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09:56 AM on 03/20/13
Holly HoX!
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Fuck a kickstarter
10:02 AM on 03/20/13
Holly HoX!
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Agreed. I'm an independent artist. I get no funding from any outside label or other source (I don't claim to sell millions but I sell a few). I saved my money and bought the equipment I needed, and invested my time. (I also have a full time job, if I can find the time they can find the time) I learned how to record, mix, master and distribute my own music.

It doesn't cost that much to record and release music these days. Granted, vinyls do cost more to produce and it is possible to put the money toward touring and marketing but Bands need to start being (or working with) better business people. Most regular businesses would have to go to a bank and be approved for a loan.

The incentives for these things are pointless too. They're just selling the music and merch in advance. Signatures are worthless. (I'll pay for Babe Ruth's autograph why would I want an unproven band's) If the album and band turn out to be good I'll buy the merch anyway.

Besides, he wasn't even a key Glassjaw member and so what if it's Thursday's drummer.

It's a free country though, people can spend their money however they want. Just my thoughts.

Good points. Minus the vinyls thing.
11:26 AM on 03/20/13
Holly HoX!
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Where were all you people when I was practically buried alive on here for shitting on kickstarter a few months back?

1. Whos kickstarter was it
2. I always shit on kickstarter...until it got monotonous
3. Different ppl in different threads
11:50 AM on 03/20/13
Holly HoX!
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I honestly can't remember but it really was a shitshow of basically me making a lot of the same points made in this thread and the vast majority of posters in the thread telling me to get real and fuck off because kickstarter is an honorable and great means of artists keeping their fans close. In a nutshell.

Yeah well they were probably dilsmacks anyway
08:28 AM on 03/21/13
Holly HoX!
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The musicians involved with this project are all reputable, and whether you enjoyed the music any of them have made or not, it was good music in the eyes of pretty much 99% of fans of their respective genres. That being said, I doubt their out and doing this just to dupe us all and make some cash. No label is going to step up and offer to back a side project from a bunch of guys who happened to be in relevant bands some time ago. Could they probably pool together the funds themselves? Most likely. Would it take a great deal of time? Probably. Would something else come up in most of their careers by the time they got the money needed? Also very likely.

I'd rather them get some money now, get out there and show us what's going to come from this project, and be able to make a better record than if they had to go through other means.

Kickstarter is not the hell machine people make it out to be; nor is it something that should be abused. Shit like the Jonny Craig campaign are disgraceful. But some musicians don't want to work for two years to save up enough money to record a single 7 inch, and until you've been in the situation yourself you can't really blame them.

That being said, I love all of the guys in on this and I don't care how many people shit on their campaign, the music that results from this is going to be fantastic.

Your third paragraph is ridiculous.

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