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05:13 PM on 12/18/12
Every word Handwritten.
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Welcome to I don't know...2004-05. Wayyy too much NFG talk in this thread. I can't wait to hear what Fenix TX will put out next though.
hahaha. yea, i agree im a little late...but not THAT late. 2004-05 we still had FOB.
05:16 PM on 12/18/12
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hahaha. yea, i agree im a little late...but not THAT late. 2004-05 we still had FOB.
"2004-05 we still had FOB" - My point exactly.
06:02 PM on 12/18/12
Kid Defender
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You know damn well the sound differences in the synths between those records. Stop prolonging this stupid, pointless fight because this guy is poorly/stupidly wording his posts. You know what he means, as well as any blink fan in here. Whether you agree with him or not on if it sounds bad is your own opinion, and is what this conversation should actually be about.

Exactly - there is a huge difference between the minimal usage of synth on some of the older blink stuff compared to what they're using, now. I hate how the fact that they used a little of it in the past is being used to say that it has always been a prevalent part of their music.
07:12 PM on 12/18/12
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I just noticed the backing harmonies on the chorus of When I Was Young, adds a nice touch.
09:35 PM on 12/18/12
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Terrible EP imo. So boring.
10:06 PM on 12/18/12
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I like the EP. And I like Neighborhoods too.
10:24 PM on 12/18/12
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great ep, great band, natural progression.
01:50 AM on 12/19/12
Ollie McKraut
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I feel like the people disparaging others for "wanting the band to keep writing songs about dicks" are fans of Angels and Airwaves. At least slightly.

I don't think people who dislike this EP (I'm one of them, so far, though I loved Boxing Day) necessarily want blink 182 to "stay the same." Untitled was pretty different, but it was still a great record. It wasn't completely different. It wasn't dominated by the ambiency space synth stuff that is all over this EP. Asthenia had a long intro, and then the drums kicked in and things started to drive, there's that punky riff, and it's really catchy. I'm Lost Without You could maybe be an AvA song, if Tom's voice wasn't still all whiny/endearing, but it's the finale so it kind of makes sense that it's slower and more atmospheric. Not Now, while an amazing song, is definitely a punk song imo.

I need to listen to this stuff again, but at first glance, it doesn't even sound like blink-182 that much. Angels and Airwaves really doesn't either. Obviously Tom's voice is distinct, but I don't think you could ever mistake the two. When "blink 182" is on the cover, I think people are just a little taken aback that it sounds more like Angels and Airwaves' last record than Untitled, especially people who don't like Angels and Airwaves.

It doesn't mean we're immature or wish they'd stay young forever. My av is a giveaway, but I've loved everything Alkaline Trio's released in 15 years. Thrice is a band that's changed a lot. Brand New is another one. Andrew McMahon. I'm a fan of everything they've released, in spite of the changes. However, if they "change" into something that, in my opinion, sucks, I'm going to go in the thread and say "this sucks." If it sounds like a band I don't like, like Angels and Airwaves, I might mention that too. It doesn't mean I'm "dumb," or can't accept change, just that my tastes are a little different.

tl;dr: fuck this it sounds like the side projects
07:01 PM on 12/22/12
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great stuff
06:01 AM on 01/04/13
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