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07:26 PM on 11/20/12
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i honestly didn't expect much from this, considering that i always preferred emery's heavier side, but for some reason, i just really love this, everything works together so well. Also good review ryan, although i would rate it a bit higher.
08:36 PM on 11/20/12
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Tele72's Avatar
Very happy with this album. Wasn't 100% satisfied, but it held up to what I expected for their first effort outside of Emery with this genre.
08:58 PM on 11/20/12
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PaperLantern's Avatar
I think between that comment and saying "two frontmen", he's saying that it sounds like the reviewer is talking about Toby and Devin, not Toby and Matt.
Ah, yeah. Matt has never done vocals besides screams on any Emery records as far as I know. Their vocal lineups can be confusing. Toby is the main singer and screamer. When Devin was in the band, he pretty much equally shared the singing with Toby, and did a very small amount of screaming/yelling. Josh does some screams on the records, but he mainly does them live. And Matt does some screaming on all their records too.

Edit: And now Andy Nichols does Devin's parts live. They did make Andy a permanent member recently, didn't they?
09:01 PM on 11/20/12
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vivatoto56's Avatar
Yeah, the worship songs are painful.

Not a fan of this at all.
09:07 PM on 11/20/12
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09:20 PM on 11/20/12
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lostprophetj's Avatar
The founder Mark Driscoll has very sexist and controversial opinions about women and their roles in life and this influences the church. If you google you'll find some articles about it (some even from Christian blogs).
so this ONE guy is the designated voice of the Christian religion? I think not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but my assumption is is that you're an atheist?
09:54 PM on 11/20/12
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so this ONE guy is the designated voice of the Christian religion? I think not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but my assumption is is that you're an atheist?
No, that isn't what I said. He is the designated voice of that specific church though.
01:33 PM on 11/24/12
salt & light in a world of darkness
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agloriousruin's Avatar
One question for the reviewer: do you actually listen to Christian worship music? Because there's really only one song on the album that would be considered within that genre even a little bit and that's "Take Me Oh Lord In Thy Hands," otherwise they might have more outright Christian themes, but certainly wouldn't be considered "worship" music. That term is designated for songs sung corporately within a Sunday morning setting or are clearly overt in, as the name suggests, worshipping God. "The Last One," for instance, is a story about someone meeting his wife. How on earth do you equate that to the content of "Take Me Oh Lord In Thy Hands" even in the least?
07:15 PM on 11/24/12
Is there somebody who can watch you
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InfiniteArms's Avatar
Track 5, Track 8 and Track 9 were my least favourite tracks on the album. Track 1, Track 4, Track 6 and Track 7 were the standouts, it was a shame they were all previously released in some form. Track 2, Track 3, Track 10 were good tracks, but nothing about them really popped. 6.5/10 is the right score. Good review.
11:42 PM on 11/24/12
start over
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bmw06g's Avatar
I absolutely love Emery, especially The Weaks End and The Question, which have meant a lot to me (I guess it's been a few years now).

This effort is solid. I would rate it a tad higher, maybe 7.0-7.5, but just because of the worship side of things. Those songs do appeal to me (for me the record is a 9.0), but understandably they push away a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs.

They've got great voices, and showed superb musicianship in a variety of ways on this record. I hope they do a follow up in the next couple years.
09:41 AM on 11/25/12
brujah brujah!
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knowthisx's Avatar
I'm going to check this out because I loved The Weak's End back in the day, but this looks a little too god-rock for me.
10:44 PM on 11/25/12
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tylerschnizzle's Avatar
Interesting... "Prodigal Sons and Daughters" was my least favorite track on the album. Emery is easily one of my top-3 faves, but I found that song rather cheesy. I really think Devan was the link that elevated the songwriting to something special. I like this album, but the overall songwriting of this album and Emery's latest have taken steps back creativity-wise. A post-Devan world is a sad one :(

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