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The Future of Drive-Thru Records

Posted by - 07:21 PM on 05/08/08
Richard and Stefanie Reines have sent us a statement about the future of Drive-Thru Records in an attempt to answer many of the rumors that have popped up. You can read their message below.
The Future of DTRhey, lots of rumors flying around, so better to hear from us than anyone else. yes, there have been some changes and lay offs at dtr. shouldn't come as a big surprise considering every label on the planet is making lay offs. we were actually one of the LAST to do so. the economy is screwed across the board. our bands can barely even afford to tour anymore because of gas prices! so many people have been laid off in every industry and job, it's truly a sad situation.

anyway, we are restructuring our label, trying to come up with a new model, and working on making a company that is more profitable for both bands and label. we are currently in talks with ume (universal) on how to improve our deal, and when that is done, drive-thru will CONTINUE to be an INDEPENDENT, with distribution through Fontana and help from Universal when we want to try and get some of our bands on radio.

with that said, if you don't want labels to go out of business and bands to stop touring, all bands and labels need your support! indies and majors alike. bands bust their asses on tour and struggle to make ends meet, and real people who work at labels need to pay their bills, too! buy the cds, buy the t-shirts, go to the shows. you have no idea what a difference it makes.

here's what the immediate future of dtr looks like:

socratic's cd "spread the rumors" comes out tomorrow and we're super excited about it. unfortunately, there have been some issues getting the ecard to work on absolute punk, so if you haven't heard the band, or haven't heard their new stuff, go to www.myspace.com/socratic and check them out. you can also watch a hilarious homemade video for "may i bum a smoke," and their first "real" video "boy in a magazine."

on may 20th, say no more's cd "what you thought you knew" is released in stores. they have tons of great acoustic footage and hilarious tour videos up on you tube.

in the next two weeks, ace enders (ex-singer of the early november, genius behind i can make a mess like nobody's business) finishes up last minute touches on his brand new solo cd due out late summer. this one is going to blow away all of the other ace enders projects!

houston calls just left my house on friday after spending one month in the studio recording their new cd and hustling me at poker...also scheduled for release late summer. some really, really great songs on there.

a few bands are working on demos, including hellogoodbye, who we're hoping to have a new cd from at the end of this year or early 2009.

and for the first time in awhile, we are looking to sign a couple of great bands that we found and are in love with.

so i'm happy to tell you, drive-thru is NOT done. transition period? yes. over? hell no! this is our 12th year as a label and we look forward to a bright 13th filled with more amazing bands and records.

stefanie & richard
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07:23 PM on 05/08/08
Pedestrian Verse
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KEB182's Avatar
awesome news, keep up the good work DTR, you've been a huge inspiration for Veggie Co. Records and we're proud to say we just put out two amazing releases from Sun Zoo and Ghost of a Stranger respectively. So thanks, and look forward to a bright future!
07:24 PM on 05/08/08
Midtown Saves.
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RiCCioLi's Avatar
good news.
just wish they had good bands on the label still like 8 years ago.
socratic is good, thats it IMO
07:25 PM on 05/08/08
Registered User
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Chalie22's Avatar
awesome now what about releasing that new i am the avalanche record (oh wait i guess it won't sell enough my bad)
07:25 PM on 05/08/08
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fulltiltxb00gie's Avatar
i miss drive-thru circa 2003ish. =(
07:30 PM on 05/08/08
Whatsername is Rad
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CaliHGiloveunot's Avatar
i miss drive-thru circa 2003ish. =(

who doesn't!?! :)

and wow, according to your profile that would've made you like 10 years old.....
in no way do i mean that negatively
07:30 PM on 05/08/08
Registered User
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pleasegoodmusic's Avatar
Remember when they were gigantic? Back in 2002ish? When they had like 20 bands that all sounded like New Found Glory with varying levels of screaming? Man, oh man, what a time to be alive...
07:30 PM on 05/08/08
Regular Member
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so what about dave???? is steel train bouncin??/ anwser the questions we really wanna hear!!!
07:31 PM on 05/08/08
Registered Vegan
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uglystar03's Avatar
I credit drive-thru records as one of the labels that got me into the music I like. Through New Found Glory I discovered the label. From there I explored the label and found Fenix TX, Allister, Something Corporate, Rx Bandits, Finch, and The Early November. I miss the old Drive Thru. Now with Dave Mellilo gone and I Am The Avalanche on what seems like permanent hold, the only bands semi-interesting are hellogoodbye and Ace Enders' band.

Edit: oh yeah and Steel Train!
07:32 PM on 05/08/08
Where Am I?
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parkerjamison's Avatar
i am the avalanche...guess not
07:32 PM on 05/08/08
Died from an accident.
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blimpcityhero11's Avatar
i miss drive-thru circa 2003ish. =(

Not trying to be an ass or anything, but weren't you 10 years old then?

This label has come a long way, and I can't wait to see where the future takes them. Everyone go buy Socratic's new album! Also, I can't wait for Ace Enders' project and new Hellogoodbye.
07:33 PM on 05/08/08
on the edge of summer
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wow, all the rumors have been answered, like the ones about dave melilio and i am the avalanche! oh wait they didn't say anything.
07:33 PM on 05/08/08
Registered User
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What about the status of I am the Avalanche? I heard some of there new material in Long island almost 16 months ago, and still no album? Whats the deal?
07:33 PM on 05/08/08
Nooooo! The Denver Broncos!? :(
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domotime2's Avatar
- New Found Glory
- Rx Bandits
- Movielife
- Finch
- Homegrown
- Somethign Corporate
- Fenix TX
- Allister
- Early November
- Hellogoodbye
- Starting Line

WOW, remember when this record label was dominant! jesus christ, how the mighty have fallen.
honestly....not their fault. Some of these bands have simply broken up, and others have moved on to LARER labels...or wanted more independence.

it's really a combo of bad luck and crap luck.
i hope drive-thru sticks around...so many bands, and other indie labels dont know how important drive-thru was to the up and coming success of "scene" bands.
07:33 PM on 05/08/08
Registered User
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WishYouAway's Avatar
I love how all it turns into is one big "buy these albums" message.

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