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Drummer Leaves Say Anything

Posted by: Alex DiVincenzo (12/28/12)
Say Anything drummer Coby Linder has amicably parted ways with the band. Statements from both parties can be found in the replies.
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11:20 AM on 12/28/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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From Max BemisSo it’s a bittersweet month for Say Anything. We’ve had a lot of exciting stuff happening in our camp, and in my life in particular with my baby being on the way, a ton of new music in the works, and our rarities record coming a month or so.

However, one major change has occurred that we feel obliged to share with Say Anything fans before our next tour. As of a couple weeks ago, Coby and I made the mutual decision to retire his role as the permanent drummer of Say Anything. This choice was made for a multitude of reasons, many involving where both Coby and I are at personally in our lives versus our roles in this band. I cannot stress enough how b.s. free of a decision this was or how close talking about it brought Coby and me. It is and was an utterly amicable split that we both agree is the best thing to to do.

Coby has had an unusual but integral role in shaping my life as a person and especially a musician. He is the most talented drummer I’ve ever known and has one of the kindest hearts as well. However, as Coby’s life developed in certain directions and mine in others, both musically and personally, we’ve found it hard to reconcile his particular role in SA with the way we interact as buddies and certain elements of the band’s dynamic. Coby having a strong personality and being such a spectacular musician and yet being tied down to such a encompassing musical identity such as mine is a hard thing to pull off, and though he did so with class and love for many years, it seems it’s time to try something else for both of us. We decided it would be better to make this change and remain as one of each other’s best friends than to let things get to a really bad place.

Say Anything will continue on without Coby but we will not be seeking a replacement drummer to play on the records we put out, as Coby and his style of drumming is, in many senses, irreplaceable; rather we plan on having a multitude of drummers play on our material. Say Anything on record will now be identified in the same way Nine Inch Nails is, in that it’s pretty much me and whoever I choose to play with at the time. Live shows will continue to have their own identity including Jake, Jeff, Parker, Adam, and whoever plays drums for us live. The band couldn’t be further from breaking up, and as I’ve said recently, we plan on releasing music as Say Anything forever, and already have a lot in the works.

I plan on scheduling a interview or podcast where I can really explain SA’S plans for the near future, including discussing how this change will really work in the band’s dynamic, but I’d really like to focus more on celebrating the amazing, life altering and mind-blowing experience I’ve had with Coby for the past thirteen or fourteen years. From Summer Camp, to my wedding, to our first tour, first time recording, and much more, Coby has been there for all of it and I am honored to have been able to have him be a part of this project. He will always be like a brother to me.

As all of you know, he is an utterly amazing drummer and will be missed, but nobody doubts you’ll be hearing a lot from Coby, whether that sis as a advocate of health and fitness, or as a drummer in a different context.

From Coby LinderThe past 14 years as a part of Say Anything have been UNREAL! Max and I have had an amazing ride as band mates together and we will continue to always be friends. I can say with 100% confidence that we are both at the best place in our personal lives than ever before, which is why this split is very un-nasty.

Playing music with Max always came easy. For those of you that don’t know, it would take me like 2 minutes to learn one of his songs because we were so locked in to each other. And his songs are all over the place!!! I have always been his biggest fan and I will continue to support him and the band with my heart and my thoughts and wish them all nothing but the best.

To everyone reading this: You all have had a huge part in shaping me into this person I am today, which I never thought I would be and am in complete shock everyday I wake up. What an amazing journey and only amazing things lie ahead for Say Anything, Max and I.
11:20 AM on 12/28/12
is a real girl
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11:21 AM on 12/28/12
Yeezus season approaching.
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daftpunker45's Avatar
Sad to hear but good for Coby.
11:24 AM on 12/28/12
Protested Hero
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Protested Hero's Avatar
What a bummer. He always seemed like a good guy. Couldn't stand how they used his backup vocals on the last record though. Blech.
11:26 AM on 12/28/12
the shape of punk just came
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therookielot's Avatar
We can't afford to surrender
11:26 AM on 12/28/12
Here, have a sword.
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BigAl's Avatar
I can't wait to hear the in-depth interview with Max on Monday to hear what's going on with Say Anything.
11:26 AM on 12/28/12
Expect me standing tall
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Well damn.
11:27 AM on 12/28/12
Regular Member
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Good to hear the split was done on good terms. He'll really be missed though.

As a drummer myself, I really appreciate what Coby added to the band. The dude always knew how to compliment the songs with incredibly appropriate drums for each given part of every song.
11:30 AM on 12/28/12
Jack Appleby
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Possibly the most forward I've seen Max been about Say Anything being his project.
I'm sure the band will be just fine, though Coby will be missed - great drummer.
11:31 AM on 12/28/12
you mess with the bull...
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airik625's Avatar
For some reason this doesn't bother me. Pretty much everything that they have released since Is/Was a Real Boy has been extremely disappointing (save a few songs off of IDOTG)
11:32 AM on 12/28/12
gonna bang bang fuck you up
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"Dude, I know you got your problems, we all do.
I'm here with you man,
We've been in this band forever,
Don't let it go man."
11:32 AM on 12/28/12
life in the greenhouse effect
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ReadyForAction's Avatar
I'm glad he will still be recording, that dude is a beast of a drummer.
11:32 AM on 12/28/12
life in the greenhouse effect
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ReadyForAction's Avatar
"Dude, I know you got your problems, we all do.
I'm here with you man,
We've been in this band forever,
Don't let it go man."
This would have been an appropriate statement too
11:33 AM on 12/28/12
Hang your secrets
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bobcatbob18's Avatar
This is such a bummer seeing as he is one of my favorite drummers in one of my favorite bands. I'm guessing he wants to make the Beach Body coaching full on so best of luck to him since I know he's passionate about it. I'm really curious how SA will sound now.
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