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AP.net Contest: Paramore Ticket Giveaway

Posted by - 01:29 PM on 10/01/13
So one of our most anticipated tours this fall is Paramore's upcoming The Self-Titled Tour. So we're pleased as punch to be giving away a pair of tickets to nearly every show on the tour. Details on how to win can be found in the replies.
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01:29 PM on 10/01/13
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Paramore "The Self-Titled Tour" Ticket GiveawaySo you're probably one of many who want to win a pair of tickets to the show of your choice, right? All you have to do is tell me what your perfect Paramore set list would be (a mixture of old and new, mostly new, or you just wanna hear All We Know is Falling songs?) as well as the reasoning behind your preferred closing song. Also please make clear what city you want to win tickets to. Thanks and good luck!
Oct 15 Seattle, WA
Oct 18 San Jose, CA
Oct 19 Anaheim, CA
Oct 22 Fresno, CA
Oct 23 San Diego, CA
Oct 26 Dallas, TX
Oct 27 Houston, TX
Oct 29 Kansas City, MO
Oct 30 St. Louis, MO
Nov 1 Austin, TX
Nov 4 Sunrise, FL
Nov 5 Orlando, FL
Nov 8 Camden, NJ
Nov 9 Fairfax, VA
Nov 11 Bethlehem, PA
Nov 13 New York, NY
Nov 15 Boston, MA
Nov 17 Uncasville, CT
Nov 21 Detroit, MI
Nov 23 Minneapolis, MN
Nov 24 Chicago, IL
Nov 26 Nashville, TN
Nov 27 Atlanta, GA

01:34 PM on 10/01/13
I was a king under your control
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Spenny's Avatar
Hardly giving away tickets to every show on the tour if the Canadian dates are not included...
01:37 PM on 10/01/13
Regular Member
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cobja94's Avatar
The perfect Paramore setlist for me would be the new album all the way through. After those songs, I would still like to hear the singles from the other albums. The perfect closer, however, would be Born For This. That song singlehandedly got me into Paramore because of the incredibly catchy chorus.

Also, I've never seen Paramore so that would be really awesome to get these tickets.

I want to go to the Atlanta date
01:42 PM on 10/01/13
Regular Member
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TylerDrumming's Avatar
Orlando, FL, please.

I've been a fan since '07 and have consistently missed their Florida tour stops for one reason or another (weddings, etc.), so I'd want a combination of all four of their albums to allow me to see certain songs live that they may not be playing any more along with an encore of My Heart (with screams) and All I Wanted (closing song).

Rough Setlist:

1) For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
2) Emergency
3) All We Know
4) Born For This
5) Anklebiters
6) Ain't It Fun
7) Hallelujah
8) Turn It Off
9) Feeling Sorry
10) Looking Up
11) Let the Flames Begin
12) Part II
13) Fences
14) Renegade
15) Hello Cold World
16) In the Mourning
17) Daydreaming
18) Be Alone
19) Brick by Boring Brick
20) Careful
21) Brighter
22) Pressure
23) Misery Business

24) My Heart w/ screams
25) Closing Song: All I Wanted - Hearing this song live once would be incredible. It's always been one of my favorites from the band for multiple reasons and Hayley's vocal performance is just ridiculous. Especially since they have never done it before, seeing them perform it just once would be a treat.
01:43 PM on 10/01/13
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Mr.Kilgannon's Avatar
Would love to be able to go to the Detroit show. As for my setlist:

Grow Up
For A Pessimist..
Here We Go Again
Born For This
Last Hope
Playing God
Feeling Sorry
Part II
Still Into You
I Caught Myself
Misery Business
Brick By Boring Brick

My Heart (acoustic)
Let the Flames Begin

Let the Flames Begin just translates so well live, and is easily the most intense part of Paramore's live show. You can just feel the excitement of this song live, and it's always the song that many people look forward to. Closing on it would showcase this even more, and allow for an even more extended outro to close the set on. To end on such a huge rally cry would easily have the crowd in an uproar, and end on the highest note they possibly could.
01:43 PM on 10/01/13
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Drew Beringer's Avatar
Hardly giving away tickets to every show on the tour if the Canadian dates are not included...
sorry Canada
01:43 PM on 10/01/13
Shark Dad of the Year
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musicfan9795's Avatar
The best setlist for me would be a good mix of all four records. I got into them during the Riot! cycle, and the band evolved as I grew older. The self-titled is easily their best work in my opinion, due to the diversity of the songs. No two songs on that record sound the same.

