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09:05 AM on 09/24/13
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as a STD fan since Fall 2000, i find this review is spot-on. couldn't agree more. much more light-hearted and rooted in their 2001-2003 era sound than the last few albums. Probably my favorite STD album since "sound the alarm", and I find this to feel almost like the happy b-side to "alarm"'s harsh a-side. I found "under the boards" and "daybreak" to be too disjointed, incohesive and difficult to digest. Neither really worked for me as a fan. This is the album I've been waiting for for quite some time. Through Being Cool and SWYA will forever be their classics, their best work, but this one is certainly damn solid as well.
Remember was so good to hear live...really helped me fully realize that song..."in the in between", "aint no kinda love", "ring pop" and "lucky number" are also all instant classics, all with shades of SWYA in them, all have the power-pop-punk and catchiness fans have been longing for.

sure the last couple albums gave you a small taste of it ("radio" or "living without love" for example), but it just was a little off, and not enough of it as Connley tried a variety of experiments on both of the last couple albums, and the one before that, while outstanding, is just so damn dark and harsh..

the ballads "supernova" and "beyond all of time" are also really well executed, and the album closer is as good as this review bills it.

wonderful wonderful album and band. also, the 30 song sets they're playing on this current tour are not to be missed. I've been seeing this band live for a long, long time (I def. saw them headline the Vagrant 2001 tour) and this tour was just the best I've seen them in terms of set length and variety and deep cuts.
03:08 PM on 09/24/13
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I love In Reverie so I thought I would love this. I don't.
09:46 AM on 09/26/13
Garett Press
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I'm on the side of "not their best" - feels a little bland and uninspired compared to the trilogy albums which each had a fire burning in some way. These songs are cute but don't feel sticky or memorable.

The guitar work and the song structures are just less interesting.

Still, I luh me an STD record.
11:13 AM on 09/27/13
Fight to get it back again.
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haha that's my least favorite song on the record. Funny how that works
Nice review, we had very similar thoughts on it, my review is up over at UTG. http://www.underthegunreview.net/201...saves-the-day/
11:24 PM on 09/27/13
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TwelveTribes230's Avatar
This record just isn't doing it for me, gunna have to skip this one.
06:03 PM on 09/28/13
The All-New 2014 Corolla
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CircaSin's Avatar
Been playing this heavy the last few days. I don't think this is much like anything in their catalogue but probably would of sounded better as the major label debut instead of in reverie. A real 90s pop rock kind of feel on the album that I guess in today's music makes it feel that much fresher. Walk in the stars almost sounds like it could be a blue era 3eb track.

Chris's voice actually sounds more natural than it has in years. Every track has a catchy hook. There still is a sense of nostalgia when listening but the album is a lot lighter than anything from the previous "trilogy." I will say the lyrics seem to have taken a bit of a hit in the change of sound but it actually fits the album.

Not dissing any previous albums as I've listened and loved everything from the beginning but I'd put this up there on my std albums.
07:12 AM on 11/19/13
we were born for battle
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after letting this sink in, I am really digging this. Glad I gave it many chances. Took several listens before it took hold and it has just continued to grow for me.
07:02 AM on 11/25/13
Jonathan "Mox" Moxon
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it's not having low standards - everyone has different opinions. This is probably Saves The Day's fourth best album after TBC SWYA and IR
Agree 100% with Drew that this is their 4th best album. Just because Chris is in a happier mindset people are labeling this album as "not Saves The Day", which is very unfair. Amazing Album.

Check out some of my Private Show Videos when I had a show with Saves The Day on June 01 2013.

07:48 AM on 12/12/13
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I'm seeing Saves the Day on Sunday at Akron's Musica!
01:23 PM on 01/09/14
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i hated this shit when i first heard it.

few months later. i love it now?

i'm weird.
07:16 PM on 01/29/14
Happiness is just a moment
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I don't know where else to get this conversation started, but can we talk about how criminally underrated In Reverie still is???? Easily as good as both TBC and SWYA, and Saves The Day is one of my favorite bands.
04:55 PM on 04/09/14
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This is a solid record. The vocals have been different on every record since TBC. I actually like the vox on this record! I love the upbeat feel to this record. I enjoyed this review!

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