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12:13 AM on 04/18/13
Eight miles high and falling fast
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The two are both pretty close for me, but I def lean more towards Congratulations. Siberian Breaks is a fucking masterpiece :) People associate them just with their singles, but in truth.. Oracular is for the most part a psychedelic album. Songs like 4th dimensional and of moons could have easily been on Congratulations.

Also, when will people stop saying they abandoned their "mainstream" sound?? Time To Pretend and Kids were both written years before their debut. They had already moved away from that sound (as is evident from the rest of the album).. but Columbia wanted the songs on it. The progression between each album really wasn't a surprise whatsoever.
I agree with everything you've said so far. Siberian Breaks is fantastic. Thanks for spreading the truth in this thread. :)
04:46 AM on 04/18/13
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how so.. have you listened to their first album? besides time to pretend and kids, the rest sounds very similar to Congratulations. I really don't understand why people were so against their last album.. honestly, listen to the songs besides their singles and you'll see where that album is coming from. I don't think they ever had ambitions to be mainstream, nor are they trying to avoid being it. Not trying to come off like a snob, but if people truly liked their debut.. they wouldn't have been surprised by Congratulations at all.. Not saying you in particular, but I feel like most people only know this band by their two "mainstream" singles, which are both very different then the rest of their material.

This. I've had the privelege of knowing this band since The Management days and they've always just done this for fun, no ambitions of being super popular or "making it" it just sort of happened. I tell people all the time that the first half of Oracular Spectacular is "mainstream" and the songs I did love off that album were never "Time to Pretend," "Kids" or "Electric Feel," it's always been "Of Birds, Moons and Monsters" for me. The second half of OS is the exact same as Congratulations. People really need to sit down and listen to both albums back to back and see for themselves.

Now I have to listen to both albums today after work and enjoy some chill music.
05:28 AM on 04/18/13
through being cool
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into it.
09:01 AM on 04/18/13
The World Is Yours
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Well that preview was enough to tell me I'm going to dig this song. Big fan of the band.
09:25 AM on 04/18/13
The World Is Yours
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I don't agree with either side of the argument going on in this thread. I hate that people think the only good songs they had were the singles on OS, but then I hate that people are trying to say Congratulations is just as good as Oracular. Oracular and Congratulations do not sound the same minus the singles. They just don't. And OS simply has more great songs. Why do people have to omit the singles when they compare Congratulations to OS? I loved the entirety of OS and played it obsessively. Pieces of What and Of Birds are some of my favorite songs ever. But the singles weren't just a huge part of why the band got big, they were a huge part of why that album was fantastic. It was 3 amazing songs in the middle of other amazing songs. I understand that Kids and Time to Pretend were on previous ep(s), but Electric Feel wasn't. The overall feel and soundscape of Congratulations felt much different than OS. Just because OS had some tracks that weren't irresistibly catchy, doesn't mean that they would have fit right in the middle of Congratulations. They wouldn't have. Anyone who is denying that there was a noticeable difference in feel and sound between the albums is simply trying too hard to connect the two. This being said, Congratulations was not a shock to me. I had the eps, I had Oracular, I had Metanoia. I knew this band was capable of pretty much anything. I enjoyed Congratulations. Siberian Breaks is an unbelievable song. It blew me away every time I listened to it. But you know what? Oracular had more of a lasting impact on me and struck a chord more than Congratulations did. Because it had more great songs. Period.

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