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11:38 AM on 11/05/12
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No, he gets what his music and respect for his "craft" deserves.
You're hilarious, Jason.

Many artists feel like their art is never finished, and that applies to far more than music (one of my architecture professors still laments an award-winning project he designed that he wasn't completely satisfied with). There are things I would change about every single song I have ever released, from Texas to Full Frontal. But I can't spend eternity re-doing the same 12 songs. The process must end at some point. My favorite albums by other artists have things I dislike about them. I've never heard an album that I consider perfect.

The funny thing is: many times when I feel I have a song that is more "complete" than its demo, people like the demo more.

The imperfections are often the things we love about albums. My albums are obviously imperfect, and always will be. I have no problem saying that.

Go ask one of your favorite artists if they feel like they've ever released a perfect album and see what they say.

Aaaaaaand there go my hopes of a good Analog Rebellion album. Well, maybe the rest of the album will sound like that other song he posted and not this.

This song is unique to the album, I think. It was the last track to make the cut, and––in my opinion––the weakest song on the album (though my drummer loves it and insists we should play it live). It's also the oldest track on the album (initially recorded over 2 years ago, but having since undergone many changes).

By contrast: Learned My Lesson and Nothing is Wrong (not sure which one it is you like more) were both recorded entirely in the last month. Bigot Like You actually shares some chords with Brain ≠ Heart (Ancient Electrons) and Out of Your Mind (Evaders EP) since all 3 were written around the same time (late 2009, I believe).

I'm also releasing a 20+ track b-sides record at the same time as Full Frontal that you could grab a track off of to replace this one, if you feel so inclined! :)
02:05 PM on 11/05/12
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whoa, you wrote a song about Romney 2 years ago? super ahead of the game, or...
The music was written over 2 years ago. The lyrics were written about a month ago.

The b-sides record I'm releasing has 5-10 instrumentals on it (ranging from 3 years old to less than a month old), and this would have been one of them had I not finished it recently.

A lot of my songs sit around as instrumentals for months or years before being finished.
11:08 AM on 11/06/12
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Dan - figure this is you, haha - I'm a huge fan of Texas, but I confess that I haven't liked what you've done with Analog Rebellion. And, of course, it doesn't matter what I think - except that I loved Nothing Is Wrong, and I wanted to let you know that.

(And, just listened to Learned My Lesson - don't like it as much as Nothing Is Wrong - but I'm sure I could get into it.)

Anyway, all I was saying is, if you choose to make more stuff like Nothing Is Wrong, I'll probably love it. I didn't like Bigot Like You at all, but if you're not the biggest fan of it either, then hey! We sort of agree. Just keep making the music you want and I'll keep listening as I feel led.
Yeah man, I'm not sure what to tell you on that front. Texas was a long time ago, and it was just a completely different kind of record. It was recorded with a huge budget, over a long period of time, at world class studios, with world class producers and engineers. It's the type of thing you only get to do if you're (A) famous as shit or (B) lucky. I was the latter.

The weird thing about that record, and one of the things that I really hate about it, is that the song choices were made almost entirely by the label. Corner Office Bedroom, More of the Worst, and Forgiveness the Enviable Trait were the songs I picked explicitly (all of which were written much closer to the recording of the record, unlike Madi Don't Leave and some of the others that were written years earlier). The rest were compromises between me and the label. Texas always felt disjointed to me, for that reason. There are songs on Texas that I refused to play live before the record had even been released. That's how quickly I grew tired of some of them since they were old to begin with.

Is it the super-clean production you like, or the songs themselves? The vocal production was certainly lightyears beyond what my vocal production is now, but that's not an accident. I simply don't like polished vocals in any type of music these days, including my own. My vocals lately are recorded almost entirely in a single take without editing, while vocals during the Texas days could have been recorded over a week (for a single song), with an entire day dedicated to editing them to make them sound better. It was unnatural, in my opinion.

With that said, the engineer who was responsible for the vocals on Texas is still a good friend of mine and we still work together from time to time. He helped produce, engineer, and mix Ancient Electrons and will likely be involved in the album(s) I record for 2013.

If you like Nothing is Wrong, I wouldn't give up on my stuff. Even if my entire new record isn't like that, the Grandaddy vibe is always one that I'm prone to return to. There are some b-sides that have a very similar upbeat vibe, including one called Echolocation that you might want to keep an eye out for.

I've never understood Tate's hatred of you; at best, it's always struck me as immature. But, he's allowed to say what he wants, and you're allowed to keep making the music you want to make.

Yeah, I'm not sure what he thinks he gains by coming into these threads to sling mud 3 years after the fact, but I agree. Seems like a waste of energy. I figured he would have moved on by now.

Will Father Abraham be on FF? Track list??

Yes, Father Abraham will be on it. The track listing will be released this week! 12 songs, 1 of which is an instrumental.
12:00 PM on 11/06/12
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Awesome. That track is currently my favorite of yours.
Glad to hear it!

Right. I don't expect you to return that sound unless there's some major change; you've grown as an artist, and that's all there is to it. It had/has nothing to do with production, either - I listen to plenty of bands that overtweak their music and plenty of bands that don't touch it past the initial recording. I liked the vocals on Texas, Nothing Is Wrong, and Learned My Lesson, but not on Bigot Like You. I think, overall, what you're doing vocally now isn't the problem either. Part of it, I think, is that Texas is insanely catchy, and that I have really good memories of what I was doing in my life when I first got that album; the other part is that, I think, the music was more accessible to me. (Again, not sure why; it's not production/vocals/whatever, but something about the passion behind it.)

So - I will keep an eye on the new stuff! I refuse to ignore a band simply because they went a way I didn't like, and I'll never get tired of listening to new music, even if it's not my cup of tea. Thanks for doing what you do, even though not everyone likes it, and for creating Texas, even though you don't like it.
Cool man. I can see where you're coming from. Thanks for the kind words (also: I don't hate Texas completely, I just feel like I've outgrown it).

And I very much appreciate your attitude and open mind. :) Thanks for that.

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