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08:57 PM on 11/26/12
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pretty cool opportunity for them, but...

this show looks AWFUL
08:59 PM on 11/26/12
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the FTSK members claim Christianity, so they almost by default don't support evolution or gay rights...those are just the two easiest topics to poke at and call them out for.
11:14 PM on 11/26/12
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If you supported Rick Perry for President you deserve to be made fun of.
haha fair enough. I'm from TX, raised Republican, and still don't support Perry
11:24 PM on 11/26/12
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Those things don't go hand in hand. you can be a Christian and have the common sense to see that evolution is real and gays deserve equal rights.
as a Christian myself, I'd have to half-agree, half-disagree with you.

Evolution is only true certainly true in a sense. There are two different types, macro and micro. Micro has to do with natural selection and a species' ability to adapt over time. Macro, however, is the idea that enough micro-evolution can occur that one species actually becomes an entirely different species. Micro is easily provable by science. What science then tries to do is prove macro using micro, and it simply doesn't work. The theories of evolution have holes all over the place, and most of those holes are called "missing links." These missing links are the supposed in between species that show how one involved into another, but as far as geology and paleontology and such can tell us thus far, no missing links actually exist. Its all speculative.

As for gay rights, I do personally believe gay people (in a worldly sense) deserve to do whatever they want to do. However, the Bible is clear that homosexuality is as evil a sin as lying, murder, looking up porn, gossiping, etc, in that all of those sins are infinitely offensive to God. So as someone who follows the Bible, I cannot support homosexuality. I would also consider it wrong to force anyone to follow the Bible against their will. With both of those sides in mind, I don't think I as a Christian can rightly vote for gay rights nor vote against them. This isn't a widely heralded view though, and I stand in a smaller group of anti-theocratic believers. The only places where I think I am allowed to deal with homosexuality is when brothers and sisters who claim Christianity and say they believe in the Bible still choose to pursue a homosexual lifestyle. But I'm not going to deal with them using the law, but instead by trying to just talk with them and love them on a person-to-person basis.
01:58 PM on 11/27/12
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I'm lol'ing over the fact that I'm interrupting this discussion on a thread about an animated football show, and your beliefs are your beliefs, but as a student of paleoanthropology I'd just like to point out that there's plenty of evidence. Read up on Ardipithecus ramidus or the australopithecines sometime, it's pretty fascinating stuff.
thanks, will do.

I'll say though, my geology professor in college right now mentions missing links very often and tries to brush them off as if their absence isn't a big deal, when I think it is.

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