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10:22 AM on 04/10/13
Andy Adores Alliteration
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This sounds pretty much exactly as I expected it to.
11:27 AM on 04/10/13
Andy Adores Alliteration
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Comparing Mixtapes and Transit seems a little weird if you ask me. Mixtapes's very nature of a band doesn't actually create any expectations. Their songs are almost supposed to be somewhat average -- but that helps contribute to the "hey these guys are just like you and me" that makes the band awesome. The new song doesn't help push any new musical boundaries, but Mixtapes aren't boundary pushers to begin with.

Meanwhile, Transit did create some expectations with L&F and then were victimized by their own success on Young New England. I know they can do better, so I expect better.
I think saying their songs are supposed to be "somewhat average" is selling the band short. By a long-shot. To a certain extent, I get what I think you're trying to say -- The songs aren't complicated. But ultimately, I think for a band to be succesful playing music like this ("pop-punk" for lack of a better term) there needs to be a certain level of songwriting. From my perspective, that's the band's strong suit. The lyrics, the hooks, etc. They aren't trying to bowl everybody over with insane guitar solos but...They do have a strong tendency to write catchy-ass pop songs that are relatable to a wide breadth of individuals while including fairly specific details that create a storytelling vibe.

I have expectations for this band. High ones. They just don't relate to crazy drum fills or fret work, y'know?
01:04 PM on 04/10/13
Andy Adores Alliteration
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Right. But like, even then the lyrics aren't deep or emotionally powerful or anything like that. They are just about life and shit and that's what makes them cool. "Somewhat average" is probably the wrong choice of words - I certainly don't want to give the impression that any group of schmuks could easily do the same things Mixtapes are doing now. But like, there are bands with better lyrics, and there are bands with catcher riffs and there are certainly bands with better vocals and instrumentation. But none of that actually matters because that isn't what Mixtapes are about to me.

I guess I have expectations, but they are just "keep doing what you have been doing" rather than how they'll take it to the next level.

I don't know, man. I think lyrics are only as "deep" or "emotionally powerful" as the person listening to them wants to relate. The emotions behind most songs written are the same; but the words used to express those emotions make the differene. Saying "I hate you" outright versus saying "I wish you would die in car crash fueled by the lioness' pride of wildebeest merchant boycotts" is the same thing, y'know? Not that the metaphor I just laid out made any sense at all but I think you know what I was getting at. Haha. I guess I'm just defending the art of keeping it simple. For me, what makes this band special and above/beyond their peers is the lyrical content (which weirdly reminds me of the Hold Steady).

Anyway. I get what you're saying. And the silly feeling I felt while waxing poetic about their lyrics above is evidence that you're probably right. Haha.

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