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Comedy Round-Up (4/6/13)

Posted by - 06:09 AM on 04/06/13
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06:10 AM on 04/06/13
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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Comedy Round-UpContributors: Cody Nelson, deadkidsean, deanster321, ImTheSheriff, itsmesean0630, PepsiOne, phaynes1 and Star Slight

Stand-Up News

1. Edinburgh club The Stand has announced its programme for this year’s Fringe, including Stewart Lee, Alexei Sayle and Stephen K. Amos.

2. Chris D’Elia (Whitney, Glory Daze) will be filming his one-hour Comedy Central special in New Orleans on April 13th.

3. Mike Birbiglia will be taping his special, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend in Seattle over three dates in May.

4. One NY Times writer was lucky enough to catch one of Dave Chappelle's recent short-notice shows, and wrote an interesting piece on it.

5. The Laugh Button is giving away a copy of Bill Burr's latest special You People Are All The Same. Enter the giveaway here.

6. My first real 'whoops, this slipped right past me' bit of news, but Myq Kaplan taped his first one-hour special in Boston last Wednesday.

7. And here's my second. Doug Stanhope filmed his newest special, Beer Hall Putsch, at Dante's in Portland last Thursday. He also has tour dates coming up next month.

8. Bob Saget's newest special, That's What I'm Talkin' About will premiere on Showtime on May 10th at 10pm ET. Be warned, his comedy does not represent Danny Tanner or Future Ted.

TV/Film News

1. Paul Rudd was on Conan last week, and for those of you who missed it, he premiered an exclusive clip from Anchorman 2!

2. Come July 16th, the points will join 90210 and Emily Owens, MD as the things on the CW that don't matter.

3. The Birthday Boys, given a few understandable caveats (same-timesies are the worst), have decided to accept IFC's offer of getting their own sketch show.

4. The first preview for Amy Schumer’s new Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, has been released.

5. TBS has renewed Conan through November 2015.

6. Peter Serafinowicz has been cast in Nick Frost and Robert B. Weide’s upcoming series Mr. Sloane.

7. Dave Gorman is to front a ‘mischievous’ new TV series mixing stand-up with real-life experiments.

8. Finally confirmed, Arrested Development will premiere with 15 simultaneous episodes at 12:01am PST on Sunday, May 26th.

9. Also finally confirmed, Jimmy Fallon will succeed Jay Leno as host of the newly-relocated Tonight Show in February 2014, following the conclusion of the Winter Olympics.

10. SNL's Nasim Pedrad has signed on as the female lead in The John Mulaney Show as one of John's roommates, a 'sweet and lazy teacher addicted to procrastinating.'

11. Christopher Abbott of Girls has left the show effective immediately due to an alleged personal conflict with show creator Lena Dunham.

12. Fans of Happy Endings may not need to worry as much should ABC decide to cancel the show at the end of its third season.

13. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) & Katie Dippold (upcoming film The Heat) are teaming up for a secretive (and for Dippold, quite lucrative) 'mother/daughter action comedy.'

14. 'Untitled Andy Samberg Cop Comedy' was good, but I guess 'Brooklyn 99' is alright too.

15. Michael Cera has managed to lock down Charles Grodin in his upcoming short film debut for Jash. The film is called Brazzaville Teenager, and the teaser can be seen here.


1. Louis CK (NY Times)

2. Kristen Schaal/Kurt Braunohler (Vulture)

3. SNL Writer Mike O'Brien (Splitsider)

4. Myq Kaplan (The Laugh Button)

Next Week's Late-Night Guests
Carson Daly: Kurt Braunohler (M)
Conan: Adam Sandler; Molly Shannon (M), Tony Hale (Th)
Fallon: Adam Scott (T), Bill Cosby (W), Amy Schumer (Th)
Ferguson: Max Greenfield (M), Drew Carey (T), Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Myq Kaplan (W), Carl Reiner (Th)
Kimmel: Kelly Oxford (M), Jason Bateman (W)
Leno: Anthony Jeselnik (M), Rebel Wilson (T)
Letterman: Pete Lee (T), Alec Baldwin (Th), Gary Gulman (F)

Feature Articles

1. Jesse Thorn (Jordan Jesse GO!, The Sound of Young America) spoke with the AV Club about the best podcasts he's been a part of.

