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01:29 PM on 11/05/12
We dug coal together.
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"Idiotic comments" or perfectly fair criticism?

It's idiotic if it's a band Tate likes. Otherwise, perfectly valid.
01:36 PM on 11/05/12
We dug coal together.
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Nah, I like plenty of bands that suffer from bad recording decisions (and call them out on it) ... the vast majority of songs recorded without the band members in the same room were just fine on this album. It's a crutch used to not think critically about the songs themselves, instead passing the blame.
I don't know. You compare Neighborhoods to any of the other albums they made, especially S/T, and it's obvious that them being in the same studio to flesh out the songs is what made them really work in every way. On the last album, it just seemed rushed. It works for some bands, and it didn't for them. Alot of the songs were duds, even if the album had a few classic tunes.
02:02 PM on 11/05/12
We dug coal together.
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Can you name (without looking) which songs were recorded in the same studio and which were demoed in the same room and which were done 1/2 and 1/2 and which were recorded/demoed 100% not in the same room?
Honestly, I can't. I can only guess that "Love is Dangerous," "This is Home" and "MH.4.18.11" weren't done together, as they either sound like bland Angels and Airwaves or +44 songs.

I mean Tom agrees the distance had a huge effect....

What was it like making a record together after so much time away from Blink?

“I think we weren’t unified as a band. If we were to start now we’d be much more unified. Mark was in his studio in LA, I was in San Diego, everyone was so busy. Out of recording for a year, we were only in the studio as all three of us together for a total of one or two weeks. We only wrote songs together for three days. The rest was emails. But we accomplished it and that’s the big thing. The first song I sent over was Up All Night. People say that sounds like Angels on a Blink record. Well, no – that’s just me.”
02:28 PM on 11/05/12
We dug coal together.
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And I think we've learned to not take much of what Tom says at face value, he's feelings on things seem to change and shift quite often. Furthermore, my main point is that while Tom may (now) thing some songs are weaker that were not written together -- songs like "Up all Night" are some of my favorite on the album, and I can't make a valid argument (backed with evidence) that where they wrote the songs made any one song better or worse than another. If I look at the list of where each was written and recorded and mixed and mastered and who was there and whatever -- there's no correlation to my enjoyment of the song. No pattern emerges. Therefore, it's very difficult for me to try and pin any failings on any one item. Instead, like most albums, there are parts I like - parts I don't like - and songs that I feel are better or stronger than others. The strongest songs don't rely on production to begin with ("After Midnight") and are just great Blink-182 songs.

I feel all of the extra bullshit is getting tossed around my fans without ever giving it any real thought -- they want a scapegoat and it's either Tom or the sound engineer or whatever.

Tl;DR: Blanket statements like "the production sucks" or "this album sucks because they didn't write it all together" make no logical sense given the realities and evidence to the contrary.

Valid points there. I don't think them not being in the studio together was the be-all to end-all for them, but I do think it had a big effect. Even Travis has said he felt like it was half-assed. But I feel like when that's compared to "S/T" where they spent months together and were clearly very, very proud of what they did and how they sequenced everything, that kind of enthusiasm shows and it didn't seem to here.

To me, it felt like a rushed album. I have no evidence to prove that, but about half of those songs sound like B-sides for some of their other bands. You're right on "After Midnight" - great song. And I can't really say anything on the production side other than Jerry Finn's death clearly had an impact as they moved forward. But this could dash all of that and they can still be a great band. I'll be interested to hear the final product.

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