Interview: Serianna - 08.02.13

Serianna - 08.02.13

Interviewed by
Serianna - 08.02.131. Introduce yourself and your role in the band.
My name is Chris Nutting and I am the vocalist for Serianna.

2. New album, Define Me, coming out soon. What was it like working with Josh Schroeder?
"Define Me" drops August 13th!
Josh Schroeder is the man. Plain and simple. That dude can take ideas you though were great, and completely transform them into something amazing. I personally wanted to go with Josh at Random Awesome Studios because he recorded The Pale Horse by Legend.
To this day, that is still my favorite mixed record. Josh also did the new The Color Morale record and has done a lot for For Today.

3. You had some lineup changes in the past year. How have you overcome them?
When we parted ways with our former guitarist and bassist, we looked to two of our friends that we grew up with in the music scene, who just so happened to have left their bands. They came with us to the studio to help write and record and it just felt right. Rocky and Jimmy are talented dudes, and we get along with them like brothers. We couldn't have asked for a better match.
Occasionally we still get tweets and comments about fans just finding out now about the lineup change, some bitter, some accepting. We don't give the negative comments the time of day, and we're happy, so it's all good.

4. Are there any lyrical themes to this record?
Each song on "Define Me" was written on a personal level and used as an outlet for each member of the band to say something, or get something off their chest. Though we all had our hands in writing the lyrics, each member was able to convey their story, or get their point across. When we wrote the lyrics, we wanted every song to be relatable to our fan base. Music is all about emotion, so when fans are able to relate to the lyrics, it just makes it that more special and meaningful. Like Glass is a song personal to Rocky, about losing his brother and dealing with grief and finding comfort in the lessons he learned from him. Full Circle is about the difficulties and failure of a long distance relationship. Pariah is the angriest song we've ever written. It's the anger that comes from people taking advantage of you because you're the nice guy. Simply put "I'm fucking sick of being nice".

5. Where did the premise for "Exist To Outlive" come from?
Exist To Outlive was sort of my baby haha. I love that tv show on Animal Planet called "I Shouldn't Be Alive" where people talk about horrific instances when they were put in dangerous situations that almost killed them. After watching some of those episodes I just thought to myself, wow, if I was given a second chance at life after escaping death like those people, I would live like each day was my last and explore every opportunity that I could. There's a lesson learned there that you should live life to the fullest. You don't need to have a near death experience in order to love life and cherish it. Most of the victims also talked about having that one person they thought about to keep them going, somebody to live for. If I was put in that situation I would want to do anything I could so I could come back to my family and loved ones.

6. When writing/recording this album, what did you learn about yourself and the band?
We're all on the same page. We know what we want, and we've given up the same things to make this work.
We did a lot of things different on this album, such as having two full songs with singing and no screaming.
This band learned to write what we want, instead of having very specific guidelines on what we can and can't do like in past times.
We're the happiest we've ever been with this music, and honestly we can't wait to start writing/recording the next one!

7. Tour plans for the rest of the year?
August 3rd we are playing Alliance Fest in Mcdonald, Pa with a ton of amazing bands, and the very next day we are in Arlington, VA
playing Intensity fest with The Devil Wears Prada, Demon Hunter, The Word Alive, and a whole list of great bands.
August 6th we join up with the In Dying Arms and Restless Streets tour.
More tours and being worked out, so hopefully we'll have something to share soon!

8. Anything else to say?
Thank you all for sticking with us! Our fans are the heart and soul of this band. We promise this new album will not disappoint!
You can pre-order "Define Me" on iTunes NOW and you can also get pre-order bundles at MerchNow.com.
Hope to see you all at a show :)
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