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11:44 AM on 02/19/13
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The album is okay, my problem with it though is that it's a radiohead record. It doesn't do anything new at all. With that being said there are a few good tracks, but the rest just falls into average song territory. It's worth checking out but it's not as good as I was hoping it would be. A lot better than 'king of limbs' though!
you're completely off. this cd is sweet, but it's also a completely different direction than radiohead. give it a few more listens....i don't think it's 'a lot better' than The King of Limbs either. Why does that album have such a bad wrap?
12:44 PM on 02/20/13
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That's your opinion haha but I will still listen to it, maybe even buy it as i'm a big radiohead fan. Seriously though this is just radiohead they don't even try or do really anything new or exciting it's just radiohead 2.0. It's still good though don't get me wrong was just hoping for something a little more different was all. TKOL gets a bad rep because well it's not all the great. It's simply one big loop on every track. There was maybe like 3 awesome tracks on the album the rest was just kinda meh. Not a good follow up to the epic 'in rainbows'.
I strongly disagree with you, but that's okay. While TKOL does have a few "loops", it's not like they get stale. Which songs are you talking about? They introduce new elements throughout the durations of each of the songs and I feel confident saying I love the album. I'd say it's my 3rd favorite behind In Rainbows (2nd) and OK Computer (1st). Probably will regret saying that the next time I listen to Kid A or Hail To The Thief though...

I like Amok. Maybe even better than The Eraser. Everything Thom Yorke does has been pretty great in my opinion, but Atoms for Peace and his solo stuff (which are definitely in the same boat) is a far cry away from Radiohead.
12:40 AM on 02/21/13
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I have been listening to the album today and it's growing on me more. There are different elements to each song yes, but it's just still not a step away from radiohead for either Nigel or Thom. It's defiantly a departure from the style that flea plays but i dunno i guess i was just expecting something totally different. I will probably purchase this on tuesday as I'm still a big fan. Right now it's sitting at about a 6.5 or 7 out of 10 for me. A confession I must make though is that I have not yet listened to 'the eraser' perhaps it's something I need to check out? Just out of curiosity was wondering how you would rank radiohead albums from best to worst? I don't think they have ever made a bad album but just on what you think, and I don't really count pablo honey as I also never really listened to much of it.

Mine are:

1. The Bends
2. In Rainbows
3. Ok Computer
4. Amnesiac
5. Kid A (this will be blasphemy for radiohead fans i know)
6. Hail to the thief (I love this album and honestly the more i listen to it i could but it in front of amnesiac on my list)
7.King of Limbs

What do you think? How would you rank them? Don't worry i'll keep spinning AMOK. I did that with KOL but i just can't get it to grow on me. I originally thought they were going to release another 3 disc the same length as KOL for each season but I guess that was just rumours.
I was definitely on the "King of Limbs Part 2" bandwagon. Had my theories.

Anhywho, my ranks change all the time but I'll give it a go

1. OK Computer
2. In Rainbows
3. Kid A (I listened to a bit of it since I last posted....slighty above TKOL I suppose)
4. The King of Limbs
5. Hail To The Thief
6. Amnesiac
7. The Bends
8. Pablo Honey (Pablo Honey has some solid cuts for sure; a couple shitty songs too though)

The sense I get is that Bends-lovers like yourself often have a different take on the more electronic works because The Bends is such old-sounding Radiohead, which was more about guitars. That may be why you don't love the last album

The Eraser is definitely an essential listen for Radiohead fans, although it is a very different genre (way more electronics and it's super beat based)

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