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07:07 PM on 06/13/13
James Shotwell
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I'm assuming the writer listened to it in order to have an educated opinion on it.

You know, instead of complaining in every thread about how people should 'stop hating' while simultaneously bashing people for not being fond of every artist you like.
You observation would be correct. This editorial started out as a FIR review days ago, then changed.

I generally do my best to listen to at least some of every new release anyways, if for nothing else than to stay somewhat informed beyond singles.
07:10 PM on 06/13/13
James Shotwell
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Its an interesting decision, and I respect it. But its also why ill continue to come to ap, and not bother much with utg. Ap introduced me to a lot of bands I like, even though as a whole this site seems to dislike, and I'm grateful for that. Id like to think the point is to open up people to this scene of music and show kids there's more out there then just pink and one direction. So does utg do their fans a disservice by only showing them the bands they like, when.music is such a broad and subjective to each individuals tastes? Thank goodness ap.doesn't only.talk about what's hot in pop punk and still gives fan service to the bands they do.not.personally enjoy. Because someone like me could fall in love with said band even if its for all the wrong reasons.

Ronnie is a degenerate asshole, but I still like his music. :/ so idk anymore.

Ps. Hate typing on a kindle.
Oh please don't think we solely post what we love and block everyone else out. We take suggestions from readers all the time and incorporate what is tracking well through analytics into our content. My point was that we are trying to cut back on posting about bands we and our readers have expressed mutual disdain for. The people who comment with pro-radke/fir stuff tend to never visit anything else on UTG.
07:11 PM on 06/13/13
James Shotwell
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It is a review site. So he was listening to it multiple times so he could write a review. And then wrote that editorial instead.
Well put.
03:37 AM on 06/14/13
James Shotwell
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Other than the fact that you go and contradict everything you say "man hating is lame blah blah blah" "your favorite bands don't play instruments, fat mike is a doucher trollolol" or whatever, I think this whole thread is pretty dumb.


I guess that's not too bad, until you realize the post turns into a tumblr confessional rant that spends more time doing what it said it wouldn't do than anything else.

Quit making a big deal out of it and out of making it a big deal and just report the damn news like you want to. If you want to have a review of a FIR album on your website, find somebody who has a neutral opinion or who might enjoy it, there is always a Jake Denning to do things like that, that is why review staffs usually have diversified taste. Why lose potential audience because you personally don't like the music? Not supporting the guy because he is a dickhead is fine, but making it to the point that your website has an open "beef" with him is just idiotic. (see pupfresh/radke, utg/radke, Any band that gets butthurt vs. JTate., etc)

News don't have to have opinions and reviews are meant to. Sure we all know what to expect from an UTG FIR review, but that doesn't mean that's a bad thing. We all know what kind of review Rush Limbaugh would give Yeezus, but some of us might actually be interested in reading it to get a different perspective.

Does UTG actually have a niche? I honestly don't think these once a month "TMZ-esque" features do anything for anyone and clearly they are cutting down on reviews one Ronnie at a time, so it makes me wonder...

TMZ-esque features?

We also haven't cut back on reviews in the slightest. In fact, we're on track to post over 150 more reviews in 2013 than 2012 (putting our total for the year over 1000 between music and film). I can understand preferring AP over UTG because preference is certainly subjective, but to write everything we do off as somehow disposable (and worse, weakening with time) is a bit harsh.
06:58 AM on 06/14/13
James Shotwell
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My user name has nothing to do with a band. It is not a play on I see stars. I don't even like the band.
War Games are so damn good. Their music is on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Definitely listen to the rest if you like that video.
12:25 PM on 06/14/13
James Shotwell
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I have to agree with a lot of what was said here. It was kinda funny that you titled the article putting "beef to rest," but essentially proceed to shit on the guy and the fans throughout it. I'm not saying whether such comments are right or wrong--I have never met the dude, seen him play, or ever really cared for the style of music he plays, so I really don't have an opinion of him either way, although the news surrounding him suggests in your favor--just pointing that out.

Simply put, Radke is a polarizing character, and no matter what you write about the guy and his band, the comments section will always result in the same. While I usually argue that all news, no matter personal opinion, should be covered equally, I'm glad y'all are choosing not to cover FIR anymore. They will get plenty of coverage on blogs more in favor of them, and the negativity just doesn't need to happen. And as someone who worked as an editor for Onward State, Penn State's most read newsource, during the past three years, I know how wearing comments sections can be for a site operator.
You get it. You really do. Thanks for this. Just trying to cut back on the output of hate
12:29 PM on 06/14/13
James Shotwell
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as long as I enjoy mocking Ronald and his band a few times, I wish absolutepunk would follow the same policy and avoid posting anything at all about those twats. I used to think bad publicity wasn't good publicity, but since then I realized I was probably wrong
This is similar to how I was feeling leading into this piece. I realized all my negativity was just fueling future FIR activities. That's the opposite of what those negative reviews were supposed to do, so why continue doing something we never wanted to do?
12:32 PM on 06/14/13
James Shotwell
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He didn't beat his gf, wasn't arrested, online jumped on that for rumors. Funny how he was never charged with anything about it, huh...

Nobody gives a fuck or will believe me, but whatever.
Not for nothing, but he was charged with domestic abuse and had a court date (more than one). His lawyers have had those days delayed for a variety of reasons. There is a lot of proof. We have photos and screenshots from a feature that we later chose to not run that included a personal testimony from the accuser. I'm not saying he's guilty because even with everything I have seen it's not my place to say, but there is more to the story than what has been made public.

I'm ready to be done with this mess.

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