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02:19 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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I thought AP.Net stopped covering Tyler?

Yeah thought he was "banned" at one point

I just refuse to post about him.
02:34 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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That should be: …
03:41 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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But you still scroll down news posts about him to check if anybody is making comments about your dislike for him, no?
It's my job. I read most of what's posted on the site - in most of the forums.

Haha nice. Its cool for him to make fun of people and their posts on here but he gets iffy over rappers saying *** or bitch, it's comical.
It's comical that I don't like homophobic or degrading language? Not sure how any of this is tied together.

it's not uncommon for staffers to frequent every news post. I check each one hourly.
04:02 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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Jah def comical, considering you and your staffers cover many other artists/topics that do the same. Besides, making someone uncomfortable is just that imo, you're just splitting hairs.

Ok, I'll bite.
Which other artists/topics do I cover that "do the same"?
04:20 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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Well as far as ***, I see posts on here about all other things odd future, wu tang, eminem etc. As far as bitch, that's pretty much any other rapper.
I asked for me specifically, as that was your claim.
04:23 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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Oh fuck that haha, I'm just commenting on here, not doing a book report.
But you're accusing me of something ... shouldn't it at least be remotely factual?

I don't post, by and large - and it's a more recent thought process for me, about music that uses homophobic language -- as a standard principle. It's why I don't post about Tyler.
11:54 PM on 02/14/13
Jason Tate
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How about Kanye West? He's uses a ton of similar type lyrics in past and present songs (albeit he's a lot more tasteful). "Workout Plan" and other similar songs he has in nature to that song are really misogynistic.

Kanye West - Bring Me Down (lyric snippet):

Make it out of this grind, 'fore I'm out of my mind
And get some lee way on the he say she say
Your girl don't like me, how long has she been gay

He was listed as your number 4 album in your top 10 (on your scene list) recently over on your chorus page. So I think that example seems "remotely factual."
1) That song isn't on the album in question.
2) He's discussed his thoughts on homosexuality quite often: "Everyone in hip-hop discriminates against gays. I want to tell my rappers, my friends, 'Yo, stop it."
3) That does not use the word or phrase I have repeatedly mentioned I take issue with.
4) I've listened to most of his albums (and mostly his more recent work) and have not heard "ton of similar type lyrics" to those I am talking about.
5) The claim was that I cover "many other artists" that do the same. At best - you could make the case for Kanye (being one), and not many others ... and you're stretching it for "the same."
12:24 AM on 02/15/13
Jason Tate
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Sorry but calling anyone gay in a derogatory way is exactly the same thing. No matter what word you use.
This is my own, personal, decision .. sorry, but you don't get to decide what is the exact same thing or not to me. Feel free to hold any of your own thoughts or beliefs -- you're not going to some how convince me otherwise. Unless you're going to show me one of the bands I listen to on a regular basis somehow has snuck a word into the lyrics over and over and over again and I've missed -- I know where I stand on the issue. I am not asking anyone to agree with or do the same. It's my feelings.

Here's a quote from Tyler the creator that kind of dismisses your Kanye point:

Tyler, The Creator has since dismissed claims he's homophobic, telling a fan on Formspring: "Hahaha yeah, ive know for a while, he told me a long time ago (sic).

"It was just funny cause i was getting bashed as a homophobe or whatever and i kept saying dude how am i one? i have gay friends like what the f**k leave me alone haha. yeah thats my n**ga tho, s**t is hard for him but he did that."

That does not in anyway dismiss the point ... first, which song of Kanye does he use those words in? Where does Kanye say shit like, "I’m not homophobic. I just think '******' hits and hurts people. It hits. And 'gay' just means you’re stupid. I don't know, we don’t think about it, we're just kids. We don’t think about that shit. But I don't hate gay people. I don't want anyone to think I’m homophobic."

Kanye says some stupid shit. He truly does. A lot of bands I listen to say stupid shit ... it truly takes a lot for me to feel this way about anything. But dropping the word some 200 times in an album makes it unlistenable to me, and is something I don't want to listen to or give any of my support behind. This is my decision.

Fine you want two how about NOFX, listed in your favs, geez I know for a fact they do it:

NOFX "Concerns Of A GOP Neophyte"

to the lord and creator
fucking communist f*****t

Please don't make me look up anymore to prove my point.
I don't think you get the point of the usage in that song ... for one. I also haven't listened to NOFX in years for two. And I haven't updated that list in some 5 or 6. I've never even heard that song. It came out in 2010 (I had to go look it up, I didn't even know what album it was on.)

I don't understand why you think cherry picking a few occurrences is going to change anything.
12:36 AM on 02/15/13
Jason Tate
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I'm sorry I didn't know using derogatory language in certain ways was okay with you as long as it was used in "certain ways." I'm cherry picking because you said to find it. I found it. More than one occurrence. I'm sure I could find more but what's the point past two.

Side-note I'm no Jason Tate hater. Really like the chorus site. I completely understand why you hate the album and I am 100% behind the sentiment...but you have and do support artist that use similar language.
Of course that's true, ever read Mark Twain?

You didn't even find one occurrence. You have shown me a flat zero songs using the word in question I've even heard. I'll give you one though: "American Idiot." They say it. The point is pretty simple, and you've used Kanye West (without referencing any song that uses the term) and a song by NOFX that quotes the term as it's being said to other people, and is a song I've never even heard. Furthermore, "what's the point" -- is that as I've pointed out (many times) I have an extremely high tolerance --- it takes a certain level (and two is not that level) for it to bother me.

This is my personal feelings. Feel free to have your own.

How is that the same thing? He said "I'm not homophobic." That's the quote? Seriously?

Edit: Who? You've said Kanye West (and yet my Googling for Kanye quotes with that word are not turning up anything besides another ancient song I've never heard called "don't stop") and completely missed the point of a NOFX song. So, I repeat, WHO?

Maybe years from now Tyler will stop with this kind of language (as as Drew pointed out above Kanye and others have begun doing) - and then I'll be able to listen.
12:49 AM on 02/15/13
Jason Tate
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Side note: Thanks for reading my blog.
12:54 AM on 02/15/13
Jason Tate
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Kanye does use the word d*ke in a song that is derogatory word. Maybe that doesn't push your buttons as a word. I have no lcue. Or I'm sure you've never heard the song before, or it's used in the "right" way...or you don't support the album:

Heard they'd do anything for a Klondike
Well I'd do anything for a blonde-dike
And she'll do anything for the limelight
And we'll do anything when the time's right

Any how I'm sure a lot of folks in the lesbian community really hated the lyrics and felt they were offensive. Any who I'm done here.

I agree that it is derogatory, and I don't like that he does either. If it was in every song, I wouldn't like his music.

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