If given the chance, I would love to go to the Boston date.
01:44 PM on 10/01/13
Vandelay Industries
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esposimi's Avatar
I think playing AWKIF the whole way through for a 10th anniversary tour would be sweet, because it shows the progression of the bands sound from when that album came out to now. After that, I think 3 songs from each of the other albums would be ideal, in no particular order whatsoever. Misery Business has always been my favorite closer by them, because it is such a high energy song and really closes any of their shows quite well.

I would like to go to the Camden, NJ show.
01:47 PM on 10/01/13
don quixote of the ICU
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crowbarmark's Avatar
Clearly start it off with Misery Business..Monster.. Decode..crushcrushcrush.. CONSPIRACY.. Playing God.. That's What You Get.. Only Exception.. close it off with Ain't It Fun.. basically starting off with the "Old" and closing out with the New. I love pretty much anything they've put out so sprinkle random songs in there as well.

I want to go to the NY show please.
01:48 PM on 10/01/13
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Arry's Avatar
my perfect setlist

interlude: moving on
fast in my car
brick by boring brick
still into you
looking up
here we go
that's what you get
all i wanted
playing god
misery business
all we know
ain't it fun

misguided ghosts

I chose is Pressure because if i did get chosen for this, it would be my first time seeing them ever. And Pressure was the first song I've ever heard from Paramore, and I think it would be fitting to end an amazing set with one of the first songs that got me into them. CHEESY, but it is what it is.

I want to go to the Seattle, WA date! Thanks for this, guys.
01:51 PM on 10/01/13
close call
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iden22's Avatar
My perfect Paramore setlist would have to include the first half of Brand New Eyes and the middle of the new album. Those are easily my favorite sequences of all of their albums, especially BNE since that was the album that really got me into them. Everything else would be a bonus. As far as the closer, I think I'd go with "Let the Flames Begin/Part II." The end of Part II is pretty wild/huge; would be a perfect end to the show.

The Sunrise, FL date would be ideal for me.
01:57 PM on 10/01/13
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ylightflight's Avatar
1. Misery Business
2. Daydreaming
3. Crushcrushcrush
4. Emergency
5. That's What You Get
6. For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
7. Monster
8. My Heart
9. Ignorance
10. Here We Go Again
11. Hate to See Your Heart Break
12. Pressure
13. All We Know
14. Ain't It Fun
15. Careful
16. Now
17. Playing God
18. Still into You
19. Hallelujah
20. Decode
21. Brick by Boring Brick
22. The Only Exception
Boston, MA!!
The funny thing is I had this setlist created months before I even knew about the contest. I chose "Still into You" as the closer (before the encore) because it's the most well known song from their new self-titled record. Everyone would know the words and get hyped up for an encore. I chose "The Only Exception" as the actual closer because the song is arguably their most popular and the lyrics mean a lot to many people. I also love when a band closes with a slower song because it sort of brings you back to reality after a perfect night. The song would really wrap up the set and I think the audience would love it.
01:58 PM on 10/01/13
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
I actually put a little bit of time into thinking about this. My setlist would look something like...

Moving On
Ankle Biters
Brick by Boring Brick
For A Pessimist
Here We Go Again
Day Dreaming
Ain't It Fun
Be Alone
I'm Not Angry Anymore
Misery Business

In The Mourning
Still Into You
Born For This

I really love the 3 interludes on the new album and think it'd be great to hear them spread out in the setlist much like the album. For the most part, the setlist I put together includes alot more upbeat tracks and less of the ballads to keep the energy up. I like the idea of closing the pre-encore with their biggest hit (wasn't it?) and then coming back with a ballad, into their latest single, and ending with Born For This which I think is easily their best closing track for an album and would be an excellent way to end a show. Threw in one All We Know track for good measure, and overall heavier on the new album because it really is pretty excellent.

The San Diego date would be my choice!
02:03 PM on 10/01/13
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I actually won tickets to the warped tour a long time ago (2006, maybe?) but couldn't go - I ended up giving the ticket to my brother, and he brought me back a Paramore t-shirt as a thank you... wonder what happened to that thing...


Set list: (order is up for grabs, but these would be cool to see)
Playing God
Brick by Boring Brick
Turn It Off
Feeling Sorry
Looking up
Where the Lines Overlap
Grow Up
Still Into You
Crazy Girls
Be Alone
Escape Route (LOVE THIS)
That's What You Get
Misery Business
Born For This

All I Wanted
Because, duh, it's an EPIC CLOSER. End of story.

Anaheim on 10/19 sounds pretty rad. It's really a great lineup, I don't know why we didn't get tickets yet but now I guess I should wait and cross my fingers....

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