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AbsolutePunk.net Staff Most Anticipated Fall Albums

Posted by - 10:12 AM on 08/05/13
You smell that? That's the promise of autumn - brisk wind, leaves falling, and hot cider. It's my favorite time of year so I'm especially ecstatic that 2013 saved some of the very best releases for the coming Fall months. A handful of staff members put their brains together to put out a small list of the albums we can't wait to hear. Check it out in the replies and let us know what we got right, wrong, and what your personal list would look like.
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10:12 AM on 08/05/13
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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in alphabetical order

The 1975 - The 1975
Release Date: September 3
Record Label: Vagrant/Interscope

Why We're Anticipating: Probably the band with the biggest buzz in 2013, England's The 1975 have captivated ears with its series of EP's that've been released over the past few months. All of that has been leading up to the band's full-length 16-track self-titled debut, out this September. While containing two of the year's biggest/catchiest songs ("Chocolate" and "Sex"), The 1975 also goes back in time a little with its 80's pop tendencies ("Talk" is the best song Peter Gabriel never wrote) as well as dazzling ears with "Heart" and "Settle," two soon-to-be hits. So why are we anticipating this? Probably because The 1975 is about to blow the fuck up. [DB]

A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy
Release Date: Fall 2013
Record Label: Victory Records

Why We're Anticipating: In January 2007, A Day To Remember released For Those Who Have Heart, an album that not only turned the rock scene upside-down with a unique blend of pop-punk and breakdowns, but also boldly proclaimed "Mark my words, we're taking over the world" - more than 6 years later, they're still keeping their word, selling out large venues all over the world with ease. On the band's most recent spring U.S. headliner, they introduced two brand new songs to the setlist, "Violence (Enough Is Enough)" and "Right Back At It Again". If the rest of this Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) produced album is as good as those two songs are, then things will remain to look bright for the band. Look for the band's U.S. arena tour this fall with Pierce The Veil and All Time Low as support. BRACE FOR IMPACT. [JD]

Arcade Fire - TBA
Release Date: October 28
Record Label: Merge Records

Why We're Anticipating: It's impossible to not anticipate Arcade Fire's fourth album. Quite possibly the biggest indie rock band on the planet today, we're yet to witness a release which is less than stellar from the gang. With every new piece of information we get about the record; James Murphy's hand in production, the possible artwork, the release date - the anticipation for the album builds even more. It's impossible to see how they can follow up a record as accomplished as The Suburbs, but if there's a band that can do it, Arcade Fire are your best bet. [KD]

Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing
Release Date: September 10, 2013
Record Label: No Sleep

Why We're Anticipating: Balance & Composure are one of those bands who just improve with every release. The songs they released earlier this year on their split with Braid are two of the best they've ever released, and this album's single "Reflection" is promising as well. If the band keeps us up their streak, The Things We Think We're Missing could be their best release yet. Separation is an important record to a lot of people, but we know Balance & Composure have the potential to do even better. [ZD]

Butch Walker - TBA
Release Date: October/November 2013
Record Label: Dangerbird

Why We're Anticipating: Singer/songwriter/producer Butch Walker has had a busy 12 months, lending his talents to a track from Taylor Swift's world-conquering Red, helping Fall Out Boy get out of their comfort zones and back into the game with Save Rock and Roll, and re-teaming with former collaborators, Panic! at the Disco, for an upcoming fall release. Through it all, Walker and his backing band have been grabbing spare moments to hole up in a Nashville studio, where the artist's seventh solo album is slowly taking shape. Details on the record are scarce so far - Walker has neither announced a release date, nor provided any update as to how work is going in the studio - but the songs he's sprinkled throughout his most recent live shows sound terrific. Walker, once a hair metal fanatic and a power pop fiend, has been playing up his folk and alt-country side for awhile now, and from the sounds of it, this could be the record where he really goes all in on those influences. If "Let It Go Where It's Supposed To," a rousing, rootsy anthem for Butch's ailing father, offers any indication, the resulting album could be headed for "best of the year" contention. [CM]

Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty
Release Date: September 3
Record Label: Sargent House

Why We're Anticipating: In case you haven't noticed, Sargent House is kind of on a hot streak in 2013. After putting out stellar releases from the likes of TTNG, Tera Melos, Zorch, and Native, it's time for the main event: Chelsea Wolfe. Wolfe turned heads with her 2011 stunner, Apokalypsis but we should expect even more confidence and panache in her drone-metal-meets-folk brand on Pain Is Beauty. So far, she released two fantastic tracks (the tense "We Hit A Wall" and catastrophic "The Warden"), putting us on the edge of our seats to hear the rest of what's bound to be one of the best records of 2013. [DB]

Danny Brown - Old
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Fool's Gold

Why We're Anticipating: In 2011, Danny Brown released XXX and showed that he has exactly what it takes to be one of the best rappers around right now. Since the release of that album, he has continued to move up in the ranks of today's artists in the genre by proving himself again and again through various guest features where he upstages everyone else on the track. For Old, Danny has enlisted the likes of Purity Ring, Rustie, and his right-hand man SKYWLKR, among others, to contribute production to the album. Danny Brown is eclectic, hilarious, and has the ability to be very personable and serious, and on Old we can expect to see these qualities and more as he hopefully reaches his full potential. XXX is going to be a very tough album to follow up, and I don't envy Danny Brown and his producers for having the task of doing so, but I couldn't think of a more capable artist to handle the job. [JJ]

The Dismemberment Plan - Uncanney Valley
Release Date: October 15
Record Label: Partisan Records

Why We're Anticipating: It's been twelve years since we last heard from The Dismemberment Plan and the indie world has missed them. How could we possibly not anticipate new music from the band who created possibly one of the best albums in the history of indie rock in the form of Emergency & I and the completely re-wrote their sound with the aptly titled Change. If The Dismemberment Plan's current run is anything to go by, Uncanney Valley could be the album that shows just how much we need this band in 2013. [KD]

Down To Nothing - Life On The James
Release Date: Fall 2013
Record Label: Revelation Records

Why We're Anticipating: Richmond, Virginia means a whole heck of a lot to the members of Down To Nothing - beautiful scenery, great food, and a fantastic hardcore scene. With that in mind, talking about their roots and what experiences they've had is important. It's interesting to note that everyone in the band is seemingly busy with things other than DTN, for example: Vocalist David Wood plays bass for Terror and Diamond Youth, Jared Carman plays bass for Trapped Under Ice (who are now recently on hiatus), and Daniel Spector is a doctor. Down To Nothing is a straight-edge band, but anyone can get fired up about what they have to say and move forward in life. [JD]

Drake - Nothing Was The Same
Release Date: September 17th
Record Label: OVO Sound

Why We're Anticipating: The murky introspection and decadence of Take Care likely exceeded even the highest expectations held for Drake. He proved himself – for the third time. The Toronto rapper has since dominated the charts, featuring on a slew of hits and delivering solid to great verses for over a year. As he gears up for his third full length Nothing Was The Same, Drake’s followed the pattern he set up for Take Care and released a number of possible album cuts and as many songs that seem like one-offs. “Started From the Bottom” is among the best inebriated anthems of the year, and the acidic “5 AM In Toronto” once again demonstrated Drake’s ability to run roughshod over any target he chooses. Its not clear what exactly Nothing Was The Same is going to sound like as an album since the songs released have covered such a variety of sounds, but given whats been released in 2013, it seems very possible that it could be a contender for one of the best albums of the year. [RD]

