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Live Show Etiquette -- Your Thoughts

Posted by: Anton Djamoos (05/15/08)
Everyone has their own style when it comes to seeing a band live. Whether you're the type to stand in the back and listen to the music, throw down in the pit, or do a little bit of both, you go to a show to enjoy music and have a good time. There are even unwritten rules, such as helping people up when they fall down or not being that guy who yells for "Freebird".

How do you think people should act at a live show? What do you feel is appropriate behavior? Would you outlaw karate moves? Would you bar people from texting on their cell phones during a band's set? Should people be able to do whatever as long as they enjoy themselves?

What type of live show behavior irks you, whether it be from the band or the crowd? What do you wish more people would do?
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06:16 AM on 05/15/08
sowing season
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princesschad's Avatar
I'm a scrawny guy, so I tend to stay in the back/in a seat to watch a band play. I hate being on the floor and being pushed around and getting wacked by crazy moshers. Honestly, as long as the people moshing aren't total fools and care about the people around them, I think it's fine, I just don't play a part in it.
06:20 AM on 05/15/08
Regular Member
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Aeroplaned's Avatar
I don't like taking videos or pictures, it just bothers me cause when I go to shows with some friends, they make me turn around for a picture and I get out of the moment or something.
It's hard to explain, but yeah.
But people can go and take videos for all I care.
06:21 AM on 05/15/08
find comfort in yourself
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HoustonCalling's Avatar
1. if someone falls you help them up.
2. don't sing along to a song if you don't know the lyrics, especially if it's an acoustic set and you are ruining the song.
3. don't go up front unless you can handle it, because i won't feel bad for you when you start crying.
4. don't start throwing shit just because you see everyone else doing it.
5. help out the crowd surfers, they're just trying to have a good time.
6. don't take offense to people pushing you, squeezing you, rubbing up against you or sweating on you...you're at a show, deal with it.
06:21 AM on 05/15/08
one bright dusk
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Ailite's Avatar
I'm all for a good show with people jumping around and pits, but you've gotta let those things stay where they belong. People that aren't in the pit, they don't want to mosh, they want to watch the show. One time when I saw Death Cab, the crowd was fantastic, they sang along and danced but there wasn't any pushing or fighting and everyone was just really cool the entire time. Depending on the music, sometimes moshing is kind of fun. But if you don't want to be in there, its not cool.

You should always help people up, not get all angry if someone pushes you. One time my glasses got knocked off and a guy picked them up for me, that stuff is great.
06:22 AM on 05/15/08
young brash hopeful
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transitrock's Avatar
people need to sing along in key or not sing at all.
06:23 AM on 05/15/08
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No Avatar Selected
Just don't sing period, unless the act invites you too.
06:24 AM on 05/15/08
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
No rules.
06:24 AM on 05/15/08
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
when i was younger i used to love to be up in everything. right in the pit squished in there with all the sweaty stinky people. now that im older i enjoy watching from the back and watching the crowds reaction as well. i still enjoy a good crowd surf every now and then although i havent thrown one of those down in a while.

i think any behavior is cool as long as youre not a disrespectful douche.

throwing shit, heckling bands, "yelling freebird" all sucks haha
06:26 AM on 05/15/08
Registered User
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ScreamLouderNow's Avatar
everyone should stand exactly 5 feet apart and be in their own bubble.
i could care less about other people singing its funny half the time anyway.
no kids!!!
thats all
06:27 AM on 05/15/08
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matt_bergeron's Avatar
i would ban people who complain about being sweaty, or being pushed. your in a small area with 100's of people, its going to happen.
06:28 AM on 05/15/08
Regular Member
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scott!athedisco's Avatar
Moshing is cool so long as it is about fun as opposed to violence. People that go in there just to careen wildly into others and cause hurt to those around them piss me off. Every concert I've ever been to in Baltimore has been full of these assholes haha.

Crowdsurfing can get annoying at times, but having done it several times to my favorite acts, I can't deny the thrill of it. It's the perfect way to end a show. It's that long-legged bastard with the flailing feet and hairy legs who crowdsurfs the entire damn concert who pisses the hell out of me.
06:29 AM on 05/15/08
Koi No Yokan
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Aphasia17's Avatar
I've got no problem w/most of the stuff that goes on, but I really hate texters. I went to see Jimmy Eat World and Paramore a couple weeks ago, and there were these girls at the VERY FRONT who were texting almost the whole time through both bands' sets. Seriously, why even buy a ticket if you're not gonna watch the bands?
06:29 AM on 05/15/08
young brash hopeful
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transitrock's Avatar
Just don't sing period, unless the act invites you too.

that's absurd
06:30 AM on 05/15/08
Disprespect Your Surroundings!
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SandManTEND13's Avatar
Dont be rude to other fans even if you dont like the current bands material. I also hate it when people start throwing things like bottles, food, cds, etc to me thats rude to othe other fans there. I dont mind the texting because it doesnt bother me. See myself I used to be in the pit or in the middle throwing it down but now I stand in the back sometime and mind my own buisness and dont try to bother people. Also dont be pushy at concerts like dont be that girl or guy that is bitching at someone who didnt do anything so they decide to throw an elbow at your stomach.
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