWDY, it’s easy to feel like you’re not good enough. I would have set myself on fire for those dudes if they played “I Believe In Your Victory” live. How could I do something dastardly like download a leaked version of their new record? I guess this is my last attempt at redemption.

Search around this website for signs of This Will Destroy You and a truly remarkable thing happens: people with big avatars and small avatars will be cohabiting in a thread, each trying to profess more love for TWDY. Some have pushed them aside as vastly overhyped and, umm, under-good. Others (I’m looking in the mirror as I type this) could sit in headphone la-la land with the new album for hours on end. For me, a lot of this has to do with their smattering of blippy electronics (like in the never-ending buildup on “Villa Del Refugio”), but the band also has a way of letting the same, static-y, reverb-drenched note hang for minutes without forfeiting any excitement. TWDY is also commendable for its ability to compact the typical soft-medium-loud format into more tolerable chunks. “Threads” spends just enough time with irregular cymbal taps and smoothly ethereal guitars before escalating into the band’s signature, overpowering wall o’ sound. Complete with shimmering guitar sways and emotional left-turns, it’s less Mono and more Explosions In The Sky-meets-We Followed Tigers (with a smidge of You.May.Die.In.The.Desert.), which bodes well for any band trying to crack into an ADD-indie music fan’s iPod.

“They Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light” has a payoff that, so far this year, is unrivaled. Only soothing guitars are heard for some time until a billowing keyboard-organ signals the entrance of 65 Days Of Static-esque electronics. TWDY will continually lull the listener to a point where they may be nearly disinterested. At the moment all seems lost, the band unleashes another catchy, smile-inducing moment out of nowhere. “Burial On The Presidio Banks” screams album finale, as the gigantic guitar manifestations are bittersweet. And then you realize the whole album was building up to this last sequence. The devastating usage of smashing riffs and cymbals is a moment most bands dream to create. TWDY did it on their second release. It was a humbling experience for me and I’m just a lowly listener. I can only imagine what other like-minded outfits were thinking. Still, such insecurities are neither here nor there. What’s important is the multitude of memorable moments, from the unique takes on a strict formula to the accessibility discovered in the most high-brow of musical formats. This Will Destroy You may open even more up to the “other side of music,” and in my eyes, no band is more qualified to be the Pied Piper of mainstream appeal.

Recommended If You Totally LOVE: You.May.Die.In.The.Desert., Bone Thugz, Explosions In The Sky, Tortoise, Hammock, Eluvium, Ef, The Album Leaf, Followed By Ghosts, This Is A Process Of A Still Life, Pyramids, Blink-182, Moving Mountains, Four Year Strong, Set Fire To Flames, The Ocean, Stroke 9, Polar Bear Club, Trophy Scars, Sigur Ros, Tunturia, and of course: The Dear Hunter

Cross My Heart, Hope You Diewww.myspace.com/thiswilldestroyyou
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06:12 PM on 01/30/08
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
Note: I have uploaded the vinyl cover rather than the CD cover because the vinyl is way cooler. If you can't buy the vinyl, they have pressed a shirt with the design on it. Cop that immediately.
06:34 PM on 01/30/08
Susan Frances
Album Reviewer
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Susan Frances's Avatar
Yeah, the album cover is really cool. Some of the tracks on the band's myspace site remind me of ballroom dance music. I don't mean to be offensive when I say that the music moves like a soft dance, it is actually something that is very cool. It's like the music from the Lord of the Rings movie series.
06:45 PM on 01/30/08
Registered User
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shaysexpanther's Avatar
i love you for the recommend if you like: section
06:49 PM on 01/30/08
Here, At Home
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ade's Avatar
This album really good.
Young Mountain EP is still on my daily list along with this one.
09:41 PM on 01/30/08
Registered User
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Parocks's Avatar
oh gee

I love moving mountains, so perhaps I will find this enjoyable?

Nice review
09:21 AM on 01/31/08
Rich Duncan
Album Reviewer
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Rich Duncan's Avatar
Excellent review Blake! I have heard a lot of good things about this album and after reading this, I think I am definitely going to check it out
09:24 AM on 01/31/08
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whyte39's Avatar
well since the vinyl cover has a wolf, i'm sold

but then again it has a cougar...
09:32 AM on 01/31/08
I'll Meet You There...
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get2sammyb's Avatar
I think the cover looks dreadful.
10:07 AM on 01/31/08
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
That cover is awesome.

It's nice to see reviews that don't open with some statement like, "Once in a while a band comes along that completely reshapes the human conscience."
10:20 AM on 01/31/08
Find a thread to pull...
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singyoutocoma's Avatar
This is a terrific CD.
10:37 AM on 01/31/08
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No Avatar Selected
Awesome review, the vinyl cover rocks, and I have to get this album as soon as possible.
10:51 AM on 01/31/08
...all we fight for
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meeotch's Avatar
Excellent review. You put into words what I've been feeling about this album for a while now.
10:55 AM on 01/31/08
A man of your word.
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DisShoAmMatt's Avatar
I'm so glad these guys are finally getting the attention they deserve, but this is only the beginning. They're gonna be big! Home show Feb. 8th!!!!
11:07 AM on 01/31/08
User since 2002
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No Avatar Selected
This band is pretty sweet. I have enjoyed their music. Good job guys.

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