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Code Orange Kids - 11.17.12Right near the beginning of their tour with Gaza and Full of Hell, I caught up with Code Orange Kids drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan for a quick post-show chat about the band's work on the new LP Love is Love // Return to Dust, the status of the four-way split they contributed to and what else the band has planned in the near future.

You guys are on tour with Gaza and Full of Hell right now. Besides you guys doing the split with Full of Hell and having that connection with them, what does this tour mean to you guys with putting out this new record on Tuesday?

Just band by band, Full of Hell is one of my favorite bands in America, period. Or one of the best hardcore bands in America, or whatever you want to call them. They blend all types of styles and are some of our best friends. Basically, how the tour came together, is Gaza and us have the same dude booking us and like... we love Gaza. Theyíre incredible at what they do, and in some circles gets the credit they deserve and some circles doesnít. Iím just really exciting to get out help push their new record while pushing our new record at the same time, because theirs is fucking awesome. It came time to pick a third band and I suggested Full of Hell and it worked out. The tourís been great, weíve all been getting along super well, and I couldnít think of any better bands to go out on this record with. Bands that blend styles and do things that are different in a cool way. Just bands that really love and care about hardcore and punk music but are trying to do a little something different with it I guess.

I feel, just from watching the show tonight, Iíve gotten the vibe from seeing you guys and even the first time I saw Gaza which was like three years ago, that I see a lot of bands play, I donít see a lot of bands perform. This is a tour where all three bands, youíre not just playing heavy music, youíre really performing it.

For sure. To me, itís just really important to just put everything you have out there. The music is really aggressive and has a lot of energy, so I think we should be aggressive and put forth energy, and I think that all the bands on this tour feel that way. And itís coming from a natural, real place, itís not some seized up bullshit. We all love going nuts and just giving it our all because kids deserve that and itís fucking awesome.

So, the new record is out in about a week or so.


We talked a long while ago before you guys were getting ready to go into the studio with Kurt [Ballou]. Whatís the biggest thing you guys took away from that experience of recording with him?

I donít know. We learned a whole lot about how to make our tones sound really good and thick. He just really taught us kind of how to get in there and just bang stuff out over and over again even if like, if you thought something sounded good, he might not have. Itís important to really focus on what youíre doing and take the time [to do it]. We really got to do that, we spent a week on it instead of a day, which is what we normally spend. Heís really knowledgeable about music and about gear and he was really super helpful. Everything we did was our songs, we wrote every single part and arranged everything. He didnít produce it at all, but all his engineering and all his hard work made it sound super full.

To bring a flipside to that, you said you spent a lot of time on it, but it seemed like a pretty fast process from announcing to recording and now itís like six months later and the record is out. Does that kind of put things a bit more in perspective with what youíre trying to do?

Yeah, I think itís really cool that bands like Title Fight are turning around records in like a year and a half and keeping it fresh. I like that we have new music and new ideas all of the time, and Full of Hell does that. A lot of my favorite bands do that. I think that itís cool to put stuff out fast and put it out in the moment. It still feels real whenever youíre doing this, touring on it and trying to make something out of it.

You mentioned that a lot of the drumming and trying to sing was a little bit more difficult this time around. Is there anything in particular looking back that stands out, as you guys are starting to play more of these songs live, that youíre particularly proud of as far as performance wise?

Thatís really hard to say. We wrote all the songs without vocals for the most part. Theyíre all instrumental songs that we went back, for the most part except for a couple songs, added stuff to. We kind of built it around the music, so that makes it a lot more difficult and sing because a lot of times we built it around the vocals for the other stuff. As far as proud? Iím not... what do you mean by that?

For no better reference, when I used to play drums I remember playing and being like, ĎWow, I canít believe I just played thatí. Like that.

Thereís definitely points in the record where I canít believe we pulled that off. As far as personally, I try to take myself out of that and listen to us as a unit. I know thereís parts Iím real fucking proud of that they do, like Reba, Joe or Eric will play some riff that I like that is awesome. I feel really proud of them when they nail something on vocals. Thereís a lot of stuff Iím stoked on. Like Adam with his part. It was just fun recording it and it feels good to have a record that Iím proud of that sounds full. All our other stuff is home-recorded, and Matt who did that did an amazing job. But it was cool to use all that gear and all that space.

You guys posted it somewhere on the internet that you guys were going to put all of the Roman numeral songs on a cassette. And youíll have it later on this tour.

Yeah, just the first five of them.

To coincide with that, the next song in that was going to be on the four-way split. Whatís the status on that split?

Tigerís Jaw is recording in like a week. And it should come out in the end of the Winter, or Spring, something like that. It definitely got sidetracked. But itís back on. Iím super stoked on the song we did, itís weird but pretty cool. We have another thing coming out that I canít talk about yet thatíll be pretty cool as well.

Weíre almost near the end of the year, do you guys have some stuff starting to get mapped out for after this tour around with what you have going on for Adventures?

Weíre going to do a small Adventures tour for a week with The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die in January, then weíre going to chill for January and February unless something comes up. Then hopefully, weíre working on some really cool tour stuff for March or around that time. Hopefully something cool works out, if it does, itíll be really cool. Iím excited. I donít know what will happen. Weíll be touring through 2012 and 2013 and hopefully get over to Europe. We were going to do it in the Winter but Iím not sure. Might not be Ďtil Summer. We want to go everywhere. We just want to play anywhere we can play that people want to see us and just have fun and all that jazz.

As long as weíre touching on Adventures, howís the work on the full-length coming along?

We played a show a couple weeks ago, weíre going to do this tour, which itís just major cities. New York, Boston. Richmond. Philly. Weíre going to record the record at home in February with our home dudes. Then, I hope it comes out in the Spring so we can do some stuff. Domís in school, Kimiís in school. Weíre doing this. Weíll keep doing it. The LPís written.

I think people were just surprised, not to put anything against the EP, but that you had said you planned on putting out an LP right after releasing that.

We recorded that EP literally a year and a half ago. We recorded that before Adventures was even a band or had a name or anything. Then we put it altogether. This new shit is way fucking better. Iím super excited for it. Itís gonna be alternative rock in a cool way and hopefully we can throw some shoutouts to some really cool bands from the Ď90s and do them service by trying to replicate a style that they do really well but do it in our own way. Itís gonna be ten songs. I donít like doing more than ten songs because it gets fucking boring. Should be tight.

Thatís all I got man, anything youíd like to add?

Check out the record, buy it if you can or listen to it if you can. Come out to the shows and let us know what you think. Thanks for the support from everybody that has supported us and shown your friends and shit. We really appreciate it.
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