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09:11 PM on 01/22/13
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Yeah, they totally support hate free environments, that's why they still play "Daughters" live and are hypocritical, sexist assholes.
09:29 PM on 01/22/13
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Daughters is about girls who put themselves to shame by letting their guard down. Not about every female in general. By the way, adultery/promiscuity, which are the themes in those songs, are choices. Homosexuality is not. Get real.
"Put themselves to shame by letting their guard down."


And there's a serious different between high school angst and flat-out name calling and calling girls at shows sluts and making the environment unsafe for them.
09:48 PM on 01/22/13
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It's weird how when speaking out against someone's homophobic or racist comments, it's encouraged and applauded. For example, when everyone trashed the For Today guy, and said it didn't matter how many good things he did or has done, the underlying intolerance meant we should continue to speak out against him. But when speaking out against sexism, you're met with groans, and pleas to "take it somewhere else, because they're doing a good thing!"

It's the same principle. You are free to applaud them for doing a good thing. I am happy they're switching venues. But that doesn't excuse their underlying intolerance and frankly disgusting attitude towards women.
10:04 PM on 01/22/13
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kaylasananjou's Avatar
Yes, I'm the sure the views expressed towards certain individual women, are at least an incredibly small margin of them in those songs are expressive of the entire female sex as a whole.
You'll notice I didn't mention "Mt. Diablo." I hate the song, but it's about a specific person, so I don't argue against it.

"Daughters", however, is clearly about an entire population of females who are at college and who choose to drink and have sex. Neither of which are bad things. (And I find it especially rich that the guy who can't get through two sentences of an interview without mentioning weed is preaching to people who drink.) I'm assuming the guy up there talking about women who "shame themselves for letting their guard down" thinks it's the girl's fault if she gets date raped or forced into having sex with someone while intoxicated. Not really sure what point he's trying to make. Because if he's just talking about having casual sex, I'm not sure what's "shameful" about that, or "letting their guard down."
10:43 PM on 01/22/13
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kaylasananjou's Avatar
Wait, so they actually call girls who attend their shows sluts? I've never actually paid attention to this band before, even though they seem to have a large following on this site...
A friend of mine went to a show where they dedicated a song to "all the little sluts in the crowd", and then played "Daughters." Finding out about that pretty much made it impossible for me to like them anymore. Before that, I could sort of excuse their behavior, but there is a line, and that comments definitely crosses it. (Again, I won't argue against "Mt. Diablo", because that's definitely about a specific person. My personal distaste for the song isn't really relevant in this argument.)
07:35 PM on 01/23/13
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I really do not get what is so hard about accepting that there is nothing wrong with having sex with people. It's the year 2012. Casual sex is okay. You don't have to be deeply in love. It's a human experience, nothing more, nothing less. You don't degrade in value every time you sleep with a new person. That is the root of what I'm getting at. These lyrics try to make some grand sweeping statement about women in college who choose to lead a sex positive lifestyle. They are meant to shame women for their personal choices. Note, there are no repercussions for the the males doing the same thing, no one is telling them THEY'RE "away at college, not getting smarter." Oh, and guess what? You can have sex on a regular basis AND STILL BE AN INTELLIGENT PERSON.

This is the point I'm trying to make about TSSF. This is why they are sexist. And if you really can't see that, and acknowledge the message they're trying to send is problematic, then I seriously question your intelligence.

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