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02:03 PM on 04/23/13
Pretty eyed, pirate smile
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alexa_ATL's Avatar
In a shocking twist I'm going to say I'm most excited for the chance at seeing Fall Out Boy. I get that this is predictable, but hey, they're one of the biggest bands in this scene for a reason right? I credit FOB with being instrumental in me getting into music. Blink 182 may have shown me that there was more to music than what was on the radio but FOB showed me just how damn good that music could be. They've been important to me since the 8th grade and I'm now junior in college; needless to say their music has been with me through a lot. Seeing a band that's been with you for 8 years is cathartic - when I saw Blink live for the first time it gave me a feeling i'll never forget - and since I've never gotten to see them live before I'd like to jump at my chance.

I'm excited this fest is back for a few reasons. John D may be a lot of things but stupid is not one of them. He's consistently created lineups, between his various festival projects, that have blended old, new, popular, and lesser known bands flawlessly. Skate & Surf is almost like the stuff of legends for me because I wasn't as musically inclined during it's heyday. Just looking back at old lineups is exciting to me because you see a mix of bands that were massive and bands that became massive - and I think it most definitely has the potential to be housing bands that are going to be the next big thing. And being able to experience a band that you can just taste the potential of, before they get huge, is something really rare and fantastic in my opinion
02:12 PM on 04/23/13
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adamistheSOTY's Avatar
I'm excited to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis because nothing is more PUNK than shoving it in "the man's" face and proving that a musician doesn't need the help of a label to succeed anymore...that is the future and they are the Neil Armstongs of the music business.
02:13 PM on 04/23/13
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Sawhney[rusted]'s Avatar
Oh my god. Just too many bands here to be excited about. Fall Out Boy, pinnacle of my early music listening days. Growing up with that band has been a fantastic experience, and they basically represent how I expanded my musical inclinations. Streetlight Manifesto, you may be leaving, but "we will fall together." I want to see Hostage Calm just to compliment them on their gay rights activism. Those dudes have been killing it in that field. And RX Bandits. Jesus, I thought I was never going to see those guys. Got into their music too late, and damn was I wrong for that. Add on top of that, Balance and Composure (the next big scene band), State Champs (hopefully the next FOB), Transit, I Call Fives, Saves the Day, Cartel, Bayside, GLASSJAW (LI REPRESENT!)...one ticket is worth like $150 in my book.

S&S = jizzfest
02:21 PM on 04/23/13
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imarealboy21's Avatar
Rx bandits, they are mine and my younger brothers favorite band, we bumped them all summer after what was a sucky year for our family. He graduates high school this year it would be cool to get him tickets.
02:35 PM on 04/23/13
It fills you with determination.
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Fall Out Boy has been my favorite band for years, so I'd be so stoked to see them.
02:43 PM on 04/23/13
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It's been many years since I've seen Fall Out Boy, and it'd be nice to hear what the rest of their new stuff sounds like live. Of course, I'd also love to see my Jersey boys in Senses Fail. Gotta love Buddy and everything he stands for <3
02:44 PM on 04/23/13
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parkerxcore's Avatar
When I was about 15 I saw the DVD for Skate and Surf Festival. It had some of my favorite acts such as The Starting Line, The Early November, and Senses Fail. I envied living on the west coast and not being able to ever attend the festival.

That same year I saw Fall Out Boy on the Nintendo Fusion tour in Irvine CA. To this day, it is my favorite show that I have ever attended. I haven't seen Fall Out Boy since and cannot see them when they're in my area. My college roommate is from New Jersey and I am visiting him the same week of Skate and Surf. We have yet to purchase our tickets. This would be an awesome gift to the both of us.
02:47 PM on 04/23/13
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Honestly i've seen these bands so many times, not a big fan of what the headlining bands are since the entire purpose of skate and surf is suppose to be PUNK ROCK, nowadays its just Metal-core words that you can't even understand, i guess i'm getting older lol, however I'm looking forward to The Bob's Special Guest, I'd love for it to be one band and one band only however Gabe is a complete utter douche and won't reunite with Midtown and make my life happier again. With the accept-ion of that no way shape or form will this festival be worth going to. Just bring it back to Asbury Park like it should and we'll all be happy.
02:52 PM on 04/23/13
Show's over, mother fuckers.
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fothermucker's Avatar
It's almost obvious to say that I'm most excited for Fall Out Boy, but that band has been one of the most consistent bands that I've listened to over the years. I've enjoyed each album more than the last. I've camped out at 6 am to get tickets to see them. It's also always a great experience seeing Bayside live, I've seen them 15 times so far and it feels like the first time every time I see them. The highlight of the weekend however would probably be seeing Glassjaw or RX Bandits for the first time. Not to mention all of the great smaller bands on the lineup like Hostage Calm, State Champs, Into It. Over It. and Daylight.
02:55 PM on 04/23/13
Craig Ismaili
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Craig Ismaili's Avatar
I don't think I'm alone in stating the obvious here in saying that I'm excited for all the headliners. From Streetlight's last hurrah at a New Jersey Festival (of which they've played many), to Macklemore's completely chaotic live performances and histrionics, to A Day To Remember's constantly growing production, and finally, of course, Fall Out Boy's reunion. I was lucky enough to catch one of their first shows back in New York and it was so completely emotional, not to see them a few months later after Save Rock and Roll (AOTY!!!) has dropped in a much larger crowd, it will be an exciting time.

