05:22 PM on 11/10/12 
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Find a timeline of American history. It'll be hard to find a portion of it in which America hasn't messed with other peoples' business. The US felt entitled to everything even before it became the US.
Articles of confederation? I don't think anything happened during those. Unless you counted state to state arguments as international affairs (which they sort of were under the articles).

The wikipedia article on the population of the native US is rather interesting. I didn't realize the estimates varied that much (from 10 to 100+ million)

The smallpox blanket thing happened, trail of tears, etc. but those were way after the smallpox epidemics in the 15th,16th,17th centuries (and primarily done by US manifest destiny citizens). The US offered smallpox vaccines to the Sioux in the 1830s.

The native population was decimated in places far from where european settlers had immediate contact. Most of the deaths occurred during the early Spanish occupation and most people who make claims about the Spanish spreading viruses blame it on poisoning water supplies rather than blankets. Anyways, the Spanish personally instituted fucked up forms of slavery and other things so poisoning water supplies in god's name seems possible but unlikely to have killed everyone in a 800 mile radius.

If you want another reason to say fuck white people, their explanations behind the epidemic are good motivation
The second European explanation was a perceived divine approval, in which God removed the natives as part of His "divine plan" to make way for a new Christian civilization. Many native Americans viewed their troubles in terms of religious or supernatural causes within their own belief systems.
and this made me laugh
On September 8, 2000, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) formally apologized for the agency's participation in the "ethnic cleansing" of Western tribes.[49]
Yeah, that apology really does a lot of good 150 years after the fact. Also, only apologizing to the Western tribes?
09:23 PM on 11/10/12 
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US foreign policy was pretty isolationist for the beginning of the country. :/ They followed Washington's advice for a while certainly. Changed a bit with the World Wars though.
Not exactly. There was the war with Barbari (america's first war), franco-american war (these two were mostly naval), war of 1812, mexican-american war in the 1830s, the Civil War almost turned international (if the north had lost Antietam then I think either the french or the british would have sent military aid to the south), the spanish-american war in 1898 (also known as "a splendid little war") and the subsequent occupations of cuba, the phillipines, puerto rico, and guam (the phillipines especially didn't like being occupied).

If you include wars against Amerindian nations/tribes it gets a lot longer.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...nited_S tates

The Monroe doctrine also really made (and continues to make) the US act like total lunatics about South America.
07:32 PM on 11/13/12 
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Male - 26 Years Old
How did you come to believe in the Illuminati with such vigor?
Like all members of the anti-masonic party, he's actually a mason.

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