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08:37 PM on 01/11/13
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good guy
11:32 PM on 01/11/13
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i don't understand this. everytime something like this comes up here, where the christians get bashed on because they believe homosexuality is a sin (or let's just call it 'wrong') , they get called a 'bigot' -- but those who are calling them a bigot aren't a bigot themselves? they are judging and being close minded in the same way that they feel the christian is feeling or what they are saying.

the dictionary definition of bigot --
a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

in the same way, you are being a bigot, you are being hateful and devoted to your own opinions. if you were standing right next to this guy, looking at him in the face, would you call him a bigot, or are you only going to do that behind your computer screen?

when i read the bible, the new testament in particular, i see a lot of love. I see a savior who came to set the world free from their sin and move into eternal life with him. i dont see a savior who came to this world to hate and bash on people. the law of the old testament shows us our need for a savior.

don't judge someone because they sin differently than you.

for the record, i am a christian. i believe the words of the bible to be true and life giving. i believe that i am a sinner in need of a savior on a daily basis. when we read the bible we need to not take it out of context, that is extremely important when reading it. how did those words have an effect on the original readers and original hearers of it. there are a lot of really great stories in it, some extremely hard to swallow as well, 'why would God do that' is a question that comes up in my head as i read sometimes, even after i feel like i was in a place where i could understand it. then i need to take it back to God and ask him how he feels about it, what he wants to teach me and teach us about it today. how can we apply the teachings of jesus TODAY, in our time.
01:31 AM on 01/12/13
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By this line of logic and reasoning - let's say I call a Neo-Nazi a bigot for their clearly wrong (by all logical definitions of right and wrong) antisemitic views. Does this then make me a bigot because I am "hateful and devoted to my own opinions"? Should I try not to be so "judging and close minded" about this guys views? And yes, I would have NO problem calling a Neo-Nazi a bigot to their face. I'm sure he already knows that though.

Repeat previous story for White Supremacists and their racist views.

Repeat story again for anybody who hides behind the bible to spread and/or preach homophobic views. I couldn't care less about somebody's religion as long as they don't use it as an excuse to preach hate. Somebody with influence publicly saying that homosexuality is wrong IS preaching hate; irregardless of their religious believes. If you can't comprehend this then I truly feel sorry for you.
You make some good points, I agree with you with a lot of what you said actually. I think what will be the factor is, for Christians, is a certain group of people (homosexuals, racists, naxi's, whatever they are) acting out in ways that are biblical or are they not biblical. I think it will also have to do with are they living out their lives in a way that Jesus did with his? To love, to give, to have self-control, etc...

In John 8, Jesus meets a woman who is about to get killed because she was caught in adultery and the pharisees know she went against the law and were basically just going to use her to get Jesus to go against the law himself. long story short their day was ruined when Jesus said to them 'you who has no sin can be the first to throw the stone' and the pharisees one by one walked away. he didn't say it in a hateful way. he said it in a way to make them think about it, that they are too caught up thinking about the wrongdoings of other people that they are completely oblivious to the wrong they are doing themselves. which is what these groups of people (racists, naxi's) are doing according to the bible.

and i absolutely agree with you that someone shouldn't use their religion as an excuse to preach hate, that is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.
05:25 AM on 01/12/13
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The initial negative comment that sparked this all was only directed at christians so that's why he addressed only christians in his speech. Theres no reason for atheists to feel alienated by the comment "homosexuality is a sin".


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