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AP.net Contest: Hidden In Plain View Ticket Giveaway

Posted by - 12:14 PM on 08/28/13
Hidden In Plain View will be making its triumphant return to Philadelphia on September 7th at the Theatre of Living Arts. They'll be joined by I Can Make a Mess, Nightmares for a Week, and Young Statues. And we were thinking of giving away one pair of tickets to one lucky AP.net user today, sound pretty cool? Thought so. You can find the details on how to win by checking the replies. Fear not - if you're not a winner, you can still pick up tickets to the show. I'll select a winner by the end of the day.
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12:14 PM on 08/28/13
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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HIPV ContestTell me how Hidden In Plain View's music had an impact on your life. Whether it was a soundtrack to a great moment with your friends or significant other or a song that means the world to you, share it with us. Good luck.

12:24 PM on 08/28/13
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
Would LOVE a CA show...
12:32 PM on 08/28/13
The Things We Think We're Missing
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GetUpAndrew's Avatar
I'd travel to the US just to see HIPV playin' on stage.
12:37 PM on 08/28/13
Jersey 'til I die
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twolinedrawing's Avatar
I grew up in the same town as Joe and Rob, raised in the same small suburb fashion. A few years behind them in school, i was always looking up to those guys and many other peers that were a few years my senior in the local NJ scene at the time. It was a very special time for anyone involved in the scene, musician OR fan alike. I myself was amazed at the community, work ethic and attendance the local scene in NJ had garnered. MANY of the bands we all grew up listening to here on AP.net came out of this scene. Hidden In Plain View were definitely forerunners in this movement and meant so much to everyone. VFW and Elks Lodge's everywhere echoed with the sing-a-longs of these guys. It was amazing to see them grow as artists and musicians alike, deserving every ounce of exposure they gained. Everyone knows the feeling of discovering a band and knowing them, immersing yourself in them and rocking the fuck out to them before anyone else knew who they were. That's a feeling nobody can take away. So to these guys and other bands doing what they did, rock on...
01:01 PM on 08/28/13
Registered User
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Someone's filming the whole set right?
01:10 PM on 08/28/13
Registered User
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Well HIPV's lyrics speak to me. Music is an escape for me at some points in my life and i ptomote and support local bands this is indeed one of them . ' causeall we need is something to hold onto something to believe ' that right there - that is what made me change the way that i seen the world . I was inspired to try and make things better for my life . And it worked . Seriously , that quote or lyric whatever you wanna call it was taped on my locker my wall books . And because of this band i learned how to be happy again . The first time i say them the scene was so amazing i felt alive . The people , the band . It was just a wonderful feeling , feeling that i finally belonged and was welcome . This band , speaks to me through their lyrics . Love them
01:46 PM on 08/28/13
Kyle Thrash
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Kyle Thrash's Avatar
I found Hidden In Plain View in a record store when I was in 9th grade in 2004. I was 15 years old and my best friends older brother told us he knew about this record store in Kutztown, PA called "Young Ones" where we could find cds of bands we liked. He drove us after school and this was a huge moment for me because this was the first time I would buy an album at a place other than a Best Buy. I went to pick up My Chemical Romances "I Bought You My Bulletts" but also walked out with a local band I had heard of called Hidden in Plain View. We jammed the EP on the way home and I will never forget how cool I felt because I felt involved in the music scene in a completely new way.
01:59 PM on 08/28/13
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koopman's Avatar
The first concert I ever went to back in december of 2004 was not a hidden in plain view concert. At least I didn't know it was until the headliner (coheed and cambria) as well as the support (The Early November) both dropped off the show just days before. Being in eighth grade at the time, I was quite impressionable and hadn't yet had the chance to experience live bands and was pretty distraught. I still decided to go as Lostprophets, (who were also support but not the band I intended to see initially) were also playing. I guess drive thru records might have sent HIPV to fill in for TEN, but I didn't know this ahead of time and wouldn't have known who the band was anyway.

