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10:47 AM on 11/03/12
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Two more points:

1. JEWEL!?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Taylor had more hits of her debut than Jewel had in her whole career.

Not really. Taylor had no mainstream No. 1 singles on her debut, just on country charts. Jewel had 2 mainstream #1s off her debut (one which held for 9 weeks) and also one which reached No. 2 I believe. Not to mention that Jewel's debut is one of the best selling albums OF ALL TIME. 12x Platinum.

Taylor's career is MUCH better however and I think Lefsetz is still holding a grudge for getting dissed in "Mean." He's usually a bit more thoughtful than this.
11:04 AM on 11/03/12
Joey (J-Train)
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ITT: Butthurt. Some points are ridiculous but there are some good points in here that can apply to Taydolf Swiftler and other Top40 people.
11:06 AM on 11/03/12
The Screaming Wind
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ITT: Butthurt. Some points are ridiculous but there are some good points in here that can apply to Taydolf Swiftler and other Top40 people.
I wouldn't go so far as to call her Taydolf Swiftler, but I do agree.
11:38 AM on 11/03/12
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He disregarded the fact that Red is actually a damn good record, and much better than the country fodder she put out in her past. She was always good, but Red is her breaking out a bit more artistically. That has to have weight here. If her country fans don't want to grow with her, fuck 'em.
12:23 PM on 11/03/12
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Her career reminds me of avril lavigne's, lavigne's biggest hit was the dr.luke song "girlfriend" but instead of gaining news loyal fans she gained disposable tween fans who only wanted that weeks popular pop single all the while her hardcore fans became alieneted, so the article's point of short term success vs longevity is a good point, as well as selling a million in a week isn't really all that relative (even limp bizkit accomplished that).
12:24 PM on 11/03/12
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His writing is teribbly choppy. I feel as though he writes like a child.
12:29 PM on 11/03/12
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mr_raccoon's Avatar
Why are people still on her about the Papa Johns thing? There's been much weirder cross promotional deals with country artists the past few years. Like how Jason Aldean had to change a lyric to accommodate his sponsor Coors and how 2000 Flushes gave away a Jo Dee Messina album to everyone who bought their toilet bowl cleaner

12:56 PM on 11/03/12
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Great article... The Pearl Jam part was interesting as well. The band that put out one amazing record, then a just OK record and then proceeds to put out average to straight up garbage for the rest of their career.... but as long as people remember how awesome that first record was they will still come pay 60$ to come see you live. As for Taylor, she has kind of turned into a shit talking brat that has it all and still wants more. As long as she continues to right catchy radio hits it will be all good for her I guess but the CMA country backlash part of the article was very interesting. Could not of been a fun night for her getting shut out of any awards and being made fun of... She probably was back stage afterwards demanding someone be fired.
12:59 PM on 11/03/12
mas o menos
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The success and money she has earned over her career is so far from what any of us will ever experience. Lose some fans, put out a record that doesn't sell for a year, ...change?

Regardless of any, and few, valid points this guy made, I'm sure Swift is really not concerned.
01:01 PM on 11/03/12
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I feel that the only thing that makes contemporary country "country" is the singing, and lyrics.
So true... Country radio doesn't even play traditional country music. Nick 13 of Tiger Army's country record is real country music at its finest, not just county vocals over pop tracks
01:08 PM on 11/03/12
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Anyone who disses Taylor Swift ain't no friend of mine.
01:14 PM on 11/03/12
I disagree!
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I think he confuses her audience. Its not country, but girls/women. And country will continue to play her as long as her fans continue to request her. And the jewel comparison is strange, Taylor grew an audience, this is her fourth record, she earned her fans and now has the ability to branch out, the sameway a lot of rock bands in our scene do. Jewel and Taylor swift are from different eras, nowadays people follow their artist in a million different ways, and their tastes are thinned out. Taylor swift will retain her fans. This whole newsletter is a silly attention grab. It provokes a reaction but carries no real weight to it.
01:59 PM on 11/03/12
listens to good music
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well he got the first thing wrong, which was saying that she was country, when she isn't and has been since forever

EDIT: he does make some certainly valid points...

but like others have said, they could easily be applied to a whole lot more people. It's like his diatribe is directed towards any nameless pop star, but was labeled to Taylor at the last minute.

And when did this guy ever like swizzle in the first place? Why the hell should he care about her alienating her "core country fanbase?" especially not when she has moreso a core female fanbase (of pop) than anything else.
02:03 PM on 11/03/12
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Not really a taylor swift fan but this was a good read. I actually heard good things about Red and may still check it out. Country does nothing for me but I hear it is a bit more mid ground. Good read regardless.
02:32 PM on 11/03/12
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I haven't picked up the new album yet, but I do really dislike the single "We Are Never Ever...". I think it's easily her worst single.

Didn't the review on here said there was a good amount of country-pop to satisfy those that wanted it? Haven't listened to it yet.

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