2. Does doing stand-up on a late-night show still matter?

3. The Oral History of 'Weird Twitter' (if you read only one thing from the round-up today, make it this)


1. Stand-Up Bit of the Week: Jay Larson - "Wrong Number"

2. Classic Sketch of the Week: BriTANicK - "The Morning Routine"

3. It's Kevin - "The Amish Sex Pistols"

4. Funny Or Die - "American Psycho with Huey Lewis & 'Weird Al' Yankovic"

5. 7 Minutes In Heaven - "Jon Hamm"

6. UCB Comedy - "Beat The Monkey's Paw"

7. ThingX - "XHow: April Fools Edition"


Comedy Bang! Bang! #211 - April Fools! with Jon Hamm & Nick Kroll
By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin #7 - Zach Galifianakis
improv4humans #75 - The Dark Side of the Moon with Adam Pally, Rob Huebel & Jon Gabrus
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #79 - Popcorn, Indiana
How Did This Get Made? #59 - Spice World with Retta
WTF with Marc Maron #374 - James Franco, Harmony Korine, Nate Bargatze, and Peter Sagal
Nerdist #340 - Walton Goggins


@PaulFTompkins - ATTN: ALL RESTAURANTS Stop with the assumed lemon slices in your water. My fave thing about water? How it doesn't taste ALMOST like lemon.
@paulrust - John F. Kennedy never heard The Beatles and Kurt Cobain never surfed the Internet.
@ChelseaVPeretti - Game of Thrones should be called Watch Every Character Die
@rachelhastings - Counterpoint: YES country for old men
@bazecraze - I haven't seen the movie Taken, but I assume it's about a girl I think is cute?
@Dave_Horwitz - Going to a wedding today. Wish I knew if they were serving Gushers or if I should BYOG.
@SamGrittner - Accidentally walked into a Friendzone today and now I have to watch this girl's cat for a week while she goes to Paris with her ex.
@shelbyfero - You don't think you're unhappy until you see an "Urgent Care" sign with a burned out "E" and turn to show someone then realize you're alone
@nachosarah - just googled "how do you cook rice" and the result was how are you still alive
@ieatanddrink - Fun prank: Take a lady up in your hot air balloon and say "Whoaaa, how do you turn this thing off??!" and float into the sun
@kylekinane - You nerds really buttfuck Twitter on Sundays when your stories are on, don't you?
@joemande - Happy Easter to Leighton Meester. #SheLives

Cody's Pick

Alright, I'm gonna go with something a bit out there for this one. Currently, my favorite podcast is a fully improvised half-hour of madness called Superego. Created by four comedians operating under the guise of psychiatrists observing personality disorders, the show is a science parody only in title, tagline, and interstitials. Featuring utterly ridiculous dialogue and nonsensical fake names, perpetual breaking of character and top-tier guests such as Thomas Lennon & Patton Oswalt, Superego simultaneously makes little sense and makes you laugh harder than most other things. I'll save all other details for the show to reveal itself, but luckily, they just released their latest episode 'Best of Season 3: Volume 2,' which you can listen to and immensely enjoy here.

Sources: soundcloud.com, gosuperego.com, twitter.com, nerdist.com, earwolf.com, wtfpod.com, youtube.com, funnyordie.com, buzzfeed.com, splitsider.com, avclub.com, interbridge.com, thelaughbutton.com, vulture.com, nytimes.com, deadline.com, nypost.com, hollywoodreporter.com, chortle.co.uk, laughspin.com, thestand.co.uk, theblacklistnyc.com, teamcoco.com, ticketmaster.com
As always, if you have any news to submit or just want to know more about the world of comedy, PM me or go to the Official Stand-Up Comedy Thread. We're knowledgable, friendly, and the best.
06:18 AM on 04/06/13
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deadkidsean's Avatar
I hate that it's true, but Chris D’Elia makes me laugh sometimes. There. I said it. Phew. Good to get that out.

