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Absolute Access: The Starting Line Part 1 of 4

Posted by - 12:37 PM on 05/05/08
As of last night The Starting Line is officially on their break. However, Absolute Access was able to catch up with the band on their last club tour to further discuss the break. The first segment of this four part series can be seen here or in the replies.
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12:37 PM on 05/05/08
Brad Streeter
Absolute Access
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Brad Streeter's Avatar

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.
12:41 PM on 05/05/08
Don't dare me, dude!
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mynameiscarterr's Avatar
It's so sad.
One of my all time favorites...
12:46 PM on 05/05/08
Registered User
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mikeyystyles's Avatar
Man, they really need to stay together. I hope something happens where a label calls them out and promises them what they deserve. I just dont get how We The Kings is getting pushed and pushed, and a band like The Starting Line can't get anywhere. Something is not right.

Promises = actually doesn't F them over like time and time again.
12:54 PM on 05/05/08
Stage three has begun.
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SLoT's Avatar
well although it is terrible, if its 3 years or whatever like kenny said, it will go by quickly. and we will be bombarded by more music that sounds the same until then, and when they come back maybe people will pay more attention and they'll be fresh.
12:56 PM on 05/05/08
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eh, ill be ok without them.. was nice having them around, although their albums did decline
12:57 PM on 05/05/08
Died from an accident.
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blimpcityhero11's Avatar
There goes one of my favorite bands (just for now hopefully)... I completely understand where these guys are coming from because they've been in a perpetual state of sub-mainstream success. I'm not downplaying their accomplishments, but there's just been no advancement. It really is disappointing after things like the Nintendo Fusion direct support spot for Fall Out Boy in 2005 and what seemed like a sure-fire hit in "Island" last summer, but I'll be there if and when they decide they're hungry for this life again as The Starting Line.
01:02 PM on 05/05/08
Oh, but the world is a mess.
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ashiex3's Avatar
well, i wish them luck with whatever they do during this break.
its sucks that i havent seen them live in so long.
01:03 PM on 05/05/08
In all this chaos we found safety..
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singlexsorrow's Avatar
I love and miss these guys. They put on such an amazing show.
01:05 PM on 05/05/08
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fulltiltxb00gie's Avatar
they were great yesterday but i kinda wish they'd done a more surprising set list.
i'll be counting down til 2011. starting line coming back will be such a great grad present.
01:06 PM on 05/05/08
Harder than a drama
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robster19's Avatar
I saw them at Notre Dame in front of about 200 people a few weeks ago and they put on one of the best shows I've ever seen, if not the best.

That being said, that video was kind of depressing, no one seemed to really think anything of it, everyone seemed to want to move on-- just basically saying that they didn't have the fire they used to as a group... I don't know if they will get it back, but I hope they do.
01:10 PM on 05/05/08
Knicks 2017 World Champions!
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I feel so bad for what this band has been through and the fact that they're forced to take a break now after 8 years because a label can't recognize it's true talent is pathetic. They had a mainstream fanbase off of Best Of Me and couldn't do anything else since because of these labels. BOATS had at least 4 songs that could've been huge but not one of them were ever made singles which is awful. Then the lack of push Virgin gave them with Island was pathetic since it was so insanely catchy. This is going to be a long 3 years. Good thing Person L is sounding pretty good so far. Should hold me off until TSL is back in the studio.
01:11 PM on 05/05/08
i'm wide awake, it's morning
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MCSmate's Avatar
It's great they've been honest with each other and us about this. I'll just have to wait until they return, rejuvenated, I guess. I'll still be here always.

Such a great band. Great guys as well.
01:13 PM on 05/05/08
Brad Streeter
Absolute Access
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Brad Streeter's Avatar
eh, ill be ok without them.. was nice having them around, although their albums did decline

I won't. TSL is a band that defined a big period of my life. I will miss them greatly!
01:15 PM on 05/05/08
this site lowered my GPA
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AbeLurkin's Avatar
they played at my college on saturday night. it was awesome, and so cool to walk down from my apt just yards away, but the crowd sucked (college crowds always suck) and i got sucker punched during their set and now have a black eye.

their set was short cuz reel big fish closed the show, and it just made me wish they would be back soon. bummer.

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