Drenge - Drenge
Release Date: August 19th
Record Label: Infectious

Why We're Anticipating: The Sheffield, England duo, brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless, have been making waves with their grungey, post-punk, garage rock in the UK with a cult following for a couple of years now but are finally gearing up to release their debut album. A hand full of tracks can already be heard on the internet including the greatly titled "People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck" and "Necromance Is Dead" (although it's not on the album) as well as singles "Bloodsports" and "Backwaters". It's the immediacy and rawness which makes Drenge so interesting and great. In a recent wave of sampling, lustrous soundscapes and layering it's refreshing to hear just a guitar and drums make a direct hit. If you like the sound of Japandroids getting together with Nirvana and Deap Vally whilst they listened to The Doors and The Damned...then you need Drenge in your life. [KH]

Earl Sweatshirt - Doris
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Record Label: Columbia

Why We're Anticipating: It has been nearly 2 and a half years now since Odd Future gained mainstream traction. Right around that time, the youngest member of the group, Earl Sweatshirt, disappeared. He became a bit of a mysterious figure, a symbol of sorts with chants of "Free Earl" circulating so frequently and for so long that some people began to question if he would ever come back. Last year, on the Odd Future Mixtape 2, Earl made his triumphant return on the final track "Oldie," proving why he is clearly the most talented rapper in the group. Since then, he's dropped 3 singles from his upcoming debut Doris. The deeply personal "Chum," the lighthearted "Whoa," and the woozy, head spinning "Hive" all show that he's distancing himself from the shock-rap that dominated his last mixtape, Earl, but his clever wordplay mixed with some immature lines show that he's still the Earl Sweatshirt we all know and love, just older, wiser, and a little better at rapping than he was to begin with (which was already pretty damn good). Doris has the potential to be one of the best debut rap albums in recent memory, and based on the output of his fellow Odd Future members as of late, he's likely going to grab the spot as the number 1 member of the group with no problem. [JJ]

The Flatliners - Dead Language
Release Date: September 17, 2013
Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords/New Damage Records

Why We're Anticipating: The Flatliners are one of those bands that just keeps getting better with age and that's not always an easy thing to pull off. Way back in 2005 they started off strong enough with Destroy to Create, then they followed it up with The Great Awake and then they released Cavalcade, which has gone on to become one of my all time favourite punk records. I still remember catching that Against Me!/The Flatliners/Young Livers tour in September 2010 where it just sort of hit me just how ridiculously good this Canadian band has become over the years. And part of the reason I'm anticipating Dead Language so much is because I'm so confident the band is going to continue blowing me away just like they did 3 years ago. I already love "Drown In Blood" and I can't wait to hear the rest of this record. [DR]

Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind
Release Date: Fall 2013
Record Label: Text

Why We're Anticipating: There Is Love In You and the subsequent collection of singles and 12”s Pink, saw Four Tet turn towards more straight forward dance tracks that lacked much of the genre-mashing imagination that made Rounds into a classic. He never began churning out songs that would be heard alongside Calvin Harris, but they were certainly less divorced from the floor than his past work. But new single “Kool FM” is much less straightforward than many songs he's released in the past few years, adding a yelping chant in the second half of the song to make for one of the most head-scratching and satisfying pieces of dance music of the year. Hedben has his work cut out for him to match his past output, but "Kool FM" inspires confidence that he will prove equal to his legacy, and might even slake some of the thirst of those, like myself, who clamor for a return to the genre-defying intellectually provocative methods of this past. [RD]

John Mayer - Paradise Valley
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Record Label: Columbia Records

Why We're Anticipating: John Mayer has never made a bad album, but last year's Born and Raised was one of his best, largely ditching both his blues and pop roots in favor of sun-drenched California folk. It was also Mayer's least popular album to date, a record that hit the top of the Billboard charts, but which also housed no powerhouse single and suffered from the singer's inability to tour (he cancelled all of his 2012 concert dates due to a rare vocal condition called granuloma). Now, Mayer is back with his second full-length in 15 months. "Paper Doll" and "Wildfire," the set's first two singles, posit the record as a sequel of sorts to Born and Raised, with that album's twang and road-weary melodies intact. Another preview track, "Dear Marie," borrows the sun-kissed arena rock of Born and Raised highlight, "A Face to Call Home," while samples of album closer "On the Way Home" make it sound like an end-of-summer lullaby for the ages. [CM]

