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01:00 PM on 09/30/13
I Care
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Thrice broke up, his solo record(s?) didn't sell very well, Christian music is a big market and he might as well give it a swing. If you didn't see this coming as soon as that song "Image of the Invisible" came out, you haven't been paying attention.

Personally, this kind of thing is always a disappointment to me.
He was the driving factor behind the break-up of Thrice and he clearly says in the article that you probably didn't read that he makes significantly less money now than when he was doing Thrice.

I'm just as disappointed that Thrice is no more, they were my favorite band. I'm not a huge fan of almost every song on this album and probably won't buy it, but I respect that he wanted to spend more time with his family and felt called to this. No one here is in any position to question his motives.
01:11 PM on 09/30/13
Faith In More Than Steel
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The new record is freaking great. Suffering Servant/The Voice of The Lord/It's Not Enough are some of the heaviest songs Dustin has written to date.
01:18 PM on 09/30/13
every shining time you arrive
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thoughts on Ascend the Hill?
Actually never jammed them. I've heard good things. The only worship artist I listen to really is John Mark McMillan. He's a fantastic lyricist and musician
01:20 PM on 09/30/13
Faith In More Than Steel
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Actually never jammed them. I've heard good things. The only worship artist I listen to really is John Mark McMillan. He's a fantastic lyricist and musician

JMM is amazing. Such a beautiful songwriter.
01:24 PM on 09/30/13
Regular Member
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Absolutely love the record. I'm a Christian and am appalled by most of mainstream worship music's lack of creativity. Rarely does something so blatantly Christian (lyrically) appeal to my taste in music.

Or maybe I just love Kensrue so much that I'll blindly enjoy anything the man can do.
01:29 PM on 09/30/13
poop butts
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weworemasks's Avatar
I respect the hell out of Dustin. I'm giving the whole thing one spin at the very least. Thrice fans owe him that.

see that's the thing. thrice is basically my favorite band (i saw them live 25 times) and i don't feel like i owe him shit. he already gave me all the great music i'd ever want from one band. this religious cult rock isn't one of those things.

One of my favorite albums of this year was Senses Fail's Renacer which I would think takes a view similarly as strong as Dustin's album. I love it. Its a fantastic album and I think a large part of its greatness is attributable to the honesty in Buddy's lyrics. In my opinion, great art makes you a little less self-conscious/absorbed, even if just a little bit. Buddy and Dustin both strive for that, and though each of us is likely predisposed to favor one school of thought or the other, albums like these are made to be engaged with -- it feels like a waste if either is discarded because of your predilections.

tl;dr: Deadbolt!

the funny thing here is i only read the tl;dr and think this is a really great post.
01:37 PM on 09/30/13
future love, don't fall apart
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I mean... I think I'll check it out...

02:08 PM on 09/30/13
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Yeah, when it comes to religion this site has a long way to go to become more tolerant.
02:32 PM on 09/30/13
I am not magnificent.
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In a market made of mostly garbage, artists like Dustin, John Mark McMillan, Gungor, Derek Webb, and few others are a breath of fresh air.
02:38 PM on 09/30/13
Registered User
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Sweet god complex, dude.
That's Kanye. I just think religion does more harm than good.
02:42 PM on 09/30/13
Registered User
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oshyjay's Avatar
That's Kanye. I just think religion does more harm than good.
I can understand thinking that, but saying what people believe has absolutely no bearing on reality is going a bit far, don't ya think?
02:43 PM on 09/30/13
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OctoberOrigins's Avatar
I would have told you that I donít even like worship music. I didnít like how so much of it was full of unhelpful and unhealthy theology.

I agree with Dustin on that.

I'm just not sure the best way to challenge a trend towards unhelpful and unhealthy theology is to very blatantly follow a trend towards unhelpful and unhealthy theology.
02:49 PM on 09/30/13
The Apollo Kid
like omg im a lemmming
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The content won't bother me, most of thrices songs have religious undertones and they move me massively, even though I don't have a place in any religion.
03:09 PM on 09/30/13
Why the big suit?
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I picked up the record at my job. I'm somebody who generally cringes at, what I consider, extremely religious people, but as a fan of both Thrice and Dustin, I felt like I owed it to him. I'm not going to lie, I rolled my eyes hard through the first couple of songs. All of the Jesus name dropping and "God is good!" gets grating on somebody who doesn't necessarily believe in it. The songwriting is great, as always, and his vocal performances are fine. Everybody obviously knows that Thrice has a lot of religious undertones, but Dustin was great with masking them, and making them open and accessible for interpretation. This album is obviously not that. And I knew that. It's just weird/different/I don't really know, actually hearing Dustin sing "God is good, all of the time!" over and over and over and over... But the album isn't all misses. I really enjoyed the reworked version of "Grace Alone" which is a catchy song regardless of lyrical content. I felt like "The Voice of the Lord" could have been a great Thrice song. The direction and intensity is awesome on that one, along with the hook, but I felt like the song would've been taken to new levels if Riley, Eddie and Teppei were in there. But to me, the purchase of this album was worth it just to have "It's Not Enough." While I feel like the song fails to actually climax, I think that was the songwriting intent. The song builds and builds and builds and once you feel like it's going to explode, it just kind of drops off. Still, it's an amazing track with some of Dustin's most passionate vocal work.
I respect Dustin for doing what he truly wants to do, but I just personally can't get on board with a lot of the content. The album is still good. At least for me, this album provided three solid songs that I have found myself replaying a few times over the past few days. My mom might like the rest of it though hah.
03:57 PM on 09/30/13
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It's kind of ironic that on one hand the Church waters down the Bible to appeal to the masses. On the other Dustin's watering down his music for the Church (admitted in the blog). I don't get how this is supposed to change the state of worship music. If he wanted that then Thrice should get together and tour Churches.

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