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02:45 PM on 03/12/13
a speedo model
an enthusiast
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It feels more intimate. I feel like when I listen on vinyl, I am more aware of the music/paying attention to it as opposed to just tossing a CD in or pressing play in iTunes. I listen on vinyl to actually sit and listen. Love that.
02:47 PM on 03/12/13
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Because of the complete llistening experience and the physical reality of art. Also the vibrating needle and how it is technically an instrument itself, amplified. How you can still hear the music off the needle even if you turn it all the way down. Vinyl is delicate and beautiful only in its heartbreaking and finite fragility.
02:51 PM on 03/12/13
i get what i want
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aradiantsunrise's Avatar
It just sounds good, man.
02:52 PM on 03/12/13
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Listening to vinyl is an experience. In the age of putting 160GB worth of digital music on shuffle and having music playing in the background, taking a vinyl LP out of its sleeve, putting it onto a table and hitting play becomes a ritual. There's effort involved to set aside time to pay attention to what you're listening to. Putting on some wax on isn't just listening to music, it's a personal effort to engulf yourself for 20-50 minutes and listen to exactly what that band had to say. Vinyl puts your head in a different space and makes you slow down from the fast paced, music at the press of a button time we live in.

Of course vinyl has the full audio spectrum intact and sounds richer, fuller and warmer, but those nuances would be lost if you weren't engaged in a commitment to listen to what you put on.

Then you can talk about Caspian, and the post-rock genre in general; the music is meant for a medium like this. Post-rock is meant to submerse you in dramatic, engulfing music and there is no better way to do it that then on vinyl.

Plus the Waking Season is fucking rad.
03:10 PM on 03/12/13
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For instrumental music, vinyl is the only way. Vinyl allows a certain depth to the album, the scratchiness of the needle, the whoosh of the vinyl spinning, it's all part of the experience that you don't get with an iPod or even a CD. Vinyl allows you to have something tactile, to hold or look at as the music tickles your ears. Vinyl isn't just about listening to the music, it's about experiencing the music, slowing your day down to just sit down in a room and be still until you get to flip the vinyl over.
03:30 PM on 03/12/13
Reconnect This
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Xiegfried's Avatar
Listening to records is just magical for some reason. Hearing the pops and cracks and seeing the record spin makes each listen feel unique. It's more of an experience than just listening to music. It's just way more fun than listening to a file or a CD.
03:32 PM on 03/12/13
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cubsml34's Avatar
I hope someone can partake in the winning of this vinyl like I did in December
03:56 PM on 03/12/13
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Recording on vinyl is like recording on 33mm film. Its so much more professional and just the idea of it is more appealing. Anyone can buy a CD to record on or to burn a copy of a high quality album, but it takes a lot more experience and professionalism to make a vinyl record. The fact that everything is done digitally now makes any kind of analog media all the more authentic.

What digital media represents is entertainment and convenience, analog media is much more about the appreciation of where it all came from.
05:06 PM on 03/12/13
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Ferrari333SP's Avatar
Seeing this band tonight in Minneapolis! Woohooo!
05:46 PM on 03/12/13
Mama, I'm Satan
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xSpillFiction's Avatar
every time i try to grab this at my local record store they never have it in stock. would be rad to win a copy.
05:52 PM on 03/12/13
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RyanGarner's Avatar
I prefer listening to records not only because of the warm sound quality and subtle pops of the vinyl but because records hold more significance to me when I own them. It's a much more involved listening experience, when I put on a record I will sit and listen to it in its entirety, something that is less likely to happen when listening to a digital file. I like having that physical album which can be displayed rather than a data file.
06:37 PM on 03/12/13
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Whatareyoudylan's Avatar
I personally feel like wax is the true original way to listen to music. Just because we can make music come out of an Ipod, a phone, a laptop, etc-- it's neat, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. If you watched Looper, it's 2044 and Joe is listening to music on VINYL. You can hear things on vinyl that otherwise wouldn't stick out. Any idiot can download an album and listen to it in their car, but if you really love it I think you would go out and by the vinyl, just to have the biggest piece of that art. There is a feeling you get when you get that record on vinyl that you've been wanting and that feeling is unbeatable.
06:50 PM on 03/12/13
Anthony Lutz
nextstoptheolympics.tumbl r.com
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Seeing this band tonight in Minneapolis! Woohooo!
Just saw them last night in Lawrence, KS and you are in for a treat. Their stage presence is fucking amazing, just the way they all sway to the music as the play in unison. The guys in the band were so nice when I met them after the show - they even helped me track down the other band members afterwards. It was one of the better concerts I've been to in a while, and I would absolutely love to see them again.

In regards to why I live wax better - the physicality of it, being able to see the artwork the way it was meant to be, it's much larger and you usually more in depth in the way that they design it. I also love the way a record actually looks - there are so many variations in color, and the way the needle sounds when it first makes contact with the record is one that you will not get with any other medium. Best of all, I love the sound that vinyl has. I prefer vinyl over any other format because you really can tell a difference when listening to it. I seem to always find new things in terms of sound when going back to an album that I've only heard on CD or digitally. When I go to shows anymore, I only buy vinyl, I've been starting to collect albums in vinyl since Christmas, and my collection has been growing larger and larger since.
08:06 PM on 03/12/13
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I like the more personal experience with vinyl. Instead of clicking a button on a computer, it requires you to be more involved and focused on the music rather than it being in the background.
08:16 PM on 03/12/13
Suck My Balls
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I like listening to records because it makes me listen to the entire album. I really focus when I'm listening to a record rather than just having something in the background while I do other things.

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