Kevin Devine - Bulldozer/Bubblegum
Release Date: October 15
Record Label:

Why We're Anticipating: Well, Kevin Devine has been busy. After his Kickstarter was funded beyond belief, KD went to work on two albums - the acoustic-ish Bulldozer and the Jesse Lacey-produced full-band effort, Bubblegum. Rarely does an artist release two good albums at once, but Devine bucks that trend as both albums are amongst the best in his discography. Bulldozer works as the perfect follow-up to 2009's Brother's Blood ("Little Bulldozer" and "You Brushed" are early favorites), while Bubblgum has the devil and god raging inside it a bit, as it's a full-fledged punk record. Devine holds nothing back and tracks like "Fiscal Cliff," "Red Bird," and "She Can See Me" showcase an artist at the very peak of his abilities. [DB]

Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting
Release Date: September 3
Record Label: Deathwish

Why We're Anticipating: It's been a good five years since Modern Life Is War's last album, Midnight In America, but after announcing its reunion earlier this year, the hardcore pioneers are back with the furious Fever Hunting. It's hard to believe the Iowa quintet has been away from the game for so long since they just created an album that's better than 99% of hardcore right now. "Chasing My Tail," the title track, and "Brothers In Arms Forever" all showcase Modern Life Is War at its very best - passionate vocals, meaning lyrics, and pulverizing musicianship. If you hail MLIW's 2005 masterwork, Witness, as the pinnacle of the band's output, prepare to make some space for Fever Hunting, for it may become the band's most essential album. [DB]

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
Release Date: September 27th, 2013
Record Label: RCA Records

Why We're Anticipating: While there had been rumors that Timberlake was making a return to music in 2013, it was still a shock when it was actually confirmed. Fast forward a few months later where the information leaked that there would be a second album released in the second half of the year, catching us off guard once again. Even though the first half isn't as redefining or ahead of it's time like FutureSex/LoveSounds, it's still a great effort showcasing Justin's impeccable ear for pop throughout various different styles. The lead single from the second half, "Take Back The Night" is a much stronger single than "Suit and Tie" and is an obvious ode to Michael Jackson's style of pop. If Part 2 is anything like the first, we'll be in for a tasty ear treat and we need to enjoy it. I mean, who knows when we'll get another album from the new king of pop. [KI]

King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
Release Date: August 24th
Record Label: XL Recordings

Why We're Anticipating: Anybody that has followed Archy Marshall's life in music has been waiting for this debut album for some time. Initially releasing tracks, such as the fantastic "Out Getting Ribs" (which is included on this album too), as Zoo Kid he then started performing and releasing music as King Krule in 2011 including a fantastic EP and split single. At only 18 there is a huge amount of love for his unquestionable talent and unique style with the likes of Frank Ocean and Meg Myers adoring his work, the former of the two was in talks of doing a collaboration with him for his follow up to channel ORANGE. A lot of comparisons can be thrown around but never really capture how rare and different King Krule is so if it has to be done; think Joe Strummer mixed with Morrissey over, at times, incredibly stripped back and punk influenced music to darker and more layered new wave electronic based tracks the next all the while being hugely influenced by J Dilla...it's best to just listen for yourself and check out an example of the former here in the shape of album opener "Easy Easy" and the latter via EP track "The Noose Of Jah City". [KH]

Our Sunday Affairs - Cave
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Too Far Gone Records

