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Late Nite Reading Gets Gear Stolen

Posted by - 05:55 PM on 11/26/13
Late Nite Reading had their trailer broken into and all of their instruments were stolen. A message from the band can be read in the replies.
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05:55 PM on 11/26/13
Joe DeAndrea
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While at a mall today in Orlando, our trailer was broken into and our instruments and luggage were stolen.

We don't understand how someone can do this to another human being. The very things we use to pursue our passion, as well as the clothes off our backs, were taken from us.

It's hard for us to ask more of our amazing fans. You guys support us in incredible and incomprehensible ways- we are always in your debt. As much as we don't want to, we'd like to ask you to help just a little bit more.

Any money you can spare to help soften the blow from this loss would be appreciated beyond words.

Below is a list of exactly what was taken, and it's value.
1 Surf Green Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray bass guitar - $2000 (Brady's)
1 White Fender Telecaster - $500 (Clayton's)
1 Black Fender Telecaster - $500 (Dalton's)
1 Sennheiser Wireless Guitar Input Body Pack - $300 (Clayton's)1 Fender Acoustic Guitar - $450 (Clayton's)
1 Line 6 G50 Wireless Guitar Input - $500 (Brady's)
1 Black Fender American Precision Bass (Sean from The Picture Perfect/7 Minutes in Heaven) - $1500

Everyone's luggage was also taken- clothes, toiletries, hair care products (obviously) and more. We are not asking for help replacing these items, as feel it would simply be too much.

Any money you can spare, be it $1 or $100 would help immensely. We will be coming up with a special way to thank everyone that donates.

Thank you again for your support guys. Nothing can stop us from continuing on with this band that means so much to us and every one of you.
06:30 PM on 11/26/13
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I wish I could catch these thieves in the act. Beyond reprehensible. And what's even more disheartening is how common it's becoming nowadays.
09:10 PM on 11/26/13
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Meanwhile disadvantaged children in impoverished cities are going without dinner again tonight because their parents are alcoholics who can't afford to feed them and buy booze at the same time. This is why I would much rather donate to a band than charity when they have more opportunity than most. Sucks to have your stuff stolen, but they'll survive and at least they have a chance of bouncing back from this...
09:22 PM on 11/26/13
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failedXromance's Avatar
Meanwhile disadvantaged children in impoverished cities are going without dinner again tonight because their parents are alcoholics who can't afford to feed them and buy booze at the same time. This is why I would much rather donate to a band than charity when they have more opportunity than most. Sucks to have your stuff stolen, but they'll survive and at least they have a chance of bouncing back from this...
thats like comparing apples and the holocaust. If you are in a position to donate, then donate to what you feel is worthy. They saying that people should donate to them instead of cancer research or feeding hungry children, they are saying that if you have the ability and the desire than they need the help.
07:47 AM on 11/27/13
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I really hate it when bands look to kids for charity.
10:39 AM on 11/27/13
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They play music and tour full time but don't own more than one guitar? They don't have others at home?

The situation obviously sucks, not trying to say it doesn't, though.
11:08 AM on 11/27/13
It All Feels Like an Ending
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All of my gear was stolen in broad daylight while I was 10 feet away on the other side of a wall. I had been going in and out all day and had been away for about 5 minutes. Some people are really good at stealing things. And fuck those people.
04:35 PM on 11/29/13
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That truly sucks. This band called me out on twitter when I said their music sucked (it does) but this is very sad :\

If their fans want to donate, let em.
09:55 PM on 12/30/13
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i'm a little mixed on this.
my band played our first show as an opener for Late Night Reading and This Is All Now...i sent both bands messages about 2 weeks before the show asking if we could borrow their bass amp and drum kit (we have our own, but it would cut down on the amount of space our gear would take up, as well as help decrease setup/breakdown times and makes less work for everyone) i got no reply from either band, and a text message from the booking agent at 10pm the night before the show saying that the gear on stage with us is our gear. alright fine. it happens...but considering i directly messaged the bands it would have been nice to get a response from them.

at the show, the other bands kind of muscle us around for space for their gear, and then proceed to completely hog all the space for merch (there were 5 bands selling merch+a shirt company). i think it might have been Stay Seventeen who took up a full table space for half a table space's worth of merch setup and told us to share with another band to brought their own table. the tour manager/merch guy for Late Night Reading was actually very nice to us, stating he would've let us share some of the space if there was any room (which there wasn't)....we got our own setup on the other side of the hallway from him, and he watched our stuff while we were on stage (nothing was stolen).

we had 20 minutes on stage (not including time to breakdown our equipment), played for 17 minutes, and were completely off stage around 20 minutes. in our time on stage i made sure to thank the other bands, and actually saying the other bands names (all the bands on the bill) also thanked the booking agent and saying pretty clearly that it was our first show. i didn't expect that the other bands would show any care towards us, but Late Night Reading did break in their set to call out all the other bands on the bill.....EXCEPT US. thanks for your support. whatever.
then while on stage the guitarist (i think it might have been Clayton) went with the old "i'm gonna douse the crowd with water from my water bottle because they're hot and sweaty from going crazy over our good looks" thing (even tho no one was dancing, and no one was hot and sweaty)...but instead of fanning it out on the crowd, he like karate chop armed it in my direction, so pretty much i was the only one who got soaked (the bassist in my band got wet from splash damage)....my mom uses the phrase "i got baptized"....so i figured i'd have a little revenge. nothing big, so while he was playing i took one of my bands stickers (which is a nametag with our logo spray painted on it) which was on my shirt, and sticker slapped his guitar. judging by the fackt that it slid a little, i expect he could have easily peeled it off with no residue...that might have been slightly the wrong action on my part, but it still feels like a minor thing that if he confronted me about i would have apologized, taken ownership for my actions, and would have cleaned it off if asked. i'm not a dick, but sometimes i do some stupid shit, and i'll reap the consequences of what i sow.

after the band finished their set, and people were leaving, the bands merch manager gave a loud "LAST CALL FOR MERCH", we were all standing by our bands respective merch area, so i also gave a loud "LAST CALL FOR MERCH" (not towards my bands merch, just a general call in case someone didn't hear the first call)....and the same guy (again i think Clayton) gave me a dirty look. i'm 21 not 18. i'm a guy not a 16yr old girl wearing an All Time Low shirt. i get that my band plays more on the Dillinger Four/Mixtapes side of pop punk and not so much on the American Hi-Fi/Boys Like Girls side. it was our first show, and our singer is personal friends with the members of This Is All Now. she would have been at the show regardless of whether we played or not. don't look at me like i don't belong....it's all based out of punk which is where people who didn't belong made shit for themselves and then shared it with other people who didn't belong.

I don't really care for the music of Late Night Reading, but i can overlook that. what i can't overlook is how the band treated me and my band. they came off cold and elitist, almost like Frank Turner's phrase "toilet circuit touring snobs". considering i was born, raised, and have lived nowhere but Boston, i'm fine with a little elitism (FSU) but be aggressive about it, not condescending. the little things at that show added up to a big opinion. it sucks that their gear got stolen. they had some very nice shit.....BUT this is a 2-way street.

i hope whoever stole their gear are kids inspired enough to use their shit to make their own band, and play with more noise and heart than these guys. i honestly do. and if their shit was stolen by some assholes looking to make some funds through a pawn shop, i hope a bunch of kids get their gear from the pawn shop and make some noise with more heart than these guys. MAYBE if they heeded the advice of Emily's Army and "Don't Be A Dick" then i'd be more empathetic but for now....fuck em. bloated egos get no love from me.

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