But the band I'm most excited to see is Balance And Composure. For a band who is not super high on the bill, I think they are the band with the most unique vision of who they want to be, and I think could end up being one of the icons of this music scene for years to come. When you look at past Skate and Surf Festivals, you see bands who were just beginning to make an impact- bands that after playing Skate and Surf Fest, would go on to play arenas and become cultural icons. Bands like the aforementioned Fall Out Boy, but also Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Thrice, Coheed, Brand New, etc. I think Balance and Composure can take that kind of step this year and in the years to come. They are that talented. That's why I am most excited to see them
03:17 PM on 04/23/13
simply growing
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Gregv's Avatar
Coasta is who I would like to see most due to the fact that they are incredible and the most underrated band on the bill. Excited to see how new fans react to them on the big stage.
03:21 PM on 04/23/13
It won't snow where she is going.
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I need you to be a

and just for 1 weekend stop me from doing this!

Because I haven't been to a show in about 2 years. I really need to get out and enjoy myself. I cannot tell you how many times Bayside has saved my life. Same can be said about Fall Out Boy. I need to see NJ natives Palisades because they are not only great but they are the next big band in the scene. I need to get out and stop making and looking at memes like this

I know what you're thinking "Why would someone so awesome be such a recluse and not go out?"

It's because..

I would love to see Macklemore, his song "Same Love" has some of the best lyrics I have heard in the rap game in a long time. I would love to see him live.

I know what you're thinking...

Is this guy serious? And yes I am. I need to get out of the house and live life because I haven't been for a few years. I have terrible anxiety which keeps me from doing a lot of things, being around all those people will be a giant obstacle for me to leap and it out be a huge help if you can get me out of the house and get me


So before you skip passed this post think of the person behind the keyboard and what happens to him if you don't select him to win.

Life will be stagnant and stale. More depressing than it already is, which is totally relatable like:

Do you want to help me live my life?


03:26 PM on 04/23/13
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There's not just one band I'm excited for but if I have to pick one , I'd say I'm most excited about Saves The Day or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I love how the fest has some old school artists and some newer ones as well.The future is here. Music is created every day by different people in different genres. Skate and Surf has these different genres and I think the fest has a wonderful line up. There's something for everyone.
03:45 PM on 04/23/13
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"There's a girl stuck in the middle
And she stares into my eyes
She says she kiss me tender.
I say I don't love her but I know it's a lie."
..The opening lines to a timeless RX bandits track Only for the Night, a song that has always meant a lot to me but has changed in meaning over the years. I used to relate it to a chick, now I relate it to drugs. Whether they play this song or not.. I'm definitely most excited to see them for only the second time.
glassJaw is a close runner up, as it's going to be very nostalgic to release what's left of my teenage angst, in a sure to be insane crowd.
I'm just very excited in general for the return of this amazing festival and have the time of my life on my birthday weekend.
04:24 PM on 04/23/13
Our Love Is Like A Song
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npmshah's Avatar
Growing up as the first child of immigrant parents, I didn't "discover" the scene until late middle school/early high school, at which point Skate and Surf had already transformed into the behemoth Bamboozle Festival I've always known. I have a lot of memories connected to 'Boozle- it was my first concert, it introduced me to ska music, and pushed my musical boundaries. Through most of high school the hype surrounding it gave me something to look forward to besides SAT and AP exams. I remember the first time I walked on to the festival grounds, in awe that local bands played hundreds of feet away from some of the most influential names in music, surprised that some rock bands used horns, and amazed that I could find melody in even the heaviest band. I spent hours on the festival's Wikipedia page, looking up every artist that ever played the festival in an attempt to find my new favorite band. It's how I found Chiodos, Sonic Youth, Anberlin, and so many more.

I'm not so much excited to welcome Skate and Surf back into my life than I am to experience it for the first time- to get a taste of what I missed by getting into the scene a few years too late. I'm most excited for Lights. She brings so much to every performance, recorded or live. Her music has had a huge impact on me, personally. At my lowest point, some of her lyrics kept me going- "Don't let me tumble away." "You don't have to feel safe to be unafraid." "Dark out, but you still got to lie up... go to keep your face up." To see an artist like her (with ADTR, Streetlight Manifesto, Cartel, Of Mice and Men, Macklemore, and Fall Out Boy), whose work has defined so much of my present, at a festival from a past I wished I had experienced, would be symbolic and meaningful in ways I can't put into words.

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