Why We're Anticipating: After three years and endless EPs, Our Sunday Affairs are finally releasing their debut album. It's a bittersweet release though as, after the release of the album, Our Sunday Affairs are hanging up their emo boots. However Cave is set to be certainly something wonderful to remember them by. The New Jersey four piece bring together the wonderful emo music of late, indie quirks and poppy vibes to create music that is amongst the best of the recent revival. Whilst City Of Dogs proved Our Sunday Affairs' musical ability, Cave, with guests such as Sam Ray of Ricky Eat Acid and Teen Suicide and Ricky Christian of Mallard, looks to be contender for emo album of the year. [KD]

Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Top Dawg/Interscope

Why We're Anticipating: With all of the pandemonium surrounding good kid, m.A.A.d. city last year, a very great album fell by the wayside for a lot of people. Kendrick Lamar's fellow Top Dawg Entertainment artist Schoolboy Q put out Habits and Contradictions early on in 2012, and by the time Kendrick put out his album, it seemed to have been forgotten. That's the downside of putting out an album early in the year, but to this day, H&C holds up exceedingly well. Is it as good as GKMC? Probably not, but there are more than enough tracks on H&C to suggest that Schoolboy Q has what it takes to put out an album that reaches that quality. He's a street rapper with a cloud rap edge, but he's not afraid to open up and let you into his life. Oxymoron is due out later this year, and based on the two singles, "Collared Greens" and "Yay Yay," it seems Q has only improved on his skills as a rapper. He's got a spastic flow that takes unexpected turns and he has a knack for turning the simplest of words and phrases into infectious hooks that you cant help but sing along with. With a major label behind him, hopefully Oxymoron sees him take the Kendrick Lamar approach to major label albums by staying true to himself. [JJ]

State Champs - The Finer Things
Release Date: October 8th, 2013
Record Label: Pure Noise Records

Why We're Anticipating: In just three years, State Champs have become one of the fastest rising and most watched pop-punk acts to rise out of the new batch of up and comers, and with good reason. Delivering punching riffs, thick bass lines with smooth and gritty vocals layered on top. Last year we got a taste of what the band could do with their Overslept EP, but this year we're getting a 11-track monster that is set to launch the band to a completely different level within the scene. Add a fall tour with Motion City Soundtrack and Bayside and you've got a formula for success. This time next year, State Champs will be everyone's favorite pop-punk act and I'm not complaining. [KI]

Stray From The Path - Anonymous
Release Date: Fall 2013
Record Label: Sumerian Records

Why We're Anticipating: There are many bands out there that don't want to rock the boat, to never say anything with their music. Stray From The Path is not one of those bands. Because of the band's up-front ethos and distinctive sound, they're often compared to 90's legends Rage Against The Machine. Armed with an abrasive new music video ("Badge and a Bullet"), Stray From The Path aim to fuel listeners with the power to fight back against the many injustices that exist in our world today. Where is our liberty? [JD]

Touché Amoré - Is Survived By
Release Date: September 24
Record Label: Deathwish

Why We're Anticipating: Touché Amoré has gotten better with each release. It's just a fact. From the 7" demo to this past winter's split release wit Pianos Become The Teeth, Touché Amoré has continually challenged themselves and its fans with each song they've put out. The third full-length is always the most nerve-wrecking, as you have to prove that you can keep this up and sustain and the title of TA's third album sort of fits that mindset in a way. If lead single "Just Exist" is any indication, Is Survived By will not only please long time Touché Amoré fans but also bring in some new souls. [DB]

U2 - TBA
Release Date: November/December, 2013
Record Label: Interscope/Island/Mercury Records
Why We're Anticipating: Between-album spans have been getting longer and longer for the world's biggest rock band: by the time this record finally hits shelves, nearly five years will have elapsed since 2009's misunderstood and unfairly maligned No Line on the Horizon. In that time, U2's four members turned 50, rounded the globe on the highest grossing rock 'n' roll tour of all time, and celebrated the 20-year anniversary of one of their seminal masterpieces, 1991's Achtung Baby. Reports from the studio indicate that some of Baby's experimentation has manifested itself in the band's newest batch of songs, which will reportedly see the light of day as studio album number 13 this fall. With the ambitious Danger Mouse in the producer's chair and a feeling within the band that "getting it right" is more important than getting it released, this album could easily slide into 2014. Regardless, everything surrounding this project points to it being U2's most ambitious album in decades and I have no doubt that something with that description will be worth the wait. [CM]