I watched the first two bands not knowing any of the songs and honestly have forgotten who the bands even were. Then Hidden in plain view came on and I was blown away. This was the first time I can remember watching a band of which I had never heard of before and really enjoying it. I felt like I had never heard anything like it before. After the show I got to meet the whole band, bought the EP and got it signed, and listened to it almost daily. Spencer's drumming was so inspiring to me that I immediately copied the drummers set up and attempted to learn all their songs. I continued to follow the band throughout their entire career and revisit their discography annually at the times of the year that I have associated with listening to them. This band really inspired me to want to make music that could make someone feel the way that I feel listening to their music. I still show people them who haven't heard of them even though they've been broken up for so long and I can tell that I'll always remember this band as the band that got me into the scene and obsessed with music. Without that experience I have no idea what I'd be dedicating my time to now.
02:33 PM on 08/28/13
So assuming that this weekend...
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saofan_315's Avatar
Would LOVE a CA show...
I cannot tell you how many mountains I'd move to get this to happen.
02:40 PM on 08/28/13
Regular Member
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letsgoflyers's Avatar
Where to start. Alot of unforgettable memories and 'firsts' that occurred in my life were result of a band called Hidden In Plain View. First time I was ever punched by a girl was in a small VFW hall in Middletown, DE when they were supporting Operation Cut Throat. I knocked her over by accident, which was a phenom in itself considering I was only 5'-2" and she proceeded to punch me right in the eye. Getting the ep signed more than made up for the black eye. A year later, they played at an old theater in Middletown, DE with Allister and Punchline. It was at that show I would meet my soon to be best friend. I remember skipping class during my junior year of high school to pick up Life in Dreaming, which slowly became the soundtrack to my teenage years and set up many shout-at-the-top-of-our-lungs singalongs to Garden Statements chilling bridge. Over the next several years, they played a plethora of shows at a small venue in Wilmington, DE called the Harmony Grange. My band at the time was lucky enough to grace the stage with them several times and eventually record our ep, which was my biggest personal accomplishment, with Rob Freeman. From the Air Force logo shirt I bought from them in 2003, attempting to grow my hair out like Joe, the key ring I bought that all the scenesters wore on their back belt loop with their logo on it, and losing my voice on more nights than I can remember, HIPV will always share a special part of me and September 7th would be my one last time to lose my voice screaming "SPILL THE INK AND SPILL YOUR GUTS AGAIN!"
03:12 PM on 08/28/13
Registered User
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20 below was the first song i learned to play on guitar. i love the riff in the breakdown at the end of the song so i bought a guitar and learned to read tabs and learned that song as well as the rest of the ep. i play my guitar everyday and love playing music and anyone who plays a instrument knows there was one song that made them want to do it and " hey i wanna learn that!" this was it for me. i would of already purchased tickets but i do not have a credit card and was hoping to get them at the show, this would be the best thing that ever happened to me
04:33 PM on 08/28/13
"Accomplice To The Crime"
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I could go on and on about how music has changed my life and such, but ill try to keep it short (for the sake of whoever reads this). I grew up with music from the time i was 6 or 7. I remember going to a family christmas eve party and watching my cousin Billy hop on a drum set and play along to "When I Come Around" by Green Day. Then him putting my older brother on the drum set so he could pretend to play it. It wasn't long after that when I started asking for a disc man so I could listen to music all the time (Disc man? Man I feel old now.) So after all that and countless years spinning through CD's after CD's ranging from Twisted Sisters and KISS to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears to The Bee Gee's, Eagles, Boston, REO Speedwagon, Green Day and so many more; i'm thinking it was about 5 years later, my brother threw New Found Glory's Self titled record my way saying "YOu're gonna love these guys!" At the time, love was an "Understatement" (HA see what I did there!) It wasn't but weeks later he also introduced me to my favorite band of all time, still to this day, The Starting Line.

With time, 2004 rolls around and I first listened to Hidden In Plain View's EP. Now what was great about how I found out about these guy was through the label they signed to Drive thru Records. I first stumbled upon their song "Sagamore" off an earlier ep and I was obsessed! Shortly after that, a friend of mine played me his copy of the new EP. When he saw how floored I was by it, he gave me is copy of it to keep. I have to say it made my day/year. From then on I was sold on HIPV and haven't looked back. Once Life In Dreaming was released, it took a residence in my stereo for over a month or so. At the time, I had friends who were also in my same wagon, very much in love with this group. When I heard they were releasing a new record, but breaking up, It was just as devastating to hear that as much as when The Starting Line announced and indefinite hiatus. I was excited for the new record, don't get me wrong, but of course I was still sad. I picked up Resolution as soon as i could. What was unfortunate is some of my friends were not as taken with the record as I was. It still plays on my ipod and gets a frequent rotation till this day.

With all that said, the only thing i haven't mentioned (even though this isn't short like previously stated), is I have not had the ability to see these guy live. I planned and planned, but plans fall through. The one I remember so much of all of em is when they were supporting Mae on a tour and made a stop through Syracuse, NY. I planned and was about to see them for the very first time (this must have been around 2005?). Unfortunately the show was moved to a later date and even more unfortunately, to a date I couldn't get there or off from work.

That's all I got for you. I am happy to share my story with everyone who reads. Hidden In Plain View is one of my favorite bands and I hope they plan on making this one show to spark something bigger for the future of HIPV!!!
04:35 PM on 08/28/13
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jrtbighurt's Avatar
got tickets to this immediately! can't wait!
06:38 AM on 08/29/13
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xxatticus927xx's Avatar
any chance of some other shows or do we think this is it?

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