The Wonder Years - 05.14.08

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The Wonder Years - 05.14.08Not even a year after releasing arguably the greatest album of all time, Get Stoked On It!, The Wonder Years already have more delicious heavy pop-punk treats baked and ready. The Wonder Years play the hip card to its fullest as Won’t Be Pathetic Forever is a 7” record (that means you need to ask your dad if he’ll stop playing his mint condition version of Fly Like An Eagle for a few hours). The release still pummels the listener with catchy aggression, but the lyrics shy away from cereal box heroes and pirates. This is a record about finding a happy medium while finding your way in this world. But don’t take my word for it; take Nathan Lint’s. The band will be on a lengthy summer tour and you can pick up Won’t Be Pathetic Forever on June 10th through No Sleep Records.

Let’s get the introductions out of the way. I’m Blake and I have five separate pairs of boxers with hearts on them. Who are you and what’s something nobody else knows about you (until now)?

I’m Soupy and naps give me anxiety attacks. I'm Casey and I like wearing clothes that look like I just spilled something on myself because then when I actually do spill shit, I can just say “It’s called fashion brah!” My name is Josh and I work at a high-end clothing store.

Your music is fast and hard, but it always retains a certain level of intricacy. How do you achieve this? Do you write all together, piecing things together one by one, or is there a main songwriting mastermind?

As of late, most, but not all of the songs start in my (Soupy’s) head at really inopportune times during bike rides or at work or sometimes as just melodies. Then Casey, Matt or both get together with me to set said melodies to some semblance of music. That kind of gives us a blue print. Then, we get together at practice and Josh and Kennedy add the cool rhythmic shit that keeps songs interesting. The last thing to come is usually Mikey with the keys, mostly because we have a shitty practice PA and it’s hard to write keyboard lines when you can’t hear the keyboard. This process takes longer than it should because we live three hours from one another and getting together to write isn’t always a simple task.

What do you say to people who think your lyrics are “stupid?” Are these people destined for greatness due to their wonderful ability to scowl and take themselves too seriously?

I mean, let’s be fair, the lyrics on Get Stoked On It! are pretty stupid. I’m not trying to be Thoreau, which I suppose is an issue to some, but we’re just having fun. I understand that everyone has to hate on something. I mean we fucking hate pigeons, hippies, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I guess they hate hanging out and having a good time and shit. Next time, we’ll try to write a CD in the form of a doctoral dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche.

Follow-Up: If they keep frowning, will their face really freeze like that?

Absolutely, it has also been linked to erectile dysfunction.

There are lyrics on Won’t Be Pathetic Forever about being on the road and making something of yourself. What have you guys accomplished since the release of Stoked!. What have you learned?

- There are now naked pictures of Kennedy and Soupy in at least 10 different states and 3 different countries in settings that range from beaches to deserts to mountains.

- We destroyed at least 5 houses in the United Kingdom.

- We managed to keep our sanity in between tours.

- We had our song in a porn on Burning Angel! and possibly a song featured in a DVD to come…

The new record once again features vocals from Rachel Minton (of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer). What’s something you’re too afraid to tell her in real life? There’s no way she’ll ever read this, I promise.

Rach, we think you and Vince are vampires. Sorry.

What 90’s Nickelodeon or kids television shows would you absolutely love to see on DVD? VR Troopers anyone?

First off, I have no idea what the fuck VR Troopers are/were. According to Wikipedia, “the show featured early CGI and video effects mixed with Japanese stock footage from three different ‘Metal Heroes’ series.” Sucks. Further more, we exclusively back Pete & Pete. Did you see the Nada Surf video where big Pete is a bike messenger? Rules.

Lots of your songs deal with Pennsylvania. It’s a very love/hate sort of relationship. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about where you grew up?

There are a lot of cool things about Pennsylvania but growing up I was always really proud of the DIY scene we created in the suburbs out of empty halls and hard work. This place tends to swallow people though. It’s hard to [get] past a lot of the shit that goes on here sometimes.

There’s really no flow in this interview at all. How do you feel about that?

The Wonder Years love flow. In fact, The Wonder Years almost inked a deal years ago as six Philly MCs , but we had to settle for pop punk when the RIAA tried to sue us claiming that the release of our debut album would encourage and facilitate “the illegal downloading of abnormally fly material.” So whatever this interview may lack in flow, The Wonder Years can hopefully make up for in a live freestyle session for you at some point Blake.

Ok, let’s wrap this thing up with some quickies. What song are you most proud of? What is Chris Hansen’s (No Sleep Records CEO) best quality? Is having smokin’ hot groupies as awesome as it looks on TV?

We’re pretty equally proud of all the songs on the new record. Chris Hansen’s best quality is leading his double life catching pedophiles on To Catch A Predator and laying the smack down on those sick sons-of-bitches. There is no possible way to answer this question without our girlfriends being very angry.

Where are you most excited about visiting this summer while on your tour?

There’re a lot of places we’re stoked to be for a lot of different reasons. We’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest before, so that’s going to be pretty awesome. Vegas is going to be utterly insane and it’ll be nice to be in a lot of cities with a lot of friends we don’t see enough.

Thanks so very much for your time and be careful out there. Clichéd soapbox time: Say whatever the f**k you want to the kids at AP.net. But remember, they bite.

To the kids that back us: Thanks a lot. We get to do a lot of stupidly awesome things because you listen to our band. If you’re ever in Philly, let’s hang out and ride bikes or eat cheese steaks.

To the kids that talk shit: Touch my balls, dudes. Touch my balls.

Head above water, 2008!
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10:38 AM on 05/14/08
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jbaseball44's Avatar
They seem like down to earth guys.
10:49 AM on 05/14/08
Still Listens To Limbeck
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To the kids that talk shit: Touch my balls, dudes. Touch my balls.

11:03 AM on 05/14/08
Registered User
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best dudes.

congrads guys
11:11 AM on 05/14/08
Boy Wonder
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JimGray's Avatar
Awesome interview.
12:23 PM on 05/14/08
Amazing guy
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AlexandAirwaves's Avatar
They're so ridiculous.

but I love it!
12:38 PM on 05/14/08
No Sleep Records
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NoSleepRecords's Avatar
"Chris Hansen’s best quality is leading his double life catching pedophiles on To Catch A Predator"

If only i was that Chris Hansen, if only..
12:59 PM on 05/14/08
Registered User
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bloodyr0mance87's Avatar
haha. great interview. favorite quote:

"Follow-Up: If they keep frowning, will their face really freeze like that?

Absolutely, it has also been linked to erectile dysfunction."
02:13 PM on 05/14/08
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Interviewer was trying to hard. Good responses though.
04:39 PM on 05/14/08
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wewascontenders's Avatar
07:11 PM on 05/14/08
Registered User
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jds10912's Avatar
probably my favorite interview ever.
07:18 PM on 05/14/08
Registered User
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twoforflinching's Avatar
saw these dudes first show and a bunch of times before they got big. they used to live the next town over from me. love their music and they really are as cool as they appear to be.
08:59 PM on 05/14/08
The Tip of the Iceburg
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stand_tall's Avatar
These dudes are pretty damn cool. Love Get Stoked on It.
01:53 AM on 05/17/08
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tait's Avatar
haha what an awesome interview.
07:59 AM on 05/19/08
Registered User
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To the kids that talk shit: Touch my balls, dudes. Touch my balls.

that isn't funny at all.. how old are you? seems to me like they need to grow up.

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