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02:00 AM on 02/10/13
Everything Evil
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What people need to realize, its NOT the bands, labels, Hot topic or anyone elses fault. Records/vinyl is just that, if you are a fan/collector, you get it. If you arent, you dont.

Vinyl used to be the most popular format, to then die down largely. However, vinyl has ALWAYS been a part of the "underground" scene. So thats where i am speaking from. I have been collecting for 12 years of my life and through out that, Ebay has existed. There also used to be a totally Free and DIY/Honor system auction site called Skylab Commerece when i was in high school and i NEVER saw this kind of behavior. There was no such thing as record "flipping".

If a record went for a lot of money, it did, but it was never because of the reasons we have today. You and I's the Curtain Falls went for so much cause eventually, things go OOP or the band breaks up. Those were usually the standards, because people who bought LPs wanted them to love and admire. So nothing was rarely sold immediately after purchase. If anyone bought multiples, it cause they literally WANTED every single one of those copies. It also made well when it came to trading. Long ago thats really how it was done, not so much selling, but trading. Which still does go on.

Even then(12 years ago) and long before that, there has never been a obligatory "Demand" to keep up with. Which brings me to this. In our ever growing world, the line has been blurred between "underground" and "mainstream" as it seems now "our" little world is way larger than we ever thought it could be or thought it would be. So obviously demand has risen. As mentioned in the article, along with demand, people has realized that its super cool to have something on a larger format, ltd, etc. BUT WHAT YOU NEED TO GRASP IS vinyl is forever going to be colors, short runs, screen printed covers, numbered etc. THATS WHAT IT IS, WHY DO YOU EVER WANT TO CHANGE THAT? It was like this before you liked vinyl and long after you decide you dont want it anymore.

What it really comes down to is this, YOU/WE have a choice. YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY $100+ for a record. You can say no. I do it every day. I have mark, which i refuse to go over and pay for something. We all have our different standards and bank accounts, but the reason people are flipping is cause they know they can. If peoples records arent selling at their ridiculous set prices, they'll lower them. Be confident in knowing that you WILL own that record one day, but its just gonna take patience. Thats something i do, personally. Thats the thrill of the hunt, thats record collecting. As silly as it sounds "why would i put off something i really like and want" well, im only suggesting but I think if everyone who actually cares stood up, things could change, cause again, it wasnt always like this, i know it for a FACT, so to say itll never change or "as long as" is lazy and apathetic.

Records used to be a gamble, there were no pre-orders(which i think is largely the problem. everything is pre-order today, and these outrages packages, i dont care if it comes with all this other shit no one really wants or needs, if you want a label to fix things and print a higher demand of a record, well they did already, and it happens to come with a bunch of junk they will actually make money off of, throwing vinyl to the wayside). You used to have to go to your local shop or a store or find i distro online(No Idea Records or Revelation Records, etc). NOTHING was ever labeled. You bought the record cause you wanted to and if you broke that seal at home and it was on a color, HOLY SHIT!

Until then, let those without passion be taken advantage of and when vinyl is yet again uncool, there will be people laughing paying $12.31 for a record you payed $200 for 2 years ago. We will survive.

fuck Lazyboardrecords on Ebay.

Sorry for my tangent. This is just something that gets to me. enjoy arguing about whatever it is youre going to argue about. good day!
That was insightful. Thanks.

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