10:35 PM on 04/20/13 
User Info.
Randall Mentzos
Randall Mentzos's Avatar
Jacksonville, FL
Male - 25 Years Old
still sleeping with my ex girlfriend and it's probably not a good idea. im gonna have to break this off eventually, but I totally know how you feel when you like the idea of having a good friend you can sleep with, without commitment but still kind of being interested in that person only.

sometimes it really is just necessary to end things though when feelings get complicated. the situation could be bad for both of you and cause worse emotional stress if you keep it together. that is the reason why I may have to end my current situation. so don't get down on yourself and think it's just because of who you are or anything like that.
10:54 AM on 04/21/13 
User Info.
Registered Member
icantdecide's Avatar
Male - 28 Years Old
Thank you all for your feedback. I guess, again, I feel like I need closure, and want to know what went wrong. After that last text I sent a couple days ago, would it be invasive to just send one more and ask? Would it come off as obsessive or overbearing? I do miss her and just want to understand. I don`t get why we can`t even be friends without benefits. I feel as though after what I`ve done for her and how close we were, it isn`t totally out of line to seek an explanation. It`s almost like I was used (not just sexually - which I suppose is the idea - but financially and otherwise). Or should I just leave it as is before I start to push her away permanently and indefinitely. Then again, if she ignored the last text, maybe it`s best to leave it in her hands and not wait up anymore. We were close, and now suddenly estranged out of no where.
09:15 PM on 04/21/13 
User Info.
Registered User
MyShameYourMom's Avatar
29 Years Old
Sounds like you got hurt and it was more than just FWB to you. It's the risk you take for guilt-free sex.
11:24 AM on 04/22/13 
User Info.
How much cheese is too much cheese?
drat!'s Avatar
Male - 29 Years Old

I don't know why, but this made me laugh.
01:26 PM on 04/22/13 
User Info.
nightmare dressed like a daydream
JulieLynn's Avatar
Canton, MA
Female - 32 Years Old
I've learned in the past that sometimes you just cannot stop sleeping with someone, not because there are feelings, but because the sex is really really freaking good.
12:53 AM on 04/23/13 
User Info.
Gimme your hands!
Ismael182's Avatar
Chicago, IL
Male - 29 Years Old
I just went through the same thing. Except we acknowledged the fact that we were "in a relationship" but that "it was complicated" because we wouldn't call each other boyfriend/girlfriend. According to her she wasn't "ready" for a boyfriend, but that was bullshit..it was just her nice way of saying that she didn't want me as her boyfriend, which I called her out on, and she didn't deny, but whatever.. I felt the same way. I would stay the night at her house everytime I was in town, and towards the end she even bought me a toothbrush, which to her was a big step. But in the back of our minds we knew we weren't very compatible, but that we were using each other for companionship. We cared for each other, and talked to each other everyday. And of course, had some pretty nice sex to go along with it. But I got a new job and quit the one in the town she lived in, so I decided to stop talking to her..it was time to move on and I didn't feel it was worth the effort to make a long distance relationship work between us. So after a week she called and we talked and admitted to each other that it was over. Which is fine, it was inevitable. But then she found a new guy and called him her boyfriend so quick it blindsided me. She asked to still be friends, and I was honest, I don't think it's gonna happen. So that was that, this just happened last week. Fresh wound, but it's ok, I've been through this before. I'll get over it soon enough.
09:45 PM on 04/26/13 
User Info.
News on Once the Clouds are Gone
WhatJulianSaid's Avatar
Brooklyn, NY
TBH I miss having these kind of relationships, once I broke my first one off I found it increasingly hard to find another one similar. If you have a good thing going and like the person and all they bring to the table you might as well ask them how they feel about you and maybe it'll lead to better things but if not you're bound to get hurt at some point in some way.

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