05:40 PM on 04/16/13 
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I recently put together a blog that is basically my personal guide to all the nerdy insights and forgotten lore of indie rock from the 2000s. I tried to keep out personal opinions in order to keep the article as factual as possible.

It's a compiled list discussing everything from the Taking Back Sunday/Brand New/Straylight run drama to small forgotten details like how the first Steel Train full length album was written about Scarlett Johansson. I figured people on here would be interested.

Here's the link:

11:12 PM on 04/16/13 
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First of all, I appreciate everyone reading this post and also honestly appreciate the feedback. With that being said, man you guys can be brutal! I'll do my best to touch on each comment and clear the air:


No, I am not THAT Quicksilver. I have never done anything disrespectful on this site and have been a member for a LONG time.

I believe you got the details of the TBS/BN/SR thing wrong.

I did my best based on what I could remember and what I could find online. If you have the story down differently from credible sources, please feel free to educate me ( I don't mean that in a snarky way at all).

All of these worth knowing are already very much widely-known, not "secrets" in any sense of the word.

I was just trying to compile a solid list of lesser-known facts about the music that many people from our "scene" enjoy. I HIGHLY doubt that common readers on this site know every single one of those facts. You are a staff member of a music site - of course you have a better knowledge base of this stuff. If you have some better points - I would love to hear them.

Radiohead is such a secret lol man this list is full of well know (mostly) shitty records

There are plenty of people who are big Radiohead fans that don't know about that. P.S. the fact that you knew they were shitty makes you a listener :)

quiksilv and his objective lists that were eerily similar to every P4K list

I have not seen any other lists like this before - meaning one location where all of these facts were put together cohesively with images and video. If you have a better list, it would be great to see.

Also let's not even get into "indie rock" good god

I struggled with the title of this article. I definitely see what you are saying - the problem was, how do you express this "type" of music without saying indie? The term "scene" is terrible. If you have a better descriptor - hit me with it. I think the title is successful - you read it, other people read it, and they knew what type of music they were about to read about. That's really the point of a title anyway, in my opinion. Also, I placed a disclaimer at the bottom of the article that explains why I used the term indie (basically that EVERY artist mentioned on the list released an album on an independent label at one point - even the more mainstream acts like Oasis).

Again I appreciate all the responses (even the negative ones). For every negative comment, I have received 10 more positive ones. The list was meant to be a one-stop-shop resource for this information - geared more towards novice music fans who visit this site and others like it.
09:28 PM on 04/17/13 
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Interesting...do you think that's a valid source? I'd love to change the article if that's more accurate.

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