The The Birthday Boys accepteance video is amazing.

So excited for Schumer's show. (P.S., Cod, your link is busted)

Mr. Sloane has to be great, right?



Love that you included the history of 'Weird Twitter' article. The main thing I wanted to contribute was Tweets from those assholes and I've dropped the ball thrice now.
06:30 AM on 04/06/13
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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Cody Nelson's Avatar
Random thoughts:

- Wow, almost none of the stand-up news excites me personally except for that Myq Kaplan blurb. Having seen him live, I know what a delight he is, and he could seriously be a big hit, once his style catches on with most comedy fans. I'm honestly surprised there aren't more comics who are self-described linguists. It really makes for the most entertaining show, and the audience leaves feeling smart. However, if I could be guaranteed that D'Elia's set was entirely crowd work, I could get on board. Like Sean said, he makes me laugh (seriously, you can't not laugh at his laugh), but it's almost always in improvised situations.

- That Anchorman 2 clip is fucking insane! Oh my god, that movie is going to be great.

- I'm done talking about The John Mulaney Show. I think if I keep obsessing over it, my head will explode.

- That Schumer trailer didn't hook me until the second half, but fuck, it gets real good about then. Comedy Central can't not make a hit right now.

- Is that Dave Gorman thing going to be a funnier version of Mash Up? Because the concept can be mined for success, but Mash Up didn't quite get there.

- Literally might stay up on Monday night to see Kurt on Carson Daly. Haven't watched Carson in months, but Kurt will probably talk about the skywriting thing, and I need to hear everything about that.

- That Jay Larson video is so hilarious/plausible. I know it's pretty big already, but honestly, I could see him blowing up based on the viral success of that clip alone.

- I would watch Un Hombres Enojados, but it's really just because I love El Chupacabro's voice.
06:33 AM on 04/06/13
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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Cody Nelson's Avatar
Also, I've fiddled more with the format this week. As you can see, I've added an interviews column and 'Stand-Up Bit' and 'Classic Sketch' of the week. Do you guys like this/not so much? What could be changed/added/deleted at this point to keep making it better?

Let me know. Also, if you want to contribute, PM me for that as well. There's a lot to catch in a week.
06:39 AM on 04/06/13
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deanster321's Avatar
Is "weird Twitter" stuff okay for the tweets section?
06:41 AM on 04/06/13
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
User Info.
Cody Nelson's Avatar
Is "weird Twitter" stuff okay for the tweets section?
Oh, yeah. I'd put them in there myself, but there's too many great accounts, I can't choose.
07:07 AM on 04/06/13
Registered Member
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iseejosh's Avatar
Chappelle, please come back.
07:07 AM on 04/06/13
User Info.
deanster321's Avatar
Oh, yeah. I'd put them in there myself, but there's too many great accounts, I can't choose.
Yeah, I only actually follow a couple because there's so many to keep track of otherwise. I'm getting to the point where I probably find them funnier more consistently than actual "name" comedians on Twitter, so that's good to know going forward.
07:16 AM on 04/06/13
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phaynes1's Avatar
Birbiglia's news is my most anticipated stand up news in a long time. Been waiting years to see this material. And despite Chris' awful TV work, I'm a pretty big fan of his stand up and definitely am interested in his special.
07:18 AM on 04/06/13
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spaghettti's Avatar
That Michael cera thing sounds like a porno. "Brazzaville "
07:37 AM on 04/06/13
Regular Member
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xmtdiablow's Avatar
I knew he was going to show that fucking Mac & Me clip, but I fall for it EVERY time haha
07:37 AM on 04/06/13
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Trainsaw's Avatar
I've never been able to get into Bob Saget, whether he's trying to or not, he always comes off as being abrasive and edgy for the sake of it, to kind of make people think "wow he's not that wholesome guy we see on TV!"
07:39 AM on 04/06/13
~Bagel Enthusiast~
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cowlord's Avatar
I love me some Paul Rudd
07:39 AM on 04/06/13
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incognitojones's Avatar
this is the best feature on this site. when I grow sick of everyone and never return I'll probably read this weekly still.

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