The Honorary Title - 04.01.08

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The Honorary Title - 04.01.08How is the tour going so far?
Jarrod: The tour is going really well so far, though we are way over due for our own headlining run, it’s pretty difficult to choose 45minutes worth of material from as many songs as we have

Do you think the early leak of your album hurt your band at all? Why or why not?
Jarrod: I doubt the early leak of our record had any massive effect on our sales....well we probably would of been triple platinum at this point rather then just a measly 2 million

What happen between you guys and Aaron and Jon? Why did they leave the band?
Aarons and I always had different ideas of where we were headed both musically, artistically, personally blah blah blah, we spent more time arguing than actually creating music, I wish him the best of luck, Jon is now currently touring with Adam Green, there's no hard feelings, but we will miss him anyways, both amazing musicians

How do you think their departure will affect your current sound?
Jarrod: I think the band sound will evolve as it always has, from the first ep, to Anything else to Scream, every record had various amount of musicians compiled to help with the variety of the sound, I will most miss EP and Aaron in our live performance most cause that's where we excelled together, otherwise I look forward to changing the sounds of our new records and live show as well, 'the honorary title' started as a solo project and the band was later added for live performance, we certainly evolved, but the songs have always started here

Will Mike Schey (ex-The Format) become a permanent band member or just a touring member?
Jarrod: Too early to say who is a permanent part of THT, except for Adam of course, kind of flirting, sleeping, dating many musicians, but not so ready to marry anyone as of yet, in the meanwhile it will be a massive orgy with various musicians playing both live and on our recordings

What/who was Jarrod thinking about when he was writing "Stay Away."
Jarrod: stay away was written from a friends perspective, but it’s a situation I've found myself in as well

Any plans for a third album?
Jarrod: Going to hopefully record this fall

What are some songs you guys would cover?
Jarrod: No cover plans

What was it like playing at Sundance, given the level of non-promotion you guys are at?
Jarrod: Sundance was great, pretty snowy mountains, in winter frozen wind, drunken industry schmooze fest, good times over all

Do they have any plans to come to the UK anytime soon (excluding festivals)?
Jarrod: No UK plans as of yet

Most difficult thing about touring? Most rewarding?
Jarrod: Most difficult thing about touring is living in a van and trailer and missing coziness of home and girlfriends, most rewarding this are playing for an audience that understands and appreciates your music

What is some stuff that can be found on your tour rider?
Jarrod: We’ve got granola bars, red bull, moist towelettes, minty gum, deli platter, and large bouncing breasts on our rider

What has been the most creatively challenging thing for Jarrod as an artist?
Jarrod: Most challenging thing about being an artist is keeping sane while touring relentlessly, keeping your head up in an industry that's kind of falling apart, and smiling to the person you actually find extremely irritating

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far?
Jarrod: Greatest accomplishment so far was not impregnating my girlfriend while using the pull out method

Is anyone in the band vegetarian or vegan? If so, who?
Jarrod: New bass player Nate Harold is a vegetarian

Are you going to make anymore of your videos?
Jarrod: I will always make those ridiculous videos

Who (as a band) do you think are the most over rated and under rated bands at the moment?
Jarrod: Most underrated bands nada surf, Ed harcourt, phantom planet, rocky votolato, Most overrated-the list is to long to compile, and what do I know?
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12:28 PM on 04/26/08
Registered User
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dukie_04's Avatar
hes funnnny i hope they bring their old folky sound back sometime :/
12:47 PM on 04/26/08
Jake Gravbrot Photography
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hxchairstylist's Avatar
yah! thanks for asking my question, and thanks for answering it jarrod!
12:55 PM on 04/26/08
Registered User
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hype's Avatar
The pull out method.. never a good idea.
01:11 PM on 04/26/08
Registered User
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Jeannieanline's Avatar
hahahahah he'll say anything with no shame
03:14 PM on 04/26/08
The Tallest Man on Earth
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ArmorForZzZzZ's Avatar
Awesome. Excellent choice for an interview.
03:18 PM on 04/26/08
Faith In More Than Steel
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atticusfinch's Avatar
hahaha love this guy.

thanks for the brief, though rather amusing, interview.
03:23 PM on 04/26/08
Dr. Acula
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Dr. Acula's Avatar
The pull out method.. never a good idea.

You said it brutha.
03:41 PM on 04/26/08
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leifstar's Avatar
I love them, his voice is amazing.
03:50 PM on 04/26/08
Registered User
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grimis16's Avatar
What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far?
Jarrod: Greatest accomplishment so far was not impregnating my girlfriend while using the pull out method

hahaha. funny stuff
04:24 PM on 04/26/08
they knew exactly what happened.
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notoaststereo's Avatar
awesome interview... i just wish it were longer.
05:08 PM on 04/26/08
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Bryant's Avatar
Good interview and good guy, haha. I can't wait for this bands next album or what it will sound like.
05:21 PM on 04/26/08
i am
Registered User
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hahaha! i wish it was longer too, but that was nice. he's always so funny.
08:09 PM on 04/26/08
We All Need A Reason To Believe
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meganonthetrain's Avatar
I love Jarrod and this interview!
10:22 PM on 04/26/08
act appalled
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CircaEnder's Avatar
phantom planet is underrated. so is tht

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