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11:18 AM on 10/28/12
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Chrisj182's Avatar
It's weird that I always forget Neighborhoods exists
This, apart from the month it came out, I don't ever think I thought about listening to it.
11:22 AM on 10/28/12
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glogglies's Avatar
It's not bad, but in all honesty I prefer Blink's original better.
11:23 AM on 10/28/12
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theherox's Avatar
honestly i would love to re-record some albums in full, too. I think this is a great idea, and definitely respectful in some regards. I wish they hadn't spoken so bad about the original album though. definitely makes their intentions of recording this seem so sour

to answer the original question, though, i actually DO like this album better...but only because I can't stand DeLonge's voice
11:28 AM on 10/28/12
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
This is awful.
11:30 AM on 10/28/12
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warriorsam's Avatar
I actually like their "Fighting the Gravity" cover. The rest of the album doesn't do anything for me.
11:31 AM on 10/28/12
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DItaliaO's Avatar
the "through the fire and flames" cover is pretty cool
11:32 AM on 10/28/12
Playfully witty sign-off
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PetitnaindesĪles's Avatar
i actually like their (or Kabeezy something) rendition of Up All Night as it sounds exactly like what i was expecting to hear when we first heard about this song in 2009. rest sounds awful
11:32 AM on 10/28/12
No Closer To Heaven
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Jaytothesyg's Avatar
I think it's cool that they did this, I like Neighborhoods but it's cool to see another approach to it. Definitely not better then Blink's version but still cool that they took the time to do this.

It should be free though
11:32 AM on 10/28/12
Never to see any other way...
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asthenia*'s Avatar
say what you will about neighborhoods but at least blink isn't stuck in 1999 like these guys. they took some of the more interesting songs and made them entirely generic.
11:33 AM on 10/28/12
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5fikev's Avatar
I think they should change their name to Current Idiots.
11:33 AM on 10/28/12
Fight the Cancer
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rawspinner's Avatar
It's their interpretation, but they're presenting in a way which sounds like ALL Blink fans want this. They're coming off as if they know better than the band that they love, and the whole thing is smothered with unwarranted self-importance.

well said.

I agree with what most people are saying. Saying that you have created the album that should have been shows a huge level of artistic disrespect. What's interesting is that they make it seem like with the blink-182 reunion they expected something like their old material, pre-"Untitled". Did most die hard blink fans expect another TOYPAJ or EOTS when they announced their reunion? If so, that seems really foolish to me.

they just wanted to give neighborhoods an old-school blink feel to it. i actually like it. it's actually pretty cool to play around with an idea of "what if blink didnt change their sound". dont get me wrong, i still love neighborhoods. i actually listened to it quite often during my Afghanistan deployment. i like that blink is trying new things and still expanding on their sound beyond the realms of pop-punk, but i also do enjoy the days of Enema and TOYPAJ so i enjoy the blend of Neighborhoods with TOYPAJ

I think it's fine to play around with the idea of taking current blink songs and make them sound like their original style, and Kabeezy's version of Up All Night was really cool in that way. But claiming that said way is the way the songs SHOULD have sounded like is tremendously entitled, narrow minded, and disrespectful. The only person an artist is accountable to is themselves (unless they are doing something that threatens individuals and society). That's why I found their statement really disrespectful.

Also, if it hasn't been said before, thank you for serving in the armed forces overseas.
11:34 AM on 10/28/12
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
For those of you questioning whether this is legal...it is. This is the exact same thing as releasing an album of all covers. The covers just happened to all be from Neighborhoods. That said, this is a stupid idea and nobody should actually pay for this.
You can't just release an album of covers...
11:35 AM on 10/28/12
I want this to be my awakening
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claw1400's Avatar
KeezyKaBeezy totally came up with the Neighborhoods and Morningwoods name. I know it's not like it's trademarked by him or anything, I'm just saying. Sucks for him I remember when he first posted that name on his youtube page like last winter. They did a really good job with this cover album though. I still would've loved to hear what KeezyKaBeezy would've put out for a cover album, but I feel like his originals will be better then any of Blink covers he would've put out. And I feel like this cover album by Future Idiots is a little more true to a Blink sound. From anything between Enema to Self-titled. All in all, solid cover album. 9/10 for me.
11:38 AM on 10/28/12
Gimme your hands!
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Ismael182's Avatar
" I mean, why choose to cover what's widely considered to be Blink's worst album?"

What the fuck? Yeah, and your cover album is soooo much better, smfh.
11:43 AM on 10/28/12
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mybreakingpoint's Avatar
They sound pretty pretentious in their explanation, but that said...I'm feeling this

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