Young the Giant - TBD
Release Date: November/December 2013
Record Label: Roadrunner

Why We're Anticipating: After the impressive success of their self-titled debut, Young the Giant definitely have an X on their back for their as-yet-untitled sophomore follow-up. But if any band is up to the test it's them. On their 2011-2012 headlining tour, the band premiered the piano-driven ballad "Camera" and the hip-shaking albeit slightly dark "What You Get." Though a release date has not yet been finalized, vocalist/principal songwriter Sameer Gadhia confirmed in May that the band was at work on the follow-up with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Paramore, Tegan and Sara, Neon Trees, M83, et all). A late fall/winter release is expected. [GR]

ContributorsDrew Beringer [DB]
Jake Denning [JD]
Ryan Dennehy [RD]
Kelly Doherty [KD]
Zac Djamoos [ZD]
Kyle Huntington [KH]
Keagan Ilvonen [KI]
Jake Jenkins [JJ]
Craig Manning [CM]
Deborah Remus [DR]
Gregory Robson [GR]
10:26 AM on 08/05/13
kill the switch
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surette's Avatar
but guys, Dance Gavin Dance
10:26 AM on 08/05/13
Registered User
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sajamie81's Avatar
I am excited for Lawrence Arms new stuff, and Less Than Jake. Two bands that I've always enjoyed, and just think are great influences in the music world.
10:28 AM on 08/05/13
Lews Therin
Registered User
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Lews Therin's Avatar
Sad to see no mention of Into It. Over It. - Intersections.
10:28 AM on 08/05/13
Registered User
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Nap's Avatar
Tony Sly Tribute!!
10:31 AM on 08/05/13
User Info.
jordalsh's Avatar
Into It. Over It., Saves The Day, Kevin Devine, Balance and Composure, JT, and The Swellers for me. Probably forgetting some too.
10:34 AM on 08/05/13
Jake Jenkins
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Jake Jenkins's Avatar
but guys, Dance Gavin Dance
band is garbage bro
10:34 AM on 08/05/13
Kelly Doherty
i'm overcome with emotion
User Info.
Kelly Doherty's Avatar
Sad to see no mention of Into It. Over It. - Intersections.
My fourth most anticipated album of fall..
10:36 AM on 08/05/13
Hunger makes me a modern girl
User Info.
wanielledalsh's Avatar
Surprised there's no Saves the Day or Into It. Over It. on here.
10:37 AM on 08/05/13
Jack Appleby
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No Avatar Selected
Just for the record, there's a few bands I would have added, but things like life and work got in the way:

Dance Gavin Dance - you know when you smell something really bad, then go for a second whiff? That's Dance Gavin Dance - we have to keep smelling.

Moving Mountains - because Moving Mountains. This is obvious. And the record's real pretty, guys.

Closure In Moscow - Too excited for Pink Lemonade. One of the best eclectic groups out there.
10:41 AM on 08/05/13
Modern Baseball is WAR
User Info.
CluckyB's Avatar
Lawrence Arms Lawrence Arms Lawrence Arms and Lawrence Arms.

(Seriously Deborah. Only one entry? Did Drew just forget to include your writeup for that one? =) )
10:41 AM on 08/05/13
pi >> cake
User Info.
s12sim's Avatar
moving mountains?
10:42 AM on 08/05/13
eleventwelfth.bandcamp.co m
User Info.
Hartriant's Avatar
Into It Over It, Deaf Havana, SAVES THE DAY (seriously?).
10:42 AM on 08/05/13
User Info.
williek311's Avatar
Was not expecting to see DTN on the list.

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