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09:25 PM on 01/18/13 
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Here's the rules for this site. Notice that I'm not going to break them in this thread.
I'm not discussing illegal activities, I'm discussing the legalization of illegal activities(like legalizing recreational drugs or legalizing sodomy, which I think both should be legal). If I were discussing illegal activities I would be talking about committing these acts and I have not committed incest. And please anyone who posts on this thread do not talk about committing incest, talk about whether it should be legal or not. This is a legit political issue because it can ruin the lives of peaceful people. It doesn't ruin their lives because of incest itself, instead the government is who ruins their lives with their unjust laws.

Seeing as I think it's best to assume love is not a choice, I think if any 2 peaceful people consent to loving each other, then I don't think it's wrong because it is not harming anyone. Children created through incest does not have bad effects like people think it does and the chances are just as small as a non-incest couple giving birth to a baby with birth defects. Also, farmers inbreed cattle and other livestock and chances are we are eating inbred meat when we eat at a place like McDonalds.

If you make a claim of incest causing deformities in children, then please show photos of people you know personally and proof that you know them personally to justify your claim (because otherwise people could lie in an attempt to debunk something that they don't agree with).

Make sure that all comments and posts are within the policy rules like this post is.
We need to respect the site. And please no shit talking. Lets have a rational, logical, debunking debate.
01:47 AM on 01/19/13 
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I actually do know a woman who is a product of incest, and while I am not going to post her photo because I am a decent human being, I can tell you that she has numerous medical afflictions. None of which manifest themselves physically.
Not posting photos because that's pretty terrible but I know a woman who was a child of incest. She's actually very pretty but she had some problems. She had some serious jaw surgeries and braces for like 6 years. She also has heart & lung conditions.

That's 2 cases, unless you are both talking about the same person. However, in certain Chinese dynasties, it was considered dishonorable to marry or breed outside of their bloodline. Not all of them had a bunch of problems. Do people really base their views on things like the movie Deliverance?

Do you know someone that is the product of half-blooded incest?

I pretty much agree with Birdman. I don't care if they want to be together but you can't force them not to have children. So, with the interest of the potential child in mind, I'm content with the laws as they are.

The current laws can put someone in prison for life in some states, and 25 years in most states. The only one it's not a crime in is Rhode Island. That's wrong. They are doing nothing wrong, they are being peaceful.

EDIT: They could legalize incest sodomy and keep incest sex illegal, mandate abortions. But I don't agree with this until I see more evidence that defects are very common.

someone wants to bang their 13 year old sister.

I don't have a 13 year old sister.

Also I see what you're trying to do, OP. Not cool, stop being an ass.

thank you

Time out. Love is totally a choice.

By "love" I meant attraction. I still think attraction is a choice but I think it's best to assume it's not a choice.
02:25 AM on 01/19/13 
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I don't know anyone in my family that is 13

Does a half/step sister count as incest?

A half blood relative does count as incest(the crime). A step sister doesn't count as incest. It's about blood relation.
02:38 AM on 01/19/13 
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I don't have any relatives between 13-15 that I'm aware of. They're mostly little kids or much older than me.

EDIT: The reason I said 13 earlier is because I have seen girls who are 13 that have looked like they were 16. So say a 13 year old seduced you into bed with her lying that she was 16(age of consent in Alaska where you are from), then you would be in prison for a very long time. That would be unfair and wrong to do to you. I didn't go lower than 13 because I have never seen a 12 year old who could pass for 16. And there are many places where 13 is the age of consent, just not in the US.

edit:i'm not going to debate why adults shouldn't be sleeping with 13 year olds. the fact that you think it should be up for debate is more then a little unsettling though.

That's easy for you to say. Your not an 18 year old girl who is in prison for the rest of her life for having sex with a 13 year old boy who lied to her about his age and his mom was a bitch so she complained and got that girl in trouble.
03:01 AM on 01/19/13 
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i'm tired of guessing, so you ought to just come out and say which close relative you want to bed.....unless, of course, you've been "brainwashed" into being ashamed of that sort of thing.

heh that's a good try. But the relatives I have that are 16+ are unattractive anyway, so I wouldn't even be interested in them if